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 Obfuscate and true sight

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PostSubject: Obfuscate and true sight   Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:37 pm

I know we have recently discussed this somewhere, but I can't find the topic.
Anyway, I have made some experiments if it is possible to turn true sight off if the player has a certain level of Obfuscate.
But it seems it's impossible to change things that are set in the npctemplate.
It might be possible to change the whole template, but I can't script something that does it all by itself.

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PostSubject: Re: Obfuscate and true sight   Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:58 am

while this does push Obfuscates power even more, have you considered just giving Obfuscate a +stealth effect? Since true-sight doesn't seem to find stealth anyways. Would seem to treat the symptom you are worried about, even if it forces you into the slowwalk.
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Obfuscate and true sight
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