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 Known opinions

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PostSubject: Known opinions   Sat May 14, 2011 3:47 pm

Well, at least the ones that are obvious, well known, or shown.
It's probable, though, that some of them (if not all of them) are lies, façade or else...

(will edit !)

Gosuin : "My thoughts on Bordeaux's Kindred ? I suppose I can.
We have some strange specimens, as you must have noticed already. A civilized Gangrel, half of the Tremere laugh all the way to happy-land, the Malkavian are remarkably lucid and resourceful (at least the ones still alive), the Brujah can think beyond their noses and they do a fine job on the Masquerade. The Nosferatu have proven their efficiency. I must keep an eye on the Sethites and that one Giovanni for obvious reasons, as well as on the Tremere so they do not trespass their punishment for their implication in World War II.
The Toreador are, for us Ventrue, our principal adversaries on political matters, however we do stay cordial in our differences.
Other than that, Bordeaux is on a twilight area. Since Tarcisus took the power by force and despotism, and since his.. hm, the Tremere call it a promotion, we had our share of about everything that could have happened. Between today's Anarchs from the Basque country, through their less-than-discrete ETA, the Sabbat few raids, foolishly believing since we are not affiliated with Paris anymore, we are an easy target. Their last attack is surely a despair one ; the current economy crisis has been especially hard on their wallet, as well as the various scandals of the Catholic Church.
We must thank the Gangrel for having discussed non-aggression with the Garou race, we have enough to worry about. They keep their lands and we keep the city, as well as the Nosferatu keep the undergrounds, and the Toreador keep the arts.
Sure there are some local struggles, the Toreador do love to stab each other in every vernissage, the Brujah have quite some discussions, but once you slap your fingers and get everyone's attention, they eventually stop, listen, unite, solve the problem, and they go back to their usual rivalries. "

Theodore Jacob : "Sure thing, wanna know what I think of others.
Yeah, Ventrue are all political aristocratic bastards, Toreador are all delicate flowers and Gangrels howl to the moon. Pff that's BS. Like in every other city, all clans are represented by their members, and they are all unique, most of the time Embraced for a specific City need (or pure randomness).
Take at look at Gosuin. The guy may look like your typical Ventrue asshole politician, but he's only half-way there. Well he was Sired about at the same time as I was, for very different reasons, and somehow we both walked to each other to bury the war between our respective clans, you know, mediation, concessions, discussions. The guy had actually good ideas, since we Kindred are limited in number. Sure my other fellow clan mates were stubborn as hell and would rather break things for the hell of it, but eventually, a higher force (I'm not saying "reason") convinced them that things have to change for within rather than being seriously beaten-up by the Sheriff. Helene de Chantraigne, Gosuin's Sire and the Princess before that bitch Toreador Marquise Madeleine claimed Bordeaux her own under Villon's orders.. Ah, yes, Helene, she died during the strongest Anarch revolts during the terror, so the Ventrue stepped down their noblesque to do some actual work. Both Gosuin and I became Primogen of our respective clans about that time, to govern the city without neither a Prince nor nothing else. A few years later that Parisian Toreador bitch came and claimed the throne, which she kept until the 1940's.
So I'm not afraid to say I like Gosuin, he's fair, he kept his ideas straight, and he did kept the Toreador Marquise out of Bordeaux after she ran away from the Tremere funny business. Only but good points marked.
Speaking of the Sheriff, I respect both him-past, Xavier, and him-present, Lambert -he prefers "Sheriff", I don't know, an OCD thing-. And for some reason, Victor de Sainte-Croix, the new Primogen, looks almost normal. Better keep an eye on them and having them right in front of us rather than behind us.
When it comes to weird Primogens, we still have a Gangrel Primogen, Henri Bowens is more Ventrue than the Prince. Seriously, what was Natacha thinking about. Whatever, they fight with us, then we go back to our respective words, nothing more, nothing else. As for the Tremere Primogen, what the hell ? Kersten is bringing his clan out from the Middle Ages directly to Star Trek. Tarcisus was an incompetent asshole when he tried a Coup d'Etat, a very intelligent asshole, but Kersten just doesn't care about the gloomy image of his clan, he'd rather play us fools. Kersten's not your typical Tremere Regent, sure he respects the rules of his Clan and doesn't teach their blood magic around, but that guy is smart, I'm sure he's up to something. Shit he even embraced a girl just to fuck with a Malkavian's plan. Poor girl became a Tremere experiment rather than a Malkavian one. That girl is also a huge puzzle alone, and I just can't help but pick on her, she is so naive and docile.
I think the most stereotypical clan would be the Toreador. 'Xcept for the Elyseum Keeper --that girl ain't afraid to get dirty-- they're a bunch of frail flowers. Ah well, we let them to their dolls while we care about reality. And they shoot each other too, that's why the ones still in Bordeaux are not trying to put back on Villon's influence on our city. Darvault ? The guy's a waste, but he does a fine job to represent his Clan, whatever I don't read much chick novels. If you ever need to find him, look under the tables. The Nossies are quite close to the image their clan have everywhere else, we call them, they show up, they do the job, you pay the price, and then you don't see them again. Fair enough.
The Giovanni ? They've been around for whatever sex industries they got their hands on. Once the Docks were totally renewed by both the Toreador and the Ventrue, their business went down, they embraced one of their ghouls and left. The Sethites have been around for a longer time, but they always stayed on the other side of the river. I don't know much too, they poke in small time crimes and dirty little businesses. You should ask Kersten 'bout them, the Tremere had some kind of an Alliance with the snakes.
Neh, for the Camarilla, I don't think it's a total waste as a local "how to rule a city for dummies" book. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in higher instances of the sect, but I'm cool with how things are handled locally, since I'm part of it, you know, to keep the Ventrue, the Toreador and the Tremere to gather more power than they need. Most of us still alive in Bordeaux are fairly young, we all watch our steps to survive Villon's crew and the Spanish Sabbat. I don't believe in archaic social etiquette, but I do believe in honest respect, towards everyone alike."

Lyle Kersten : ".. The Tremere point of view on Bordeaux's inhabitants ? What a waste, apart from Gosuin I barely know their names. Talk to Claudia Vonïgner, she's the social kind. I have a rendez-vous I can't miss."
Claudia Vonïgner : "Regent Kersten sent you ?... Well.. Official Clan view, eh. Oh Lord why me. Erm... We Tremere have no secrets to our Camarilla brethren, apart for everything linked to Thaumaturgy ; but our skills are available to anyone who needs them. Our Clan in Bordeaux, as in all ex-Occupied areas, has no right to influence in mortal politics since 1944, and we respect this decision. Apart for Gran.. ahrem, for Lord Tarcisus during the war, we Tremere do not have any "true" power anymore. Regent Kersten moved the chantry to the Regent Grand Hotel, to give a younger image of the clan and to allow non-Magus to enter without tripping on a fire trap. Le Foyer is this "pre" chantry, and everyone is welcome to come at anytime if they want.
Prince Gosuin is fair, he loves and uses power and his interests match the city's. He rules well and listens to the Primogen Council, their decision is debated then voted.. Up to a certain point, the Tremere don't care much who is in charge as long as they are competent enough. Prince Gosuin is the best solution we have right now, and he gives us a certain distance from Paris, so we stand behind him. After all, the Tremere are still a pillar of the Camarilla. Other Ventrues... We cannot live without them, I guess ? Until he died, I personally cared very deeply for Thomas Durieux, even when he worked as Harpy. I cannot stand Neve Rosetti, however, she is just pure free mean, with her sarcasms and just because she is not able to make friends doesn't give her the right to pass on her frustration on others. I do not know the others enough.
Primogen Jacob sometimes has discussions with the Council that either finish with the fist on the table or a loud laugh. I do not know him much, we never really talked, but he's always so.. familiar with me. I guess he is that familiar with everyone. Our Clan doesn't hang out much with the Brujah anyway, as some of them resent us very much for the Nazi alliance we had in the forties. I can't understand very much their passion in general, and the few frenzies I witnessed scared me. I did like Tania's movement, but because we are first and foremost Tremere, then Kindred, and then only women, I guess the feminist movement doesn't reach Corinna Ansons or myself...
The Nosferatu are sneaky and curious ! Igor has been spotted several times close to our old Chantry before the war, saying something about wanting an interview with a Gargoyle. Regent Kersten laughed so hard when he asked him if he could enter our Library, in the 50's. I pity this poor Nosferatu, he tries so hard and we give him nothing... As for their services, I do not know if we ever needed them in our Clan. There is a ritual for about everything they could offer, and since we live for and by the Clan, the Chantry provides any Tremere everything they need. Doctor, their Primogen, is very secretive and only stands by his Clan or the Prince's side.
The Gangrel are outcasts. They do not exist much anymore. Natacha's slap in Franz Derijk's face when he presented Calamity Jane was famous enough, but then they got this The Call of the Wild thing, they quit and left. The Venerable has this.. hm, feeling Regent Kersten has around him, he makes me nervous ; I think it's because of their age. However thanks to the Gangrel, we have a peace treaty with the Werewolves. And Primogen Bowens is "civilized", even if I never had the chance to talk to him.
The Toreador are so warm, so colorful, so.. human. Laure Nolveaux is so strong and so alive.. Primogen Darvault cares deeply for the members of his Clan, even if I heard the Beast got the better of him during the Sabbat Raid. Sure, the Clan of the Rose has few members that can hold a gun or break one of your bones, and so what ? Theodore Jacob can't drive, that doesn't make him less worthy of anything.
The Malkavian are freaks. They are great allies for Prince Gosuin, except from Robert Degrelle who betrayed us. They are loyal, but very unstable, the Sheriff's enthusiasm is good for the Camarilla, even if his OCD has a tendency to creep me out a little. Primogen de Sainte-Croix.. I think he has a crush on the Prince. I do feel.. something to him because we were both taken away early in life. We Tremere have very few problems with the Masquerade, so most of the time, so our Clans pretty much ignore each other.
Us ? What to say. Regent Kersten is an excellent Thaumaturge and does not bother himself with subtlety when things have to be done. He always has the latests technological gadgets and he seems to enjoy them. Jean-Pierre Griffin does not allow anyone to step on anyone's feet in Elyseum, other than that he is quite taciturn. I like playing scrabble with him. Corinna Ansons is our librarian and she helps us find anything we could need in the Library and the Laboratory.
The Giovanni and the Sethites.. Lord Tarcisus had good contacts with the Sethites before his promotion, and Regent Kersten decided to terminate those agreements. We don't have anything particular against the Giovanni... I'd rather avoid them if I can.
Actually I'd rather avoid most Kindred, this is why I do not live in the Chantry."

Henri Bowens : "Yes I speak French, I do not growl, I do not howl, and I can even show proper etiquette. There, happy ?
For what I know about my Clan, Bordeaux was half a hub for wandering Gangrel here and there. Natacha -my Sire- wanted to leave too, something about her coterie beginning to rot inside out and not feeling like being a politician anymore, she Embraced Chriss and me to take her role and left. So, I'm the "city Gangrel" and Chriss is the messenger to the rest of the clan. Well now, the rest of the clan being only The Venerable... We still have a voice, thanks to our work to reach peace with the Garou, and I am always the last one to give my voice, to avoid a tie.
Prince Gosuin has always treated me correctly. When you need to see the Ventrue, there's no way around it... Whatever.
The Toreador can have fun if they want, though Gregory Darvault and I share some values.
Jacob is a great adversary, and he and the other Brujah don't look down on us just for the hell of it. They are sometimes a bit too passion-driven but a Brujah stays a Brujah.
The Tremere are creepy, their experiences will explode to their own faces one day.. Their Primogen, Kersten.. He smiles ! And I could swear he is sincere. The other two are so serious, cold, distant, studious.. Well, what one expects from the Tremere. And they all lie.
Victor de Sainte-Croix makes believe he's an idiot to take you off guard. It's an obvious truth, but the Malkavian are out of their minds. Keep an eye on them, who knows what you could find out. Oh, that Claudia girl, Primogen Kersten's Childe I think ? Consider her a Malkavian, she's no Tremere. Come on, she has feelings, no Tremere has feelings.
The Nosferatu are to be listened to. I don't know them well, not even Doctor because he doesn't talk much. Their hotline works well though, give them a call if you need to secure a haven or you're stuck in traffic before dawn.
The Sethites are only here to create ruckus, so avoid them like the pest, even if they seem all polite and everything they'll stab you in the back.
The Giovanni bitch is as worthless as the Sethites, but if you ever need to feed next to the train station, then you'll have to use her services. Erh."

Igor : "Hello ! I'm sorry, Doctor's not available. But I know why you are here, let's talk then, no worries these infos are freebies.
You see, us Nosferatu don't play exactly by the same rules as other Kindred do. Well for very, very obvious reasons, don't you think ? What we think doesn't matter much, we adapt, we survive.
Prince Gosuin should be more reactive. He's a good Prince though, considering our last leaders, this one is the better so far.. The Ventrue as a whole have it hard lately, because of the crisis and other stuff... Well, I wonder who will be next in charge ?
The Toreador tend to think they're so much better than everyone. But at least the Elyseum Keeper doesn't keep us out just because we are ugly ! Besides the Toreador hate each other, so eventually that's being taken care of alone.
The Gangrel are going extinct, seriously, we should put them in the Endangered Species Act. The Venerable if about the coolest oldest Vampire I ever met, he's for the core Middle Ages and stuff ! The only Kindred cooler than him was Tarcisus. That Tremere was awesome, so much knowledge, so much props, so creepy, loved him ! Well he sucked as a Prince, you know Peter Principle, right ?
The Tremere are awesome, I'd give it all just to spend half an hour in that Library of theirs ! But they don't want me to. Lyle Kersten blew me away when I asked him. I think last time he laughed so hard was when Urbain Delacour presented Alicia as an awesome novelist. The poor guy didn't know it was Gregory Darvault who had actually written the book and Alicia was just his Masquerade cover. He was humiliated by the harpies for years, and by his own Childe too. Oh, the Tremere, right ! Claudia's the only one who talks to me but she one hell of a dodger. That girl is.. special. No wonder two clans wanted her. I also love Jean-Pierre Griffin, he doesn't like pretentious Kindred and he puts them right to their spot, six feet under, man. Good poker player too for what I heard. Corinna Ansons sometimes lets go her books and show up here and there in Elyseum, but she always stays behind, silent and everything, so I don't know her much.
The Malkavian are going crazy, well, it's no big news, but -hey-, better know twice ! They are excellent political allies to the Ventrue, and they are somewhat twisted.. The Sheriff pays us well for some info, and if you stay out trouble, you won't hear from any of them. Their Primogen, Victor de Sainte Croix, he's kind of lucid most of the time, I've seen him having a good discussion with a couple of Brujah about women's place in society, and he was charmed by Franz' parody when he embraced Calamity Jane, Scoop told me. I don't know, he was so young when he was Embraced, maybe he fears boobs !
The Brujah are good fun, they fight each other most of the time though. Except during last war, they somehow managed to be all resistants against Tarcisus' tyranny (I could swear some of them were pure racist antisemite bastards, still a mystery). Theodore controls everything in local papers, he cares well for the Masquerade and he's good friends with the Prince, for what I heard. Oh, that Feminist parody Franz made for Tania, that was low, using an Embrace Permission for that.. Well, Calamity Jane, as Thomas Durieux named her, she's one of the guys now.
The Sethites are to be taken down, and the Giovanni is kind of a necessary evil.. Not so necessary though. I don't feed on prostitutes much, they fear me once they see my amazing green eyes, oh well they don't know beauty, right ? Ha-ha-ha !"

Gregory Darvault : "Ah, Bordeaux's society of Immortals... An excellent topic to discuss, isn't it ?
The Ventrue, the Brujah and us share most of the power in the city, in our very respective fields. The Ventrue did try to take the Culture's influences a few decades ago, and they have failed miserably. Now we drew the lines not to cross, and we all have the complete monopoly in said fields. I will never touch the local press, which are under Theodore Jacob's authority, nor will he try to influence the urban architecture of the city.
Prince Gosuin is beginning to lose control of the situation, he should be more reactive. The other Ventrue are tasteless and they are not worth the time. The Brujah are efficient in what they do, however it is not possible to have a proper discussion with any of them. Theodore Jacob is lucky Gosuin likes him. The Malkavian are dangerous and unhealthy, more than any of other Kindred, and it does take a Malkavian to be proud to be a Ventrue. With Henri Bowens as the Gangrel Representative, we now count three Ventrue voices in the Primogen.
Other Gangrel ? There is nothing to say about them. The Nosferatu are necessary, like in any other city, our words do not cross. The Tremere are changing, they are to watch carefully. Their Primogen, Kersten, is a filthy, grotesque and rude liar that has no manners whatsoever, but he is a better leader to his Clan than his Sire. Well, it couldn't be worse than Tarcisus...
The Sethites can be replaced easily, they are not indispensable to the city. I have nothing to say on the Giovanni, she is quite polite and well mannered...
My Clan is wide, prosper, and politically neutral. Some sharp tongues are used, especially by Miss Vandenstree, and through our superficial taste differences, we are able to work together for the city's culture and prosperity. Jérôme Lehin is our Mandataire, he organizes our events, some of which are open to other clans and to mortals alike. Madame Nolveaux is one of the best Elyseum Keepers I have seen, as well as a very talented jeweler."

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PostSubject: Re: Known opinions   Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:17 am

This was just my version of the clan stereotypes, adapted on the local views they all have :-)
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Known opinions
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