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 The Big Blood Hunt was a little soggy!

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PostSubject: The Big Blood Hunt was a little soggy!   Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:02 am

I'm done with the game for now. I had to stop during the big blood hunt. All those vampires using their disciplines on me lagged the whole thing so I ended the story there. I usually end the game shortly after the blood hunt ends I'm no longer interested since it's all combat from there on out. The Hallowbrook Hotel quest was amazing. I love the new chicks. I tried to get closer to have a better look at them to check it out and of course they tore me up but that was great. LOL The Tremere on the balcony wasn't much a match for my spaz but she fought valiantly. That was a great area.

I jacked up my camera view during the werewolf chase. When I'm in third person my controls A,W,S,D are backwards. I still have my old game manual when I bought it years ago. It has a key to the keyboard to tell me where everything's at but I couldn't find my it to help me figure out what key I pushed on accident. Oh well. Awesome MOD..great game. I'll the assimite,Isstarri and salubri in the coming months as I have not paid that much attention to them yet. **Cheers**
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The Big Blood Hunt was a little soggy!
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