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 Bordeaux's Brujah

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Brujah   Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:49 am

The most historicly tied to Bordeaux, the Brujah Clan runs itself according to all members, so things can change very dramaticaly from a city to another. In our case, Brujah are kind of in the middle. No pure bar fights and other testoterone show-off, no saloon infinite debates. A couple of hooks here and there and some interesting sentences about current politics. The Brujah Clan changes and moves around according to its members' desires and Theodore understood it quickly enough. Instead of running after his clanmates to set up dates and meetings, he lets them come to him if they need him. They all know where to find him, and he knows how to contact them (usually a phone call, after all, they are not really Elysium fans). Once every now and then, the clan does make a "formal" meeting, they are not all allergic to the mere idea of setting up a date and sticking to it, and it can be from a parking lot, to the docks, to some club, to in a church or in a university campus, according to who wants the reunion to be held. More of a syndicate than a family, the Brujah come and go as much as they'd like.
Brujah are revolutionnaries by heart, they didn't change, but at these times of peace, compromise and diplomacy took over searching and destroying.

First of all, I need you guys to read a little wiki page.

Jacob, Théodore
Elder, Primogen

Théo (Teddy for our english speaker pals) took the name of Jacob because of the Jacobine mouvement (see the link above). He was embraced during the Terror as Bordeaux went into rebelion when the Girondist (or Jacobines) were executed, in 1793. Theodore fought hardly against the Toreador to maintain the freedom they tried to earn in Paris, and continued to fight on the undead side. In the Industrialization, he joined Gosuin and formed a coterie. Théodore became soon the Brujah Primogen and the principal political support of Gosuin when he took Princedom. He controls all local journals.
Theo is a squary and strong caucasian man in his 30's, about 1m75 tall. He has long straight black hair never tied, a goatee and brown eyes. He usually wears street, biker clothing (leather jacket, metal-band shirt, black jeans and rangers).

Main traits : Out-spoken, Strong, Diplomatic, Conciliatory, Smart and Approachable. Théodore can show proper manners, etiquette and else, but he chooses not to do so for image reasons. Despite his looks, he can have a proper conversation with about anyone, on lots of matters.

Embraced just before WWII, Mike doesn't give much importance to political intrigues, but he sometimes gives his opinion. Mike fears aging and tries staying at the top of technology and any fashion (not only clothing). Sadly for him, his vocabulary has not evolved since the 80's.
Mike is a short dark-haired, green-eyed mediterranean man, dressing in jeans and shirt (most of the time, featuring any metal band).

Main traits : Soft-spoken, Sociable, Approachable, Down-to-earth. Mike is the friendly guy who looks and acts as average as any random person in social situations. Usually, people do not fear him.

Derijk, Franz
Coterie member of Armand Colin (Gosuin's Childe), Natacha (Gangrel) and Doctor, he was embraced in the 30's. Franz was a philosophy professor in the languages, arts and history faculty. He's known for having embraced Suzanne Gourand as a critique to Tania's Vampire feminist vampiric club, which earned him a slap by Natacha.
Franz is a short thin man with very short blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a suit most of the time, and gives a very classic image of a low college professor.

Main traits : Out-spoken, Critic, Spiteful, Expressive, Knowledgeable, Crafty, Short-fused. Franz has very strong opinions on very specific themes, but as long as one do not mention them, he's actually likable kind.

Gourand, Suzanne
Calamity Jane as she is known, was embraced in the 60's as a parody to Tania's feminist mouvement. She is the equal to men ; rustic, beer drinking, no grace and no class. When Tania died in the latest Sabbat Attack, Suzanne took the lead of the feminist club who had lost some credibility due to the lack of members and Suzanne's rustic voice and lack of expressive skills.
Suzanne is a squary, 1m60, strong woman with short light brown hair and piercings (lip, tongue, eyebrow, ears). Nowadays, her look screams "lesbian" on the roofs, and she probably takes advantage of it.

Main traits : Rude, Vulgar, Out-spoken, Un-graceful, Strong, Resilient, Attentive, Short-fused. Suzanne was probably a manual worker of some sort before being embraced, and she shares strong opinions with her sire (but the exact opposite opinions !). She has close to no education, but she is not stupid at all.
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Bordeaux's Brujah
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