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 Love this bright darkness <3

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PostSubject: Love this bright darkness <3   Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:20 pm

Mmm welll... Actually my number one is The Craft -witchcraft rockz i think- but i can list my favs. here..

Don't fool me but Twilight Very Happy LOL I guess New Moon'll be better but thats sweet anyway <3
Queen Of The Damned
Interview With The Vampire - lmao i still cant believe that i cried when silly girl died. lol.

Games? Mmmmm actually i didnt play any other vampire game but vtmb, but if there were a chance to make "vampire-blood-elves",probably i'd say WoW lol.i love that fantasy world..

Anyway i just wish someday they'll make House Of Night game (x lol sometimes those books are funny but cool anyway..
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Love this bright darkness <3
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