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 Bordeaux's Nosferatu

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Nosferatu   Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:16 am

People know nothing about Nosferatu, and in Bordeaux we are no exception. They live in the wine caves and parkings. Nobody knows for how long they have been there, or if they are or are not there during any time. As in most Camarilla cities, as long as they respect the city rules, all undergrounds are exclusive domains of the Sewer rats.
The Sewers in Bordeaux being quite small, the Nosferatu use sometimes the old Roman sewers rather than the new pipes (that are too small for a human being to cab into, anyway). Between those and the caves and parkings, the whole underground city is thought to be all interconnected. This also explains why most Nosferatu smell like wine and vinegar rather than sewers.
During Helene de Chantraigne's Princess-dom (until the 1800's or so), an agreement has been made, leaving the Nosferatu ruling the underground, and the other clans not interfering and caring only about the surface. Madeleine, the Marquise sent by Paris, did not step in this, she had enough enemies already not to have the Nosferatu against her. Tarcisus was known to have good contacts with the Nosferatu, which probably helped his Coup d'Etat. Gosuin seems also to be on the Nosferatu good side, with the current Primogen.

Primogen, Elder

Docteur (Doctor) was a historian back in his living days (whenever that was, nobody knows). He took the role of Primogen for his clan when Gosuin took power, letting Kindred understand he was or is a political support... He's part of a Coterie with Armand (Ventrue), Natacha (Gangrel, who left) and Franz (Brujah).
Docteur is a tall and thin very ugly man. He wears classic gothic clothing (black and white mostly), which allows him to wear a white mask and seem "presentable". Noticeable in the streets when he goes and leaves the Elyseum, at least it's not Masquerade-violation noticable !

Main traits : Soft-spoken, Discrete, Mysterious, Smart, Knowledgeable. "Sadly" rarely seen, Doctor is the go-to-guy concerning the history of the city. He's not the most sociable, even among Nosferatu themselves.

Neonate with experience

A huge occultist geek, Igor loves surnatural stuff, books, and any spooky story. He is not very fond of sociabilizing with other vampires, except if he sensed an occult information he could use. He is the happy and enthousiastic kind.
Igor is a very short guy with a hump on his back, hidden in a monk outfit, wearing bandages and gloves.

Main traits : Curious, Frail, Smart, Naive, Knowledgeable, Approachable, Social, Manipulable. Igor is not afraid to approach other Kindred, especially if some occult information could be his reward.

Neonate, fake Harpy

Scoop was a journalist, embraced back in the 1970's. He is the Harpy version of the Nossies, as Scoop has always.. well.. the latest scoops ! Rumors, she said, he said, winks, omfg, no she did not.. He has everything, if you're willing to pay the price. Double price ; the regular price and Scoop's rustic, explicit and indelicate humor.
Scoop is always under Obfuscate, but he's still quite ugly. He is very forgettable, like a pizza delivery man or mister nobody.

Main Traits : Daring, Cynic, Discrete, Crafty.

Carrion (Charogne)

Carrion was a go-to-guy for anything little. Reparations, small elictricity, fixes, start a car... Carrion's the guy you call to isolate a windows from the sun and change a murder scene into a suicide scene. Cassion was embraced at the same time as Scoop but has always been much more discrete than the other nossie.
Like Scoop, Carrion is always under Obfuscate. He looks like an average repair cable, the average homeless, with a cap. However, the left thumb always seems to be missing.

Main Traits : Discrete, Soft-Spoken, Crafty, Quick and Smart. Truly Mac-Gyver-esque !

M'sieur Pierre
Neonate (with many, many favors to be repaid !)

Mister Pierre is the standardist of the Nosferatu Hotline (SOS Friends), who was set up in the 80's to allow all vampires to have an unique number to call. Mister Pierre then redirects the problem to the competent Nosferatu to handle your problem. He has a certain inside-joke humor (his name is actually based on this movie and theatre play, but don't worry about it )
M'sieur Pierre doesn't hang out much in Elyseums, and most Kindred don't even remember what he looks like. But his voice is very easy to remember.

Main Traits : Unknown, Smart, Discrete, Soft-Spoken, Expressive. M'sieur Pierre makes many TV-references on the phone to those who call him.
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Bordeaux's Nosferatu
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