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 Saint Jean, the train station

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Saint Jean, the train station Empty
PostSubject: Saint Jean, the train station   Saint Jean, the train station EmptyTue Jul 17, 2012 9:50 pm

Friday Night

Many Parisians come to Bordeaux for the week end and students go back home for the week end, so the train traffic is heavy on Friday nights.
The hotels around the train station are full, certainly of people passing by, which is great for the prostitute world. Oddly, the activity is well hidden for those who do not know the rules and ways around this world. Unlike the setite's brothels, this prostitution is far more private and discrete, subtle and even elitist. It's clear the influences are of the Giovanni's and not the Setites.
It's a great hub to see how people move to and out of the city through the train. The airport is quite far away, after all, and the train is still used either for regional transportation (to Toulouse, to the beach), or to Paris. It's only three hours away, from the tour Eiffel.

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Saint Jean, the train station
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