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 Activision Has the Cash -- Make a New Bloodlines!!!

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Maxus Corvin

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PostSubject: Re: Activision Has the Cash -- Make a New Bloodlines!!!   Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:26 am

Not that I would be opposed to a new game, I'd at least want it made by a developer and publisher that is going to treat it...well, SERIOUSLY. Sure, Trokia did made one hell of a game, but it seems that in both time constraints, and with certain limits on what Activision would allow in the game, I'd think they shouldn't bother with such a game again. Also, given that it seems they weren't that interested in the games in general(though it isn't as noticeable with Redemption, or at least it doesn't seem so), though I'd imagine that has something to do with the various cookie cutter games that they and some other developers seem to like("What? Madden 2020, verses a damned game about Vampires? Screw the damned horror games, those who play video games would rather play some football" - though this might be more of EA's general idea).

Maybe most of my problem with such a thing is rather juvenile and mired in a somewhat childish notion, but I'd imagine many a writer has the same problem. They write something, and envision it in a certain way, and can't help but feeling, well, odd, in the least, when the problem that seems to the there is not the story itself, but a certain part of it. Though it gets even funnier when the problem is with the main point of the entire story. Such as when Rob Zombie pitched 'House of 1000 Corpses', the studio seemed somewhat squeamish about it - and as per what is obvious, Universal seems to pride itself on such a genre, what, with having 'classic' movie monsters under it's belt, along with the various films they appear in.

What bothers me, is that in many games, the things you can do are as violent as it can get, and the problem only rears it's bountiful head when the idea comes up that in such a game, the developers want to do something simple as, having topless women appear in a strip club in Hollywood. I've seen other games do much the same thing(the bar or club in The Saboteur?), or something much simpler than that(maybe a single character is naked for a scene or two?), but in this game, where I'd imagine anyone that lives there could see such a place, it isn't really there in the game.

But then again, I wouldn't want to hinge it all on this one thing - since pushing for such things really seems to destroy whatever credibility or integrity that already exists.
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PostSubject: Re: Activision Has the Cash -- Make a New Bloodlines!!!   Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:36 pm

Ecaterina help us! Yeah, that's what I've been thinking all these years, Voraxith.
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Activision Has the Cash -- Make a New Bloodlines!!!
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