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 Project Dogmat - Successor to World of Darkness & Vampire the Masquerade

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PostSubject: Project Dogmat - Successor to World of Darkness & Vampire the Masquerade   Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:22 am

Hello. I am a game enthusiast, who loves VtM style games with vampires.Today I want to share with you one of my findings, Project Dogmat. I believe it is worth attention to any VtM & WoD player and any vampire fans/enthusiasts/worshipers.

There are surely many players who waited for World of Darkness MMO developed by CCP (Creators of EVE Online) only to see it cancelled after few years of development. After that we had hopes for a multiplayer project for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines called 'Project Vaulderie', only to see it shut down by CCP because they could. Our disappointment and frustrations have reached a boiling point.

But I bring you the good news - a light in the darkness. Not long ago I stumbled upon a very ambitious project, a successor to World of Darkness & Vampire the Masquerade games. It's called Project Dogmat, and while it's not directly based on World of Darkness lore, it certainly has its spirit. Project Dogmat is a MMORPG "with the atmosphere of modern gothic punk and horror" and was created by a russian developer 'AiryKai' with help of other enthusiasts. It's an indie game studio called "Prelude Games Factory". In my opinion this project has a great potential, it really does. The team behind Project Dogmat has really awesome ideas, and if they will deliver, then the spirit of White Wolf creation will continue to exist in that game. At this point, maybe not all is lost.

I found Project Dogmat some time after CCP forced the closure of the multiplayer project for VtM: Bloodlines called 'Project Vaulderie'. Just like WoD, Project Dogmat is an MMORPG with a universe resembling the real world, with similar history and geography. I will present you some of the key facts that I learned from the website and the forums:

  • There are different Sabbaths - factions very similar to vampire clans known from VtM.  Each one of these organizations is representing different ways of unlife, different culture and economy. Each will also have its own Covens, which were not presented yet;
  • Each character will start as a mortal, and may or may not - depending on their choice - be turned into a vampire by a vampire character;
    Unlike in most MMOs, NPCs will play important part in the game, as some of them may actually serve you - a vampire, and in more ways than just as a bag of blood;
  • There may appear some human factions, although there are no info about that yet;
  • There will be rich customization options upon character creation, and there are supposed to be bunch of different clothes, so people will be able to really choose their own style.  The clothes will actually affect the characteristics of the character;
  • Player will be able to develop his character they way he wants without mechanical class restriction;
  • Player may permanently lose his character if not careful;
  • World around "will have a life of its own, it will continuously develop and react to every action that players will make";
  • There will be a combat system "where there is no separation of strong and weak";
  • will be able to purchase unique apartments, houses and establishments;
  • Each city in the game will have size approximately comparable with the real 5-7 km.

You can learn more about planned game features here:

The game is at the very early stage of development, but the developers have already released several demo videos. The game runs on the Unity 4 if I understand right. You can check the gameplay environment demo reel here: and check more videos on that channel. I think it does have the feel of VtM: Bloodlines, although characters at the moment remind me of "DARK".

My opinion is (i say this once again) that the game has a great potential, and with time, IF the developers will follow this path, then this game may evolve beyond expectations. At the moment the project seems to be barely known, so I decided to post it anywhere where there might be people interested in this title.

So there's that, a portion of info about this ambitious project. If you are interested to learn more, I forward you to the Project Dogmat website:
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PostSubject: Re: Project Dogmat - Successor to World of Darkness & Vampire the Masquerade   Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:22 am

We already have a topic about Dagmat on this forum. I'm pretty sure it even starts with the same intro text.

Topic Closed!

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Project Dogmat - Successor to World of Darkness & Vampire the Masquerade
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