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 Bordeaux's Gangrel

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Gangrel   Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:10 am

When there are Tremere, there are no Gangrel.
Bordeaux (and France in general) is too much urbain and too much full of shallow Toreador for Gangrels to feel at home. Nomadic, they don't much care about where they set up their haven, and after all, Gangrel are not part of the Camarilla anymore as a clan. However, Bordeaux kept its Gangrel Primogen to be the odd voice (Gosuin being the Ventrue Primogen..). Gangrel love to tell each other stories, and that's how they gain prestige between themselves.

Bowens, Henri
Primogen (for every other clan), Neonate

Henri was educated and embraced to be Primogen. Distinguished, elegant and social, Henri managed to keep his Primogen seat and hang out in the Elyseum. He was embraced back in the 1980's by Natacha when she began feeling the call of the wild and she needed somebody to become Primogen. Henri had a very hard time to keep his place after the clan left the Camarilla in 1999.
Henri is a short thin man with red short hair and green eyes. He dresses with class and elegance, but the clothing he choses are simple and discrete.

Main Traits : Discrete, Smart, Charismatic, Social, Expressive, Well-Mannered, Educated, Planificator, Charismatic, Humane. Henri is nothing like a typical Gangrel, most people would tag him Ventrue actually, and he truly doesn't care much. As long as he communicates with Chriss..

Primogen (for the Gangrel), Neonate

Chriss was embraced at the same time as Henri, and his role is to be the intermediate between him and the rest of the clan, as Henri is marginal to the clan. Chriss almost lost his head during the 90's as he was in regular contact with the Werewolves of the Landes forests and Julie, the Gangrel who denounced him was forced to leave the city. Gosuin was convinced by the Venerable that these contacts could be useful, as Chriss is an awesome Mediator.
Chriss is a strong and muscular man from eastern Europe, with grayish hair and blue eyes. He dresses in practical basic clothing (coton mostly).

Main Traits : Rustic, Strong, Discrete, not-Sociable, Attentive, Wild. Chriss is a man of few words and when he acts, he does so quickly.

The Venerable
Elder, Story Teller

Embraced in the 14th century, The Venerable entered torpor a few decades after his embrace. He woke up during the WWII and is considered very highly by the clan.
The Venerable has an average height, but back of his living days he would have been seen as a giant (1m80). He has long and curly redish/chatain hair and brown eyes. An arm wrestle between him and Theodore, the Brujah Primogen, is quite incertain.

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Bordeaux's Gangrel
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