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 Retooling Presence

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PostSubject: Retooling Presence   Sat Nov 14, 2009 2:13 pm

I'm a vampire fanatic.
I know I am, I've read the corebooks and a ton of the Requiem extras...and there are many.
Anyway I find Presence handy but...i dunno...vague

What if presence had two applications as it did originally and as it ended up having in the reboot that saw it become two separate disciplines: Nightmare and Majesty

Majestic Presence: Causes a decreas in the Strength and Dodge of enemies as well as drawing them in perhaps

Dread Presence: Causes a decrease in Dexterity and Defence with enemies fighting the urge to keep you at a distance

the amounts buffed and the area of affect grow on both in tandem as you add dots to Presence as a whole.

Just a thought, there ya have it.

Im going back into my box now
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Retooling Presence
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