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 Giovanni candidates (don't think it's a bug, but just in case)

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PostSubject: Giovanni candidates (don't think it's a bug, but just in case)   Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:46 pm

I don't think the following is a bug, I think it's the result of a low Humanity (3, although I have not checked the .DLG to be sure).

In the Giovanni mansion, the male candidate near the door to Bruno's room will not confide in me. I never even get a dialogue option to Persuade him to tell me his secret (even with a 9 Persuade). Mira does tell me hers, and Adam (the financial wizard) tells me his. But I think the other guy (whose name I forget) is such a low-key fellow he's not receptive to a low Humanity character even if Persuade is otherwise high enough.

Edit: Definitely not a bug. I checked Chris' (that's the guy's name) and you need a Humanity of 5 to get to be able to Persuade him.
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Giovanni candidates (don't think it's a bug, but just in case)
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