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 Bordeaux's Ventrue

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Ventrue   Sun Feb 27, 2011 8:09 pm

Ventrue in Bordeaux have been present since the very beginning, in direct conflict with the Toreador who always held the power in France. From conservative noblemen to crafty cut-edge law and financial, the Ventrue have had a certain edge locally over the Toreador.

During WWII, Nazi German occupation took Bordeaux, Tarcisus (the Tremere Regent) took the princedom and between the German attacks and the Tremere alliances with them, Toreador lost most political power. The current Prince, Gosuin, is Ventrue and the city is status quo, kind of hated by the rest of France (all controled by Toreadors under the cup of Paris' Prince), with the notable exception of Marseille, who is in a Anarch status quo, with the very active gangs and criminality at all levels of society, they could care less about what happens in Bordeaux ; they have their own problems.

Prince, Elder

Charismatic leader of industrialized bourgeoisie, Gosuin was embraced during the 1790's (by the time the capitalism got to Bordeaux), Gosuin politicaly made his way all the way to Princedom just after the War. He is also the Primogen of the Ventrue clan since his Sire, Hélène (Helen) de Chantraigne, was destroyed during the Anarch revolts (barely a few years after his Embrace).
Gosuin is a fair and short-haired man with green eyes, quite tall (1m80), who looks in his mid 30's. He dresses in very pricey suits, but usually with a collar sweater rather than a formal shirt.

Main traits : Self-confident, Charismatic, Soft-spoken, Calculator, Respectful and Stable. Gosuin is generally perceived as a good and fair Prince (mostly because everyone does about everything they want). He rules through respect and compromise rather than imposing his decisions.

Rosetti, Neve
Harpy, Elder

Embraced by the 1670's in the peripheria by Helene, Neve migrated to Bordeaux in the 1700's and became a Harpy as soon as she could break everyone in sight by a wrong vocabulary word, a wrong piece of clothing or just because she didn't like someone, except from the Primogen and the Prince at anytime. Socialite and sarcastic, Neve usually steps back when she is unsure of something.
Neve is a short (1m60) Mediterranean woman with maure skin in her mid 20's, with long black hair. She wears discrete but elegant night dresses.

Main traits : Shallow, Charismatic, Beautiful, Feminine, Witty and Educated. Neve is your typical "old lady" in every sense of the term, except that she doesn't look old.

Colin, Armand

Childe of the Prince, Armand was a lawyer in life. He had formed a coterie with Doctor, Franz and Natacha (who left in the 80's) and took a great part of the resistance during the WWII. Armand has huge influence on today's Bordeaux's human politics and organisations (associations, social housings..).
Armand is a thin small (1m70) man with quite long brown hair, in his early thirties. He dresses closely to his sire, giving Neve the opportunity to call him mini-me once every then.

Main traits : Manipulative, Intelligent, Discrete, Plan-maker and Director. Armand's actions are usually as discrete as they can get. Most of what he has done on the political scene, on the mortals and on the industries are covered with the Masquerade, and most other Kindred don't know his implications with actuality.
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Bordeaux's Ventrue
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