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 Bordeaux's Malkavian

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Malkavian   Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:02 am

Malkavian in Bordeaux are like Malkavian anywhere else. Random and out of their mind.
They were always present in the city as they are a family, with Xavier as a daddy looking out for the children, even when many accidents happened.

Embraced in the 16th century, Xavier is barely present since Gosuin is in power. He arrived in Bordeaux in the early 1600's by blowing apart a complot to attach Bordeaux and strip away the city's independance, and stayed Sheriff and primogen for more than 300 years. He quit during the first World War and left his seat of Sheriff to Lambert (who now calls himself Sheriff or Prevost) and his seat of Primogen to Victor Sainte-Croix. Most Malkavian still contact him rather than Victor when it comes to clanic issues.
Xavier is a rustic strong man with short dark hair and cold blue eyes. He looks in his 40's.

Main traits : Impulsive, Knowledgeable, Manipulative, Approachable, Odd and Protective. Back when the Malkavian were more numerous, even though he had quit both his Primogen and Sheriff jobs, Xavier has always been the patriarch of his broken down loony clan.

Sainte-Croix, Victor
Neonate, Primogen
Surely embraced by Gosuin during the first World War, Victor became the Malkavian Primogen because his sire has many contacts, that's evident. But because the Ventrue seat was already taken by Gosuin himself, he now has the charge to be the Primogen of another clan, and those poor Malkavian bastards do need some help... Classy, elegent and distinguished, Victor is an example to the poor Malkavian clan.
Victor is a thin and frail 17 or 18 year old looking boy, with a short military fair hair and brownish eyes.

Main traits : Inoffensive, Open, Educated, Well-mannered, Odd and Lucid. Victor is certainly one of the only Malkavian one can have a proper discussion with, most of the time, and he has no trouble blending in with high spheres of society, despite his young look. That might be because, he makes understand, he is not Malkavian...

Ancillae, Prevost (European name of Sheriff)
Lambert is his real name, he was embraced in the 1730's. Lambert inherited the Sheriff post during the first world war and applies it with zelus and enthousiasm... Maybe a little too much patriotism. The Sheriff's madness is very visible through his OCD (arm moving without a reason, winks, tying and untying his shoelaces..).
The Sheriff is a squary man in his mid 30's, with very short dark hair, black eyes. He wears street clothes, like city pants, a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, a vest and a scarf, according to weather.

Main traits : Witty, Unpredictable, Secretive, Patriot -Camarilla-, Violent, Combative and Power-seductive. Prevost is this kind of man who can attract a certain kind of women with his aura of power and danger (with the "but I'll change him" kind of talk).
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Bordeaux's Malkavian
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