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 Bordeaux's Memorial (dead, left, disapeared..)

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Memorial (dead, left, disapeared..)   Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:21 pm

Too many names, right ?

Tremere Clan :
Tracisus (replaced by Lyle Kersten) was the old Regent and Primogen of the Tremere Clan. He was then promoted inside the clan, to save appearances, and left the City to somewhere in Holland.
Mikael Horsman (replaced by Corinna) was the old chantry Librarian of the clan. He followed Tarcisus to be his personnal assistant.
They both left in 1945, but the lost war had punished the whole Tremere clan in Europe, to be forbidden having any influence in mortal politics.
'Vranken' ______
A Tremere who was killed by Theodore Jacob for being in his domain without his permission. The Tremere didn't take direct action against the Brujah for it.

Ventrue Clan :
Thomas Durieux was a harpy, game partner of Neve Rosetti.
Christophe de Bri Leveque was Thomas' Sire, a ingeneer of the railways in the 1830's. He was known for being the witness of his Sire's destruction by a Garou in the early 1950's.
Both died during last Sabbat attack defending the Elyseum.

Gangrel Clan :
Sandra was The Venerable's Childe, he embraced her in the 50's to be able to be up to date with the world he landed in after his long Torpor. She was a wine student
Louis and Marc were two rustic brothers embraced by Chriss to keep an eye on the wood industry.
They died during the recent Sabbat Attack
Natacha was the old Primogen, when the nomadic bug got to her, she Embraced both Chriss and Henri in the 1970's to replace her and left the city to wander around in the wild, sleep outise, howl to the moon and catch fleas. She was well known for having slapped her fellow coterie member, Franz Derijk (Brujah) because he Embraced Suzanne to parody the feminist movement.

Toreador Clan :
Alexandra was Laure Nolveaux's Childe and daughter, a model embraced in the late 40's who was diablerized in the beginning of the 2000's. Laure tracked, hunted and killed the guy, with Sheriff, and traced him up to a Sabbat outpost, covered by Robert Degrelle.
Annabelle was Jerome Lehin's Childe and lover, a very talented musician in all fields, who died defending the Elyseum during last Sabbat attack.

Malkavian Clan :
Robert Degrelle was a Malkavian all about experiments, one of which consisted in hiding and helping a Sabbat outpost. He was executed by Laure and Sherif during the track of her Childe's killer.
Fred was Robert's childe, embraced in the 90's among with Marie Jourdan. Both died in the latest sabbat attack. Marie Jourdan was known to have killed a Setite ghoul in Elysium, but was only frowned upon because the Setite Emilio defended her ("no arts and no kindred was harmed, just a mere mortal...").

Brujah Clan :
Tania was a Brujah Feminist embraced in the 1940's who formed the immortal women's club to fight for equality, both for female kine and kindred's rights to be defended.
Leon was a thin blood embraced in 1977 by Mike.
Walter was an English resistant.
The three of them died defending the Elyseum during the recent Sabbat attack.

Nosferatu Clan :
Terance was the informator about any rumors going on in the street world, the bums. He, Leon, Marie and Fred were a cotery.

Giovanni Clan :
Angelo, Sandro and Pietro Giovanni left the city in 1982 as their interests were being attacked seriously by Gosuin's influences, as well as the Setites. Angelo embraced Catherina, his ghoul, before leaving, to have a Clan presence in Bordeaux. She spends now most of her time avoiding the Setites who want her head.
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Bordeaux's Memorial (dead, left, disapeared..)
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