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 Bordeaux's Tremere

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Tremere   Sat Feb 26, 2011 3:54 pm

The Tremere Clan has never been a huge clan of Bordeaux, but all through the history and since the creation of the clan, Bordeaux never lived without one. The Chantry, however, only came to existence in the mig 15thc. The chantry was founded on the old Church Saint Eloi (which was, at that time, also the administrative center of the city) back in the 15thC, by Tarcisus, Zelda Ritter and Frank Hötsger, three foreign Tremere who made a home for themselves.
Recently, their darkest hour was post WWII, as the clan were in alliance with Nazi Germany. The sanction post war was to banish the Tremere Clan from any human political power in Belgium and France.
During the war, the old Regent, Tarcisus, embraced back in the 15th century, tried to take the power of the city, but failed to gain enough political support. After all, nobody liked the Tremere, and Tarcisus was not very modern (most vampires from the other clans will say he was a true facist). Just after the war, Tarcisus was promoted in the Tremere pyramid and left Bordeaux. His only Childe still alive, Lyle Kersten, took the chantry and the title of Regent as well as the one of Primogen.
Nowadays, Tremere are very few and apart from being smart and old, they do not have much in common.

Kersten, Lyle
Regent of the 6th circle, Primogen, Elder

This guy's the Regent since the end of WWII. When his sire was "promoted" and left the city, he took the Primogen post and the chantry with no real enthousiasm and said he was going to take the clan up to at least the 20th century. A big fan of technology, Lyle likes and tries to be in touch with advancements and usually lets new ideas to be exposed by anyone.
Kindred know he speaks at least 4 languages (English, French, Latin and German). He's one of the oldest in town.
Since 1995, he is rarely seen, rumors say he's preparing a huge ritual, a complot to take over the city to avenge his sire's defeat, or is hiding some small torpors due to his age. Others rumors says he's discovered video games and just became a geek. Most Tremere avoid the subject when asked, and Lyle himself comes up with the most creative lie he can think off when he is asked what he is doing.
Lyle is a white anglo saxon man in his early 30's, very tall (at almost 2m, around 1m90 in truth) and quite strong-based (big, heavy bones). His hair is brown and curly and he ties it low. He has light brown eyes. He usually wears a simple but nice tailored suit with a long 3/4 coat, and no tie. He sometimes wears reading glasses as a contrast and has always a computer bag with him.

Main traits : Manipulative, Charismatic, Smart, Outspoken, Cynic, Confident, Shameless and Liar. Lyle knows he's powerful and respected enough he doesn't need to be well-mannered (he certainly can, he chooses not to).

Ansons, Corinna
Apprentice of the 4th circle, Ancillae

Corinna is the Library girl for the Tremere Clan. She was embraced in 1886 in Dusseldorf. She is the key master to the chantry's bookshelves and gives great care to her job. She settled in Bordeaux by higher orders when Tarcisus left, and is quite fond of traditions and nostalgia. Order and discipline are her key words.
She is social and is present in the Elyseums for most events.
Corinna is a white german woman in her 20's, quite short (1m60) and with nice healthy forms. Her hair is black and weawy, but she usually wears it as a bun. She wears a woman's suit with a skirt and gives an image of a secretary.

Main traits : Soft-spoken, Intelligent, Discrete, Logical, Patient and Educated. Corinna seems like a classical educated woman, she ponders situations and acts wisely.

Played by Eliza

Vonigner, Claudia
Apprentice of the 5th circle, Ancillae

Known for her great empathy, Claudia should have been embraced by the Malkavian Robert Degrelle early days of the 20th century, but Kersten took her first. Very social and close to the Elyseum, most vampires ask themselves why is she Tremere, since she acts more like a Toreador. Nobody was curious enough to dare and ask Kersten why, so as always, rumors go on. Some say she was a toy for Tarcisus and Kersten acted under orders for some experiment, some say she was a mage, some say it was a pure Malkavian complot to have a spy in the chantry... She usually avoids the question or says she doesn't know.
She is the only Tremere that does not sleep in the Chantry.
Claudia is a white German woman looking either mid teens to early twenties according to make-up. She is quite tall (1m70) but very thin (maybe was she not fed enough in her adolescence). Her hair is reddish auburn (certainly dyed, probably with henna or another coverage) long to her shoulders and straight, has greenish eyes. She wears nice night dresses in a cute style (very 50's, dollish, or even lolita).

Main traits : Expressive, Humane, Childish, Secretive, Fearful, Cute, Odd, Approachable and Harmless. Claudia appears like an educated child who's trail of thought is a bit lost ; she seems too naive to have survived that long.

Griffin, Jean-Pierre
Apprentice, 3rd circle, Harpy

Noblesque cold and distant, Jean Pierre is an harpy of Bordeaux whose role is to crush anyone with too much ego and putting him right at his place with as much subtlety as a prison guard could have, at least verbaly. He rarely talks about himself but rumors says he was presented to the court around the early 1800's.
He is present in Elyseums and social vampiric events, but more like a watcher. Stoic and observator, he acts more like a cold parent towards many vampires. This guy is the Face-palmer par excellence and has probably no more hopes about life.. or unlife.
Jean-Pierre is a very tall (1m85) and very thin caucasian man in his late 30's or early 40's. He is bald (or shaves) and has dark scary blue eyes. He usually wears classic old-fashionned clothing, with a top hat and a cane, and it fits him nicely for Masquerade purposes.

Main traits : Cold, Distant, Loner, Silent, Cold-blooded, Elegant, Secretive and Cynic. Jean-Pierre is certainly not one would go to to discuss matters unless forced to, he's not the most likable man in town and never seemed friendly to anyone.
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Bordeaux's Tremere
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