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 About Beckett's story

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About Beckett's story Empty
PostSubject: About Beckett's story   About Beckett's story EmptyTue Jan 05, 2010 11:45 pm

Today I read Gehenna - The Final Night and something got me curious at the end, what he realized?Does his story continues after that?

Here's a small part :

More likely, these were his last moments,
and any other hope was an illusion, a false dream such
as the one Jenna Cross chased in LA. But if nothing
else, he knew. He knew the answer now, even if he could
probably never use it.
And Kapaneus had been right after all. A false
hope was better than none.
Like the joy of a delighted child, Beckett’s laughter
rang out across the tiny park, echoing off the trees and
the rickety slide. For the last time, he felt the power of
the blood flow through him as he summoned his
strength, felt it pumping as though, for just a moment,
his heart beat once more.
As the sun rose on the final night of the Kindred,
Beckett called upon the power granted him by an
overly proud farmer, sank slowly into the earth, and
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About Beckett's story
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