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 Vtm:B OCs

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PostSubject: Vtm:B OCs   Vtm:B OCs EmptyFri Dec 21, 2012 5:32 am

I have a few OCs(Original Characters) for this game
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Posts : 18
Join date : 2012-10-30
Age : 26
Location : Hungary

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PostSubject: Rosalia Hedgeworth Bio   Vtm:B OCs EmptyFri Dec 21, 2012 5:37 am

Name:Rosalia Hedgeworth:





Appearant Age:28

Height:195 cm

Embrace(vampire since):Unknown possibly around the 16th Century

Weight:100 Kg


Former life as human:


Graduation: high school 3

Best&Worst classes:All were medium grades





Phisycal:Strenght:4,Dext: 1,Stamina:4


Mental: Perception:4,Intelligence:3,Wits:3

Talents: Brawl:3,Leadership:4,Subterfuge:3,Intimidation:4,Alertness:2,Streetwise:3





Splat:Her/His appearance as Female is blue eyes and (even thought she/he paints it) and with originally strawberry blonde hair
His/Her Background is unknown.Now with his/her Chameleon nature,it does not count whether s/he a female or a male.He/She is a Hedgeworth two-toned confident of hir sexuality of gender.S/he seduces both man and woman depending on situation.
S/he dresses to suit hir purpose including the latest man/woman style and torch-singer gown
S/he has hir head but she does not use it,unleess it is really needed,for example his/her final exams back in 1550.
S/he also has his/her(from now on in short hir[him/her] and s/he [[he/she]])hir own gang named "Vipers of War (sistergang of the Dogs of War) founded in 1955 and since has 3 member(hir a Salubri and a Setite.Hir dream is a 4th member and even thought it was originally a female only but now she decided to accept males too.Unlike Wez she tolerates weaker people in hir gang.And unlike him s/he uses hir head in battle knowing that s/he is not invincible in combat.Hir loyalty is only to hir gang and its members and would do anything to keep them in hir gang,even if s/he needs to be in her Chameleon nature.During the Kallyan Hunt she demostrated the ability to summon zombies to act as companions along with the other 3,with hir auradetection s/he can see through walls and in an attempt to get one of hir gangmembers back s/he demonstrated the ability to summon illusions for hir own good using her obfuscation can take on anyone's form.Previously it was mentioned that s/he would do anything to get back hir team's members,by that anything(but s/he prefers to take on someone else's form and they have the same powers(Illusioncasting) then s/he can say 100% succesone of hir act was:S/he took the apperance of one of hir target's cousin who also had the illusion power and using that body s/he haunted hir target's dreams and when it came to hir target's time to leave his current job because of (truly hedgeworth but on the surface the picked form) and then s/he offered the option to get him back into hir gang which he accpeted without hesitation.
Whenever s/he uses Chimerstry spiral will start circling in hir eyes that can be violating if seen.
Hir weapons are gained during the 19th Century which includes a win over a Tal'mahe'Ra antitribu and by that winning hirself an own 'Ra blade and since then whenever s/he in combat s/he uses that,despie possessing a Colt Peacemaker as hir ranged weapon.
She is also very talkative saving hir ass several times and also s/he can use hir intimidating appearance to get what she wants.She also also known that she can be very charming.Despie being embraced into one of the most aggressive clans,s/he tries to keep control,but most s/he fails,but s/he can keep hir head in battle.Hir more known chameleonfroms are:Jenny,Wez,Damsel and s/he can play them very well fooling others around hirself.


Clan: Osebo antitribu

Disciplines: Potence 3,Celerity 5,Chimestry 5,Necromancy:bone path:3,Obfuscate:8,Auspex:4

Ghouls:Had one but he defected hir and s/he was forced to kill him and s/he did that without mercy.

Enemies:Ming Xiao and LaCroix

Favorite Color:Hir first one is the green and the red and last one is the yellow

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings:A necklace from the 18th century on her neck and 2 bracelets from the 1880s.
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Vtm:B OCs
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