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 Past characters

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PostSubject: Past characters   Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:52 pm

Pretty much says it on the tin; been in an RP in the past and had any notable characters to share? Do it here for the amusement of your peers!
On the Antitribu forums Mv got a spaz and began crusading against freedom of speech and toss 95% of the community out to planetvampire cuz he didn't want his forums to be a "Bloodlines Antitribu forum"; but that's besides the point. What I'm getting at is the section on it that covered P&P which had at least two noteworthy games going for a fairly brief while where I had a character each. The games didn't last long, unfortunately, but that's how it is; I still have two characters I can toss up there.

Conrald Rimmer -- Clan Gangrel -- Camarilla
Some dude who grew up in the rural areas of California somewhere unspecified and eventually moved into LA where the game was set in the aftermath of VtMB (with Strauss as the new Prince). He was pretty much an unemployed nobody fighting claws and teeth to keep his little apartment and feed himself as his dog 'Jackie'. Due to having a dog, he took a lot of walks mostly during after-dark where there were less people up and about, which eventually landed him the stereotypical Gangrel embrace of 'embraced and left to fend for himself'. Fortunately for him, he managed to survive long enough for the Sire to approach him and another Gangrel who was his blood-brother (played by Malachite who has been around the forums) and get introduced to the Prince before they were sent on a job along with two fledgeling Nossies and Imalia babysitting them; if with some reluctance.

Didn't have much time to grow, but did get along well with his 'brother' and was open towards his 'sire' if only by virtue of needing his help to adjust. Said sire seemed to be a more corporate predator than a wilds one, judging by his suit, fancy car and ghoul driver; but sadly there wasn't much more time than that to get to know him better.

Colin Abels -- Clan Ravnos -- Camarilla
In another game set in New York in the aftermaths of a mysterious murder of the Toreador Primogen- and well after Prince Michaela's demise, making NYC Prince-less -I ran with a Ravnos who, long story short, had some fun on the Sabbat's expense during the Camarilla-Sabbat War for New York when the Clan were giving the Archbishop the Treatment for dissing their own; which climaxed at him getting two rival Packs to kill each other. Which pissed off an allied Pack on the one hand, and an elder sire on the other. Sufficed to say, he made more enemies than he could chew and he was forced to go undercover as he didn't wanna leave NYC yet; being too familiar with the city he's lived in all his life.

To this end, he bargained with the Nosferatu; grant a haven to hide in for a while until things settle and in return he'll work for them when the ground is safe again. They agreed and fulfilled their end of the bargain by hiding him away for three years until he had to go up on the surface and do pretty much anything they said, starting at 'find the killer of the Primogen'. Easier said than done, but hey. During the course of the game he managed to con his way to the penthouse the Primogen was killed in, get the police to co-operate (not that they had much, but good for confirmation) and hook up with two Ventrue and a Nossie who were also investigating the place, separately. Thus the neat little coterie was formed. Didn't take long before a group of Sabbat ghouls showed up and tried to kill the lot, but it worked out alright. They jacked a car and got off before the night was out, leaving the angry owner subdued and coated in alcohol so nobody will look twice when he start telling about having seen a Nossie before she could hide. I got far enough to peddle the car to a black market contact and that was pretty much it before the game ended.
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Past characters
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