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 Bordeaux's Kindred specifics

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Kindred specifics   Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:29 am

I'll use this thread to explain things that are specific to Bordeaux's society of Kindred.

The Scourge :
Because Bordeaux is a little city, there is no Scourge per se, though a few of the Sheriff's ghouls hold the job de facto, taking notes of Kindred passing by the territory, and knowing near-by city's Kindred (mostly Toulouse, but also La Rochelle and other smaller cities). These Kindred are expected to make note of their presence to the Prince, the Senechal or the Sheriff himself if they are staying longer than just "passing by", however, they do not track every other Gangrel or Brujah who come in for private matters, or a party, or a althing. Toreador Vernissages are just as overlooked, as long as there is no danger to the city, too many death or else. Schengen also kind of applies to Kindred..

The Primogen :
Usually, there is a Prince and one member to represent every of the Clans present in the city (some cities have representatives for Independant Clans..). The Prince has his voice, and usually tie-breaks or arbitrate the discussions. In Bordeaux, because Gosuin chose to combine both his role as a Prince and as a Ventrue Primogen, Henri Bowens managed to keep being Primogen of the Gangrel Clan, although the clan is not a Camarilla Clan since 1999. In case of tie of votes, it's the Gangrel voice that's the tie-break.

Elysium and Elysium Keeper (also written Elyseum) :
While most Elysium are held among mortals, where no aggression is allowed towards kindred or art, Gosuin and Laure Nolveaux have agreed to have the Deambulatoire Elysium a place where Masquerade can be overlooked, since all mortals present are in the confidence of Kindred's existence (either because they are ghouls, servants, or are dominated to forget about the evening). The Grand Theatre has many plays during the evening, but it's also a very quiet place to those lucky and rich persons who live nearby. People coming in and out is quite common, and some clothing'es extravagance is quite normal.
Other Elysiums are under the responsibility of those who own and receive the guests. Domain Tradition applies, with the twist that everyone is (in theory) welcome. The Regent Grand Hotel's Elysium, le Foyer, is under Lyle's personal watch, and he has made it very clear that the staff are under his direct control and that one can talk in front of them without fear of a Masquerade Breach. The Staff keeps the clients away from le Foyer during the night. El Bodegon is where Theodore allows people to come and meet him if needed, but it also allows Kindred to gather in a informal, less hypocrite ambiance, yet still be civilized (as much as they can, we are still talking Brujah).
A few other de facto Elysium exist around the city, but they are not recognized officially yet.

France and Marquis :
Since Fran├žois Villon is Prince (and even the precedent one, Beatrix), the centralization of the country let to a centralization among the Kindred society, with the Toreador holding the power. Although the system has been present ever since Charlemagne (~800), Villon is the one who formalized the system. He appoints Marquis and Marquises to the regions and the cities, and he has a veto right on their decisions. The Aquitaine Region was always kind of Rebelious because of its ties to England, and Marseille due to their regionalism ("I'm not French, I'm Marseillais") and their ties to organized crime (French Connection). Bordeaux has always had some political arrangement between Helene and Villon, with Villon's legatus (a kind of watcher in the name of Villon), until Helene died (early 1790's) and Villon thought it would have been a good chance to take a more direct control, through his Childe Madeleine. But Gosuin, Helene's Childe, worked his way to finally become Prince after the second world war (although Madeleine had lost all influences since the first war, where the gun companies of the city had prospered, and they were certainly under Ventrue influence..). A certain cold war has been installed since then, but although Villon might not like Gosuin, he certainly prefers having Gosuin as a Prince rather than a despotic Tremere loyal to his Clan first, Anarchic state (which has created some bad memories to Villon since the Terror), or Sabbat.

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Bordeaux's Kindred specifics
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