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 LaCroix - I do not have a valid reply

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PostSubject: LaCroix - I do not have a valid reply   Sat May 07, 2011 10:38 am

For some reason, it still happens for Olivier as he's still trying to play Assamite, just after the Sabbat elimination quest. (we installed the official public version over the Beta)

For some unknown reason he managed to complete the quest with no valid reply, but Lacroix seems to be stuck in that dialogue and won't give him the follow-up quest.

He'll be starting a new game, because we do believe in his fucked up karma, and we are still not able to find his saved games (seriously, no save folder, no nothing, we tried everything with looking for the files through about every thing connected to the computer, they just don't exist oO)
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PostSubject: Re: LaCroix - I do not have a valid reply   Sun May 08, 2011 8:06 pm

Hi Claudia, I think I may be able to help find those save files since my saves are also in an obscure location (in Vista). If you’ve tried this before then just disregard my post. geek

First of all you need to switch windows explorer to Show hidden files and folders, this option can be found when viewing any folder in Tools and Folder Options, under the View tab. Then in the drive where the Users folder is located select the folder with the users name, then AppData, Local, VirtualStore, and Program Files. In the Program Files folder you’ll probably find the game folder along with any saves folder as well.

Good luck, hope it helps.
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LaCroix - I do not have a valid reply
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