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 noob question

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PostSubject: noob question   Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:51 pm

hey, im about to reinstall Bloodlines, but ive never used any mods before. how exactly do i apply the mod, and do i need to patch the game first?

also, on an unrelated note, is it a bug that i wasnt ever able to sell clothes? they all had dollar values, but i wasnt able to sell them
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PostSubject: Re: noob question   Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:19 am

You could never sell clothing, ever :-(

For installing the mod, you just need to first install the game. Because CE (and Clan Quest Mod, and The Final Nights) is built over Wesp's unofficial patch, you don't need to install things before the mod itself.
For CE, you first need to install the game, then apply But the 1.5 is available for beta testing, it has corrected some of the 1.4 bugs and adds new features as well ! Read up here:

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PostSubject: Re: noob question   Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:43 pm

Hi, Marrik

Welcome to the forum.
For your question about the clothing. I think Troika had intended to make them sellable, but there was a bug: If you sell the clothes you are wearing (it's possible to make them sellable), you fall back to wearing the simple clothes your character started with. But you don't loose the armor rating. And if you put a good armor back on, you have even better stats.

For installing the mod, I'd suggest using CE 1.5. It willl run without gamebreaking errors. But I haven't tested it with all clans, there are some features I want to add, and improve (like the looks of the college), and there are no manuals yet.

If you want to try more than one mod, I'd suggest multiple installs: Install the unmodded game. Make a copy of that, and install your mod on that copy. Then, if you want to try something else, or something goes wrong with the installation, you don't have to un- and re-install the whole game.

For most patches and mods, the installation directory is the bloodlines base directory. Only Clan Quest requires to be installed into the \vampire subdirectory. Remember: Never install multiple patches/mods on the same copy of the game, and don't use old save files with new mods. Both are certain ways to kill the game.

- geek

- geek

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PostSubject: Re: noob question   

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noob question
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