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 Dancing werewolf

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PostSubject: Dancing werewolf   Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:03 pm

The dumbfuck who put *that* in there should get a medal.

Anyways, I'm done now.
I don't get Presence intimidation for hookers (etc.) conversations; either you charm someone to like you, or you scare off an enemy. I could've used some blood doll affecting Presence.
I really liked inspection use, made me return and sweep the areas. Nice, and paid off.
I missed the young Kuei Jin quest. Oh well Wink
As I played on 7/7 difficulty (PC/NPC soak), the combat way enjoyably difficult, though a few bosses could definitely use some tuning (ironically the most difficult were Grout's Mansion and Hallowbrook; hit-frenzy-dead combo was not cool tongue ). The serial killer (Gangrel in the junkyard) -hate to say it- must be boosted, he's fucking weak. With emphasis on fucking. Weak. Yeah. Chiropterean marauder could be able to take more beating.
I was able to gain a lot of Humanity in the last quatter of the game. With Humanity limit on 3 I consider it a con. There aren't enough experience points to max out everything I'd like. Which is a plus.

Overall I enjoyed it very much! I'm glad I made you give it to me before releasing it to public Childe! Twisted Evil
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Dancing werewolf
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