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 2 Bugs I fixed last night

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PostSubject: 2 Bugs I fixed last night   Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:21 pm

I was watching the LaissezAllerCompass playthrough last night and noticed a couple bugs.

1.) Isaac's opening line, he says Evening. Evening. twice. I removed the second Evening.

2.) Laissez stealth killed all of the Russian mafia members during the Boris quest allowing him to freely feed from the 4 party guests as if they were blood dolls. He kept visiting the area over and over again because they replenish their blood and never leave, despite watching all of the mafia members die. This was obviously unrealistic and an exploit I didn't intend for. So now, if you kill ANY of the mafia members, the guest will leave the party after you do.

Any other bugs, please report them in this section.
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2 Bugs I fixed last night
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