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 The Demise of Kallyan

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PostSubject: The Demise of Kallyan   Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:42 am

Its 2017. Januar. 12 somewhere near the Kuran Manison

It's the middle of the winter near a temple which is known to be the home of a Kuei-jin known as Kallyan.All the Scorpion Eaters are on high alert, because of a small group of Vampires around.And it switches to the entrance where a blonde and blue eyed vampire with Shoulder pad,A round shield,Hockey Mask and a Katana as a melee weapon covers in ice due to his powers.The guy started to write a diary

.The temperature is dropping below freezing point down to -13 F. Rite now we are here near to the entrance of this temple and I can feel there is something supernatural about the creatures which are lingering within...Jenny says they are Kuei-jin but she does not explain anything,I guess I will learn on my own.The girl are excited and scared at the same time,I was requested to come here by that Lasombra girl.I dunno why thou.I hope we won't get into deep trouble.

Jenny gathers up the lads and says:

Jenny:Me and my team has been busting Kallyan for a while.But this time she won't escape from our hands.Azarella, I need you to take Hanabusa Aido,Maria and Mira Logan with you to take her down,me and Wez will stay here, and repell any attacks that she may send after us.Hanabusa take this "EKO" Kobra with you just in case you need it.Jenny hands over a Glock 17 "EKO" Cobra.Once she is down set the portal to our hideout and be there.Got it?Good!Good luck lads!*walks away

-All right.-Said Azarella- Now intelligence says that there is a little resistance around until we get a bit deeper.But sometimes as we know Intelligence worths nothing.Good luck.

-So what is a Kuei-jin?-asked Hanabusa patiently

-Those are supernaturals,sometimes known as Vampires of the East but they are so tough.Be careful

Hanabusa: I will try not to anger one of those

Back at the Kiryuu Manison

A girl with low pigtails,clips in her hair.She wears glasses and has blue eyes sleeping in a guy who is tall, lean-built, also there is a tattoo on left side of his neck(Hunter Seal).

Girl:Zero-kun what made you, to think your life again?

Zero:Yuuki is pureblood vampire,Nadeshiko Shindo

Nadeshiko:Speaking of our friends:-Said Shindo while Zero using massage oil on her-the Chairman is visiting us tonight.

Zero:What?!No way!I do not want to see him again!That barf wearing idiot!What does he want from us?

Nadashiko:I do not know...He just told us to count on a visit around 8:00 A.M.

Zero: Okay.Tell him that he can count on me to welcome him.

Nadashiko:We need to welcome him as our Headmaster

Zero:All right

Zero:*thinking*That old man does not even deserve that welcoming!

Nadeshiko:someone under the name of Seiren also comes to visit...Know anything about her?

Zero : only that,one years ago when there was our meeting for the 3rd time,Yuuki attempted to get us to get alon but I think since my main goal in life was to kill Kaname Kuran, preferably while Yuki was visiting another country, while her life goal was to keep Kaname alive. This didn't seem to be a basis for a sort-of friendly date. Recipe for disaster would be more like it.So do not worry about it.

Back at the temple the four vampires are marching forward.Azarella holding her hand in 90°degrees to her leg and holding it like she would hold a small playing ball.An orange ball-formed light emits from her hand,(Auspex{tremendous distance}[only visible to the reader]). She does not see any unnatural.Hanabusa's ears peek up when he turns around and see a ghostly flames(He knew that because he something like that...] combined with a black cloak.

Hanabusa:Something is behind us.

Azarella:Stand Aside!Pulls out his Glock 19 and shoots backwards the bullet stops in the black-cloaked shadowy guy.Azarella changes her face to a ready to battle expression and says:

Azarella:We've been spotted!Doom Patrol II, attack!

Azarella uses her speeding skil to speed up to impossibly fast running rate,Hanabusa cowers his armaments in ice, and the two other girls activate some kind of invisiable shield barrier around themselves to get some protection against the attacks

But trouble does not come all alone,so it is sad.Suddenly a ninja appears out of nowhere, and a strange figure with an iron tessen and katana.

Hanabus: Damn girl we need to alter the plan immediately!How did that ninja appeared out of nowhere?I did not see him.Blocks the attempt of the Scorpion Eater with his shield and counterattacks but misses and just scrathes the arm of the thing.Azarella looks at her hand,her face changes to scared for a minute then shakes her head.

Azarella:Look there are two doors leading downwards where we find the Kuei-jin main encampment!Hanabusa and I will take the left and you girls go to the right.We go on 3.1...2...3

after entering the door...

Hanabusa starts:What was that thing with that mask on his face and that ninja?

Azarella:the ninja is a ninja and the answer what you seek is the shrouded moon.They became invisible, even I did not see it.Takes a look at her right hand...

When she looked up she saw an another Black Kandoka running towards her,but hanabusa prevents the attack with his Katana blocking the Naginata.He yells towards her:

Hanabusa:Azarella just fire at it and I will block the attempts of this did you call it?Black Kandoka?

Azarella stands up and checks her M16,switches the fire function to single shots and the fight begins

Despite his attempts to attack, Aido takes a full face strike from the Naginata but since that is not an anti-vampire weaon he quickly fixes up due to his 8 times faster than normal healing rate...And quickly gets back in combat.Azarella pulls the trigger and the gun releases 3 rounds which hits directly the Kendoka's arm and aido chops it down and the Kendoka loses his Tessen becoming half handed, it drops the Naginata and grabs the Katana,relaxing in his belt.Azarella fires again but misses and takes a katana swing and loses her hand forcing her to pull her shin gunto out.She tells Hanabusa to grab the M16 and use it to breing it down.He runs directly to the Kendoka and fires the M16 in its hearth then the Kendoka explodes and is heard a little scream.Aido quickly inhaults and exhausts some air and runs to Azarella.Asking her shall they wait untill her hand is regrown fully and she agrees into it

Hanabusa:Tell me a little more about yourself Azarella,anything you can tell me.

Azarella:I might be Jenny's little sister but I am an Osebo while she is a Brujah antitribu


Azarella:Not much, expect when I see an innocent being murdered my predator gets excited.

Hanabusa.How long ago have you been turned into a vampire?

Azarella:I believe about 50 years ago:Give or take a few years

-Do you like being a vampire

-If not for one I could not answer that question, so you figure it out

-Your sect?

-I am a Sabbat

-I feel that i am in a politic where I do not belong...

-Then ask something else

-Can I ask you about a few things.You obviously heard about the 3rd eye what can you tel me about it?

-Well,I know them as Salubri and...known to the other vampires as diabolic and corrupt the Salubri in truth perhaps the most noble clan amongst all vampires.Mystocs healers and scholars.the Salubri spends their unlife in search for the path of Golconda where the first salubri,Saulot found serenity and inner peace.

-öömm-Aido changes subject- Ruka Souen spoke about she saw a walking corpse in a graveyard.I just laughed that is ridiculous

Azarella:No she is not lying.We know them as the Samedi.Her face changes to a repelling like

Azarella:There is a good reason why the Samedi look and smell like rotting corpses,they are.No way to blend into mortal society due to the pieces of rotting flash always falling off of them.They are mostly loners,who seek solitude in the study of death,which they seem to be quite obsessed with...Disastic creations of the Giovanni clan, and I do not wanna speak about it more.

Hanabusa:I heard there are wizard vampires i that true?

Azarella:Yes,we know them as Baali and Tremere.The Baali are demon worshippers,infernalists,seeking destruction to feed sleeping demons,The tremere are the "witch due to their knowledge of blood magic or thaumaturgy as I know


I do not owe Vampire Knight,Aido Hanabusa,Ruka Souen,Zero Kiryuu,Nadashiko Shindo,Seiren,nor Kaien Cross.They all belong to Matsuri Hino-sempai

I do not owe Sabbat,Osebo,Samedi,Salubri,Brujah,Jenny,Wez,Kallyan,Scorpion Eater,Ninja, and the weapons they all belong to their respected owners(to the Whitewolf)

All I owe is the story,Azarella(will survive),Mira, and Maria Logan(won't survive) the battle.
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PostSubject: Part II   Fri Aug 24, 2012 3:00 pm

The Demise of Kallyan Part II

Back at the Temple

Hanabusa says:

-So girls let us talk while Arabella fetches some ammo and bloodpack for us.I am interested in the Egyptian vampires if there is any

-The Setites firmly believe that father of thier clan was the Ancient Egyptan god Set-Started Mira- Preapering for his return so he will consume the world, the Setites seek to reduce the influence of Both the Sabbat and the Camarilla, polishing their skills in corruption,deceit and ancient sorcery

-Hey!-started Rose Al-Harra Logan angrily-I do not corrupt and deciet!You are a bitch jus for saying all that!

-Then learn quickly Setite.-replied Mira-These skills will be useful to you.And before long as it appears

-The next clan is the Baali-started Mira,but Rose interupts-The Baali and nothing more than pretty demon worshippers and infernalists,who seek greater power through communion.Stay away from them young friend for they are wretched,power-hungry and treachorous,a chance is given to them and they will not hesistat to use,curse and corrupt you.

-The next clan is the Assamaite-continued Mira with an angry expression on her face-Those diablerists and assassins, but they think themselves as guardians and scholars.3 Castes and sum of them-takes a quick pause when Maria reports to say.aido's face turns to thinking expression and his face show that he is some ugly thoughts, he asks

-Do you know anything about the Samedi?Why are they look ugly and rough

-There is a good reason why the Samedi look and smell like rotting corpses-siad Rose with a restricting face-they are.Impossible to blend into mortal society possibly due to the pieces of rotting flash always falling off of them and the toxicating smell they emit.They are loners that do not care about any sect or politics seeking solitude in their study of death which they seem to be quite obsessed with.

-That is disgusting!Next clan is the Salubri

-Known to most other vampires as diabolic and corrupt the Salubri are in truth perhaps the most noble clan amongst all vampires.Healers mistics and scholars. the Salubri spend their time in search for the Path to Golconda, the mysterious ancient city, where Saulot the first Salubri ever found serenity and inner peace

So-started Maria hoping-I am one of the good guys?

-Yes Maria- said Rose with a worrying face.-But also hunted,mistrusted and nearly extinct, my word of advice for you young unicorn,tread lightly and stay with Aido and his family.You are one of the last Salubris...So protection is needed for you...

-I am pretty sure I can handle myself!

-Ten Salubri said that to me,but they always ended up suffering their Final Death!

-GIRLS!Can we move on?The next is Osebo.That is Arabella.

-The Osebo-started Maria-They carry the nickname "the pride for a reasaon not only because they are the most fierece warrior of africa because of their parent clan Brujah, they are more prone to give into the beast wtih in them.Induldging their taste for kidnapping grape and murder.

-I wonder if...CRAP!

-All right-starts Arabella-from now on we are going to seperate ways.Setite!You and Aido will take the left and we take the right door.3,2,1 GO!

They both rush through the door and Logan quickly slams the door behind them

Just in time or they would have a real tough fight.

-So Rose,What is a Setite?

-Watch me and learn more as I beat this human that is behind us!Grabs her Colt Anaconda quickly reload it fires but the Human does not stop.the Setite raises her hand...Suddenly the human turns kneels down in defending position while his faces seems scared

-Phobia:causes the victim to be irrationally afraid of something right now we won a few seconds to run but since its watching time.I will focus on explaining my skills.When the effect wore off with an accurate headblast she kills the human.They run forward but quickly surrounded by ten Kathyan.Aido leans closer to her asking wether she has an idea or not.Her hand with the pistol was in the height with her breast.She nods and whispers and fires the gun,then takes a deep breath and exhales hot sand via her mouth and quickly manipulates it into a storm,distracting their attension away from them.They are covered in sand.Aido is quite confused but before he could ask ..

-That is our chance.RUN

They quickly run behind a corner.Aido was still confused.

-Yo!Girl!What was that?!-but the Setite interupts him

-Give me that knife.I'll be back in a few minutes,just make sure that anyone comes after you, you took care of them.Back in about 5 minutes.Then runs back the way they came.Aido stood there for the next 4 minutes and nobody approached him.Believing that he will survive without fighting, he looks backwards anf hears a "Hey and turns around and sees a woman with Katana approaching her but he sensed that she is a human,so he quckly jumped onto her and drains her dry,quickly wipes the blood away from his mouth.The Setite became visible again.

-That-she started-Was breathe the Sandstorm:I am able to exhale sand then form it into a deadly storm.Buying some time: i was (as you could see) also able to turn invisible for as long as I want to.Now let's move forward!

They barely made a few steps when Aido turned around and saw that Rose was not alright.

-Rose!I know that this is not the best but why do you look like this?

-Because-started Rose-I am a Setite therefore I cannot bear the bright light(spotlights,strobes ect) too well.That is why I look like this.Her face was browner than usual.

-Oh that is bad.

-You can get used to that if you are one of us...LOOK OUT!

A ninja came out from the shrouded moon.Aido shoots.Rose breaths a sandstorm buying them some time.Aido quickly reloads the Anaconda.Then he hears a loud hissing behind4.Quickly turns around just to see Rose,(He knew its her because the color of the scale of the snake-human hybrid was the same colour as her hair)turned into a huge snake-human like hybrid.Her brown fingers were replaced with at least 60 cm long claws.After a minute of fighting (and with his accurate bullets) the ninja was exploded with a small scream and turned into colorless goo.Rose reverts back into her human form.

-My Serpentis allows me to shapeshift into snake-Human like hybrid.

-What else can you do?-asked Aido with in an emotionless tone.

-My next skill is the Seed of Corruption:it slowly destroys the moral of the target(wether human or not) and brings their suppressed desires up to the surface and after a while this will become unfixable, just to put an end to the subject existance...

-Aidou:I know Sara Shirabuki was obsessed with Kaname Kuran, but its gone into suppression.

-If perfect I can trigger drastic effects,such as that you mentioned

After ten minutes of walking they reached a chasm that was at least twenty meter vast

-This chasm is vast-said Aido-it is fortunate I can summon ice bridge to pass this,but it think we should wait for the others right Rose.His face changes into an utterly terrified expression-Rose!What are you doing!?!The body needs to be in one piece!I think I am gonna vomit!

Rose cut a circle around her heart, grabs something and pulls it out:Her hand was covered in blood while she was holding her own heart.Aido could see every thumping of it.He could see that it is still beating beating even thought it was removed from her body.She puts it into a medical box and locks it up with two locks and hands it to him,saying that it could be good if he would watch over it for her

-But if it is found,you are dead in instant without a warning!There is no nee to tell me that!I am surprised what kind of dark energy keeps you together?!

-I watched you for two weeks in the school and you did your job well,therefore take it and take care of it.Aido pulled that box back to her With a restricting face saying that he won't carry it even if he would not know what's in it!

-I know this is not everyday sightsee but grab it!.I will put it in your backpack anyway.

<font size=2 align=leftHis face still was not was even more terrified.</font>

-Just do not let those Kuei-jin get up close to me then. We need to wait for the others...WHY did you remove your heart from its place?YOu Seites are indeed corrupted!

-We will speak about it later.Now let's wait for the others.We cannot continue without them.Things through the chasm will get uglier.Its okay Aido-kun you can relax now!Try to take over what you saw a minute ago

In the next few minutes there was silence everywhere Aido asked the time twice.Rose was silent.Aido's face was still full of shock from what he saw a few minutes ago,butr he got used to the thought there is a still beating heart in his backpack.Then suddenly stepsa are heard from their back thhey both turned around to see Arabella the Osebo, and that Salubri with open third eye on her forehead,the eye was as blue as her other two.But it was turned 90 degrees vertically compared to the other two.

-You okay Unicorn?Can you close that,please currently we are not in danger.

-What-asked the Unicorn-Oh...that?That is not important.The eye on her forehead closes.Aido shakes a bit in shock.A 3rd eye on the forehead?He is dreaming possibly.He quickly shakes his head.

-What you saw recently-said Salubri-was real not just a dream.

-So girls what happened?-asked curiously Aido-We have been fighting many Kathayan and a ninja and I think I saw too much for a day.

-Us?-asked Arabella-Noting special.We fought a scorpion eater in the begining and two ninjas b4 we catched up with you.So it was not interesting.I will be able to run and longjump through this.Pointing on the chasm behind them.-But how are you 3 gonna pass that?

-I have an idea-said Aido-Get bsck! I will summon an icebridge to bypass this chasm.Focusing his powers, he slowly but visible freezes a way through the chasm.

-Here-said-I do not think this is stbile enough but i think i'll do.

The Salubri,Rose and him passing the bridge just in time because the bridge was too instabile and it collapsed.

-All right-said Arabella-We move forward.

All I owe is the story,Arabella,Rose and that not yet named Salubri
every other belongs to their respected owners
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PostSubject: Re: The Demise of Kallyan   Fri Aug 24, 2012 3:07 pm

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The Demise of Kallyan
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