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 True Faith

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How do you think True Faith should be handled in the WODMMO? (Assuming the MMO is ever released.)
Just like the Vampire:the Masquerade rules
 60% [ 6 ]
Just like the Vampire:the Requiem rules (whatever the hell those are)
 0% [ 0 ]
Limited to Hunters only
 10% [ 1 ]
Limited to Hunters and a few specialty NPCs, like priests and nuns
 0% [ 0 ]
I don't want True Faith to be in the MMO at all
 10% [ 1 ]
Other (Explain below)
 20% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 10


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PostSubject: True Faith   Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:57 am

My youngest niece had her wedding this week, in an Episcopal Church. It seems like Episcopals love rituals even more than Catholics do. Beautiful church, although I felt no aura of True Faith. Maybe I'll have to check a few others in the DFW area, to see if I'm repelled by any of them. Razz

Speaking of True Faith, how does everyone feel about it being included in the World of Darkness MMO, assuming the MMO ever sees the light of day? Some people like the Hunters from the Society of Leopold and want them included in the MMO, to the extent that they become eventually playable characters. Others don't want Hunters as PC characters. Some don't want True Faith in the game at all.

I have no problem with church-sponsored Hunters (i.e. Society of Leopold, or something close) in the game. Hunter: the Reckoning characters shouldn't possess True Faith; they are Imbued with other powers. A few special NPCs, such as priests or nuns -- of any religion -- might feasibly have sufficient True Faith to ward off Kindred. This should be rare, though.
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PostSubject: Re: True Faith   Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:02 pm

True faith wasn't explained in the nWoD.

As for Revised (VTM) version, here it is :
True Faith is a special Trait that only a few people in the World of Darkness possess. While many mortals are more or less devoted to a belief in some form of higher being or purpose, only a small number have the burning zeal, the profound conviction that can protect them against creatures like vampires. Note that, while most vampires legends potray the Damned being repelled by crosses and the like, Faith can manifest in any religious form. A devout Jew might be able to ward off vampires with her Star of David, or a Taoist might be able to intone special prayers, while a Christian lacking True Faith finds his crucifix impotent against the undead.
This Faith is not necessarily increased through experience. Certainly, it may rise as a result of a person's experience, but it is more vital than that, more a measure of conviction and strength of mind. Nor is it something that comes from outside the individual, from some God or angel. Whether or not their beliefs are correct, these people believe so fervently that their own conviction protects them. At the Storytellers discretion, Faith should rise or fall to reflect a person's religious certainty and zeal.
The Faith Trait, like any other, has a rating of 1 to 5. Exactly what protection is afforded to the individual by the Trait depends on its rating, as described below. Of course, these are just guidelines. Storytellers should amend them as required to fit the tone or add drama to their stories.
• Any character with Faith may attempt to ward off vampires by brandishing a holy symbol or uttering prayers. (This is the Hollywood cliché of the vampire being held back by a crucifix) The person rolls Faith against a difficulty equal to the vampires Willpower. The number of successes indicates the number of steps backward the vampires is forced to take. If no successes are scored, the vampire need not step back but may not advance. A Botch indicates that the vampire may advance unhindered. Further, if the cross, Bible or other symbol is placed against the vampire's body, each successes causes an aggravated health level of damage burning into the flesh.
•• A mortal with a Faith rating of 2 or more mat resist vampiric Dominate by spending Willpower (one point typically protects for a few turns.)
••• A person with a Faith of 3 or more mat sense the presence of a vampire. She need not consciously try to sense a vampire's presence, but must be in peaceful, quiet surroundings - perhaps alone in though, praying, reading Torah, meditating on the Bible, Etc. The person will not sense the vampire's presence if she is preoccupied (e.g., arguing) or in a crowded, noisy place (jostled by a mob, in the midst of a raucous banquet, etc.) This ability need not be infallible; the Storyteller should let the person sense the vampire only when is is dramatically convenient. Note that the person cannot know exactly what she senses through her Faith; all that she will know is that something unclean or evil is nearby.
•••• The mortal may not be turned into a ghoul and is unaffected by any mind-altering Disciplines like Presence and Obfuscate.
••••• The person is so pure, so holy, that she can fill a vampire with self-loathing, disgust, terror, even physical pain. Ant vampire hearing the person pray, preach or recite psalms, or being touched by the person, may be forced to flee immediately by any availble means. A vampire who is unable to flee is reduced to a gibbering wreck, flailing on the floor screaming, sobbing or begging for forgiveness. To avoid fleeing, the vampire must either expend one Willpower point per turn or must make a Stamina roll each turn (difficulty of 5 + her own Intelligence). Thats right --- the higher the vampire's Intelligence, the higher the difficulty, because the more guilty she will feel.

In theory, a mortal might have a Faith rating higher greater than 5, but these people are one in a billion - the sort of people who are venerated as saints. They are unlikely to enter a chronicle (and certainly no more than once), but their power would be enormous. In vampiric terms, holy Methuselahs. In fact, some Clan Antediluvians might possess this Trait, in spite of the fact that they are vampires - Saulot and Cappadocius.
There is actually one easy way for a vampire to detect a person with Faith rating, other then bitter experience - it is always (painfully) visible when using Aura Perception. A mortal with Faith has her aura permanently altered so that she has a silver/gold "halo" around her body. The strength of the Faith determines the brightness of the halo. Note that the halo is not normally visible; only the use of Auspex reveals it.
Remember that Faith represents a person's total commitment to her beliefs. That person will act accordingly. Those with high Faith ratings may seem fanatical, even insane to those not of their religion.
Note that Cainites will not normally have Faith ratings. They consider themselves the Damned, after all. Think very, very carefully before letting any vampire have this power.

(thank you WW wiki :

I voted "no true faith at all" because I think it's a very very odd merit that should only be available to a few dozen NPCs around the world. It should be a unique ability possessed by those persons, and not a wide system usable by players.
It's like the fame trait over 5. Yes, Elvis and Jesus have a higher fame, but players are unlikely to cross either, and they will not play any of them.

I think, however, that kindred (and ghouls, to a certain extend) should be afraid or suspicious around faithful persons, but that is more of a psychological reaction rather than a true effect. Mass hysteria is awesome Smile

For Hunter the Reckoning, I will say nothing, I may become very very rude Wink
(with Demon, probably one of the biggest mistakes of the oWoD)
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PostSubject: Re: True Faith   Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:07 pm

I think the whole "5 dot" system needs to be scrapped for the MMO. You don't need dots telling you how much money you have, you check your inventory. You have a haven or you don't. Some may be better than others: in any case, you don't need dots to tell you that. Discipline powers can be shifted (and greatly expanded) into talent trees.

If the MMO launches, most of it's players will be coming from games like WoW and TOR - and don't kid yourself, if it's only P&P and the cRPG fans who play (oh, and how could I forget the LARP'ers), the game will die a horrible final death very quickly - so you want things to be somewhat familiar to them. Besides, levels and talent trees at this point are mechanics that have been proven to work in variety of settings. If it ain't broke...

True Faith sounds like something you would put deep down in a talent tree for human characters. Something like granting immunity for a time against mind-control attacks (like fear and sheep and whatnot) with a decent cooldown. Humans need to be balanced with supernaturals, even on the PvE side, so people will play them, so they'll need a few good powers up their sleeves available to them. In PvP, stuff like this becomes even more important (and trickier to balance).

In New World of Darkness, from what I've gathered reading the rulebooks, you have four main kinds of characters - awakened/aware/forget-exactly-what-they-call-them humans. Everyone starts here [I remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth when players were told they needed TWO books to play now. Wake up, most tabletop gamers have been used to three core rulebooks for about thirty years now]. Then you can add a mage, vampire, or werewolf template on top of that. So you have four main "races", if you will. All four need to be playable, which means one can't be significantly more powerful than another (unless you go the rock-paper-scissors route).

In short, humans are going to need some good talents/disciplines/whatever to remain on a level playing field with the mages, werewolves, and vampires of the world. A flaming crossbow only takes you so far...
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PostSubject: Re: True Faith   Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:26 pm

I chose "Other - Explain Below" so now I get to explain...

It's simple, the WODMMO will never see the light of day. This is my opinion of course, but I don't think it will ever be completed and brought to market. I have True Faith in this, lol.
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PostSubject: Re: True Faith   Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:37 am

WoD MMO will happen.
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PostSubject: Re: True Faith   

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True Faith
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