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 Known bugs in CE 1.6, and how to fix them

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PostSubject: Known bugs in CE 1.6, and how to fix them   Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:45 pm

1)Not able to attack with Animalism 5:
To solve the problem, open -bloodlines\vampire\vdata\system\traiteffects000.txt with a texteditor (Notepad).

There you will find the entries Traiteffectgroup "Frenzy (Gangrel)" and "Frenzy (Kindred)"
In these Traiteffectgroups, there are various "Traiteffects".

Copy the last two from "Frenzy (Gangrel)":

"Trait" "item_w_fists"
"Modifier" "-1"

"Trait" "item_w_claws" // changed by wesp
"Modifier" "+1"
and paste them into "Frenzy (Kindred)"
Make sure, you get all the indentations, ", and {} right.

This is a change that can be applied to a running game, so you won't have to restart with a new character.

2) I have no valid reply in Bertrams dialog, after his first quest:
No fix needed, just make sure, you still can spend 6 xp on the abilities: computer, finance, investigation, security, stealth.

3) I have no valid reply in Gary's phonecall in Chinatown:
Open -bloodlines\vampire\dlg\chinatown\garyphone.dlg with a texteditor (Notepad), and go down to the end of the file.
In Line { 112 } replace { RandomLine( [0, 1] ) == 1 } with { OneOfSet(1,2) }
And in Line { 113 } replace { RandomLine( [0, 1] ) == 0 } with { OneOfSet(2,2) }

- geek

- geek

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Known bugs in CE 1.6, and how to fix them
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