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 TFN 1.1 Assamite (No side quests)

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PostSubject: TFN 1.1 Assamite (No side quests)   Tue May 14, 2013 12:16 pm

Greetings, Kindred!

So people told me to try "no side quest" game play.

I've decided to play-through with Assamite this time. Wanted to see the clan specific disciplines in action.

General impression is that if you played as much as I did, the game gives no challenge.
The only "side" XPs were gained from: Heather and Mercurio (2 in total)
The stats were increased only by Nines (Brawl lv 1) and Becket (Scholarship lv 3- which I did not expect to happen, as I thought that now it changed to lv 5 in the end of the game, apparently he may do it twice... but I did not get lv 5 this time...may because he gives it only if you have lv 4, I had only lv3)

As Zer0 mentioned in his topics: life without Haggle is a bitch! You can't buy anything and if you have no Hacking 4 or Persuasion or Intimidate high enough... you can't persuade porn dealer to tell you about DMP= -500$, Basically the only way you can get these money is by not giving 250 to Mercurio (-1 Humanity) and take money from Gallery (-1 Humanity). By the time I got to China town, I had only 568$ (or close to this). So I could not buy nay fetish/trophy/artifact or an Armour.
Prices: Armor in Chinatown 1000$ (with haggle 10 it is 500)
+1XP charm= 1700 (with hagle 10 it is 750)
Well, you can imagine the rest.
Basically everything is unaffordable.

I purchased no books/manuals

About items on maps: there are still items present, that require no Perception: silver ring on the top of Sabbat warehouse; A watch in the toilet in Red Dragon; a watch on the top of a drawer at porn store; a watch and a ring at the museum (btw, the first time I saw that room Very Happy)
And there is an envelope with 250 at White Lotus

Skills: Dodge/Wit/Meele/Bloodbuff -the most useful
Assamite unique discipline is not bad, but for this type of game def and meele seemed to be in priority.
I used only lv2 for feeding, and discovered lv3 only to kill Ming Xiao- the bitch is wooden! Not even 11 Meele and 9 def (7 Bashing, 2 Lethal soaking feats) would make my strong enough to hold against her. She got something like 900 HP!

Strange things:

1) The character itself is strange. Was it an NPC or did you make him yourself? He stucks everywhere! Every piece of garbage makes him walk like he is in a quicksand trap. Try breaking something and walk through it. I did not notice it before. The first time I've noticed that something was odd when I was trying to get on the boxes in the Tutorial mission with Jack.
2) Celerity (the one that makes you run fast)- hell no does not make you run fast or do the things in fast mode! May be I am wrong and don't actually remember how it used to be (played for Torreador once). But with level 3 you actually stand up and unshock longer than without Celerity. Just try it! I've tried at Sabbat hotel and against final boss- a lot easier to fight without Celerity!
3) I guess, it is designed by the developers, but: any enemy that was on the ground a second ago, is already on their feet and shooting you in the face with ease and precision. I mean "literally WTF?!"- I am slicing air above you with Katana, you are on the ground, sword is swinging above you and then blah ....I am dead- pissed me a lot.
4)I may not be knowledgeable on the topic, but what is difference in damage type of a shotgun and AUG?- 2 Sabbats with shotguns give me a hell and 6-10 SWATs at Venture tower can't really kill me?
5)Perhaps my impression of invulnerability in the previous topics (Baali and Samedi) was due to the fact that my Lethal Soaking feat was a lot higher, than this time. Before I used to watch them shooting me, now I had make some effort )))
6) Vampire auras affect their own allies at Sabbat hotel. Sometimes Sabbat Gangrel would stop if there is someone with Presence in the next room. Besides presence affects you no matter what, the only difference in the effects visible if you resist or you don't and fear. Right? Did not affect me at all, it seems.
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PostSubject: Re: TFN 1.1 Assamite (No side quests)   Sat May 18, 2013 2:48 pm

Seems a bit odd to me, this contradiction: you state that playing w/o side quests gave no challenge, yet you mention couple places here or there you got killed/pissed alot due to random circumstances (ppl getting up quickly after being knocked down, not able to purchase needed armors/etc w/o high enough haggle feat).

This leads me to believe the game was in fact *more* challenging w/o doing side you would have more problems affording needed stat upgrades and consequent item purchases from sellers.

On another note, I think its foolish to play TFN w/o doing side quests..that's where half the joy in the game comes from, not only in sheer ability to rack up more skill points to further customize your vamp, but also in terms of exploration of a map/finding new loots/goodies in places where you didn't expect it/meeting new NPCs with crazy personalities (had alot of these in VtMB lol). These are the basics of an RPG, can't experience it fully just by sticking to the main questline.

Did you like the playthrough doing all quests?
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PostSubject: Re: TFN 1.1 Assamite (No side quests)   Fri May 24, 2013 6:06 pm

People told to try it )
So I've tried it out of boredom!

I did not complain that I could not buy something I wanted and that made me cry. Just mentioned that it is rather hard to do.

Yes, I completely understand what is the game about: environment, interaction with other creatures and exploration of the WoD.
That is why I love this game, paid 70$ in 2004 and Installed it in 2013 and patched to TfT.

Thank you Zer0!
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PostSubject: Re: TFN 1.1 Assamite (No side quests)   

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TFN 1.1 Assamite (No side quests)
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