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 Santa Monica

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PostSubject: Santa Monica   Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:24 am

I don’t know about you guys but I always felt like Santa Monica becomes rather empty and dull after all its Quests and Side-Quests are Completed/Failed. So, I have a couple of ideas for the Final Nights Mod and Camarilla Mod.

Once you’ve dealt with the Thin-Bloods and Jimmy Reed how about sticking a few people on the Beach? Two lovebirds on a date or something? And convince them to leave when you have to deal with Julius later.

In regards of Gallery Noir, it becomes essentially useless after the Therese/Jeanette quests, so how about sticking a few Blooddolls (and Blue Bloods) and restore the paintings (or give it new paintings) to make it appear as if a second Gallery Noir event is happening? Or just lock it off completely once the Therese/Jeanette quests are complete?

Finally, say if you save both Therese/Jeanette but tell Bertrum Tung about them being a split-personality Malkavian has Tourette threaten the player or ban them from the Asylum? You could use Therese’s earlier line, “You!? How could you be so careless!?” or whatever she said. Smile
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Santa Monica
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