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 Elizabeth Dane (Not able to leave)

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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Dane (Not able to leave)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:54 am

ChazKafka wrote:
The other day, I was standing against a door (not moving or anything), and suddenly a cop started shooting - and hitting - me from the other side! I was a little caught of guard.

Same thing just happened to me! I'm playing the game as a Tremere, and I was carrying out Mitnick's computer quests. I had just entered the basement of the Nocturne theater, through the sewers. I was crouched, in 3rd person view; and as I went up to the stage door, I waited, because I heard the guard getting close, and saw the numbers climbing on my 'stealth' meter. I was right up against the door, and I could see my head sort of merging with the door, as sometimes happens when you're close to some surface. Well, I heard the guard stop, and go, "Huh?" And then he said, "Stop right there!" and began shooting! Apparently, part of my head must have been visible on the other side of the door! So the guard spotted me through a closed door.

That must've been what happened to you. I guess if they can see even a little piece of you, you're caught... and they can reach you with gunfire. I had to go back to my last saved game, and keep back from the door a little the next time.
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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Dane (Not able to leave)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:08 am

Well, with my Nosferatu, there may have been some strange protrusion of the head popping through the doors. I was in the Santa Monica hospital upstairs and the guard was doing his rounds. I was in the centre area in the room with only a computer, waiting for the guard to walk past, and then all of a sudden I noticed that the foot steps stopped. After being thrown off for a moment, he started shooting! Also, because I'm a Nosferatu, he started shooting right away instead of warning me that I had to leave.
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Elizabeth Dane (Not able to leave)
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