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 New Kindred and characters of interest

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PostSubject: New Kindred and characters of interest   Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:18 pm

As you encounter them, here is a short list of new people !

Of course, I'm starting with you guys as PCs ;)I'm not giving too much info on each character for obvious reasons !

Duncan Oliver
Parisian Brujah whose blood was tested by Claudia Vonigner right at his entrance on the (brutal) request of his Primogen. Duncan presents well and acts in quite a diplomatic way, until he recalls he's Brujah and tends to be a little more blunt.

Miriel de Boucher
Toreador who wasn't tested due to Kersten's intervention (something about letting him take a personal object of hers).

Raekel Montalbain
Quebec Toreador tested by Kersten himself, much to Primogen Darvault's displeasure. They seem to know each other, at least by reputation or by a common acquaintance.
Killed by Winemaker (Vigneron) because, he said, she nosed in his territory and wouldn't leave.

Elisabeth Walker
Scottish Tremere sent in "for training". Her violent temper contrasts with her fear and insecurity. Elisabeth is scheduled to be leaving late Sunday night (or early Monday)

Andrew Collins
American Tremere sent also "for training", he seems awfully weak in his composure, as if he was sick or sleepy. Lyle sent him to another chantry the day after his arrival, on Thursday (silly players making everything then not even coming to the game !)

William Wolvenheart
Belgian Tremere, also sent "for training", hasn't been presented yet. Arrived on Friday.
Appearance: Slender build, 1m 80cm, has thick but maintened eyebrows, a slightly hooked nose and has a slight underbite. He has slight light gray-light blue eyes and no facial hair. His hair is a dark blond short cut, with longer hair on top, gelled to flow from the top left side of his head to just below his right eyebrow. He had a few streaks of light blond in his hair when he was embraced and those remained.
He usually wears dark blue jeans, stylized leather shoes and a colourful shirt with a black guillet on top. He wears his black framed glasses, a momento from his human life and a black hat to finish the ensemble.

Estela Aguilar
Toreador (self called) recently arrived from Spain, she seems to have had a crash course into vampirism before being sent away with information on the sabbat. She seems to have known Claudia when she was a mortal student in arts.

Christopher Orlov
A "friend" of Lyle, staying at the Regent Grand Hotel with a special acceptance letter. He presented himself Monday night and didn't seem to beleive Lyle Kersten was, indeed, Regent and Primogen of his clan, which caused him to break his phone in anger.

Beleived to be dead, Fred is a Malkavian who survived the December 2010's attacks and had been hiding ever since. Fearful and apologetic, nobody seems to consider him a danger.

Neb-uau Mubarak
Childe of Emilio presented on Monday Night, Neb is of arabic descend, visibly, and looks  fairly alive. He also has a stunningly beautiful appearance, and a very charming voice. Being Setite may not be very helpful, but it seems he has attracted some attention.

Felix Sommier
Second childe of Jerome Lehin, Felix is also a very handsome, but slightly more delicate man. He was also presented monday night and is, it seems, a clockmaker. He was noticed ecause he picked up pieces of plastic thrown away by Christopher Orlov, when he broke his phone. Sadlly for him, it seems his education isn't complete.

Lauren Perrot
Toreador Childe of Laure Nolveaux, she was presented by her sire on Wednesday (then the player disappeared Oo)

Adriano Guicciardini
Italian Toreador who lives in Toulouse, he comes in and out of Bordeaux often enough. While not on the best terms with local Kindred and sometimes seen in Elysium, he has, he says, acceptance letters by Marquise Madeleine and kept the privilege through the successive changes of princedom.

Marc Gillard
Mentioned in Elysium by Adriano and Suzanne, Marc was found in el Bodegon. A few rumors between kindred may hint that he has a certain understanding of the Sabbat, as if he might join, but nothing has been proved. Theodore did welcome him in his Elysium so he may know him/

Karl Nassau
Mentioned in Elysium by Adriano and Suzanne. Karl is Theodore's childe and has kind of withdrawn from kindred life. His ghoul, Laurent de Fonscolombe, owns the Fabrik and runs it as Elysium and hunting ground. Picture right here

Dominique Lejeune
Supposedly Tremere, Dominique has contacts with the Setites and seems to be in a certain avoidance with the Tremere of the city. He did shared a pool game with Jean-Pierre Griffin, Tremere Harpy, with a certain enthusiasm. Theodore welcomed him. Since the state of emergency, he stays at the Chantry.

Victoire ______
Brujah embraced by Suzanne, or so Theodore said, but she has not been freed and presented yet.

Sire of Lyle Kersten and founder of the chantry, Tarcisus is the precedent regent and primogen of Bordeaux's chantry until he made a putsch to claim princedom during the second world war. Tyrant and despotic, and as the war was lost, he didn't manage to keep power and he was promoted to the rank of Lord of the southern Netherlands. Came back after he heard about a blood problem his grandchilde had. He seems a little off. He left on Saturday Night.

Mikael Horsman
Tremere, Claudia's former mentor and current assistant of Tarcisus, Mikael came back with his Lord for the time being. Currently staying in the Chantry, and seemingly taking the lead until someone is appointed temp Regent (or until Lyle shows up).

Rufus, haunting the Big Bell and the Saint Eloi church. It's huge, about 2m and a half (a bit over 9 feet, if I can count well). It has enormous folded stone like wings, with the matching stonish skin, oddly very similar to the church's and to the big bell's original stones. It has some scales covering the skin, very long claws on both hands and feet, and it looks extremely dangerous and dreadful. Image here

Laurent de Fonscolombe
Not really a kindred, Laurent is a ghoul and owns the club the Fabrik, a very nice nightclub, perfect to go hunting. Laurent has been in the game for a certain little time, or so it seems... He is quite serious and has a sharp sense of business.

Paul __________
The main barman of el Bodegon is one of Suzanne's ghouls, and helps the Brujah filter around kindred coming to see them, or give them information on their whereabouts. Paul is quite ditached and doesn't want to know more than needed.

Marie ______
The main receptionist of the Regent Grand Hotel, Marie is mortal, but who knows if she's a ghoul or something else. Marie is a willing-to-help four star hotel worker with some experience. She's not as good as Celine as far as anticipating needs, but maybe she doesn't know who she serves.

Celine ____
Gosuin's personnal ghoul, Celine holds the place of Seneschal when the Prince isn't present.

Frederic Vonzel
A Sabbat Ventrue who attacked Saint Eloi on Friday Night. He was staked and captured by Miriel, Duncan, Lyle and Rufus. His execution is scheduled on Monday
picture here, awesome twinphoton is awesome, oh, and he's taking commissions if you're interested

Eric Artevelt
A Ventrue of Toulouse, Eric comes in and out of the city fairly often, but with a certain discretion. He is mostly seen with Armand Colin, Ventrue as well. Probably an Ancillae
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New Kindred and characters of interest
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