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 (Fixed) A few comments

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PostSubject: (Fixed) A few comments   Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:49 pm

Alright, this is what i found of "bugs" this evening:

1) A hunter appeared to me even when i was with no masquerade breaches. I suppose he respawned before i got one masquerade redemption and just stayed there till i found him. Happened twice

2) Akeem position: In order to avoid fights between you and Akeem, Zer0 made him dissapear during the fight part of Venus quest. However, if you have at least one masquerade breach, one of the areas the hunters can respawn is right in front of him, and he may be caught in the crossfire.

3)Casting level 1 of Serpentis in a Hunter at the alley of Downtown (that one between Fat Larry and the street with Strauss house) causes the hunter to disappear and reappear close to fat larry. Tested three times. Nothing out of the ordinary happens if i cast Serpentis on a common human.

4) Casting Apep's Semblance while in Obfuscate causes my game to crash. Happened twice. Don't know if the reverse (Semblance and then Obfuscate) causes the same problem.

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PostSubject: Re: (Fixed) A few comments   Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:33 pm

1.) I can’t comment on why this happened but I can tell you with the new Masquerade Violation System, it won’t happen again.
2.) The new Masquerade Violation System has taken care of this, no hunters can spawn near Akeem anymore.
3.) Yeah, this was the main reason why I smashed Troika’s poor implementation of Masquerade Violations.
4.) It did for me too. I must’ve spent 4 solid hours fixing this but now you cannot use any offensive Serpentis powers while in obfuscate, only defensive ones. Also it is impossible to shape change into Apep’s Semblance or tear out your heart while obfuscated.
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(Fixed) A few comments
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