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 New tutorial popup!

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PostSubject: New tutorial popup!   Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:14 pm

Hey guys, I know this seems small but it took a couple hours to figure out how to do this so I'm really excited that I got it to work perfectly! I managed to get a popup in the tutorial when you're first feeding explaining how the Bloodloss System works, pretty cool eh?

I can give these files to Malkav so he can incorporate it into CE as well! Smile

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PostSubject: Re: New tutorial popup!   Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:14 am

Daimon wrote:
I think it should increase by 1 minute for every point in stamina, but that's just me.

EDIT - What is this "Blood of the sinner"?

It's level 1 of the Baali discipline, Daimoinon. It will be in the TFN mod.
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New tutorial popup!
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