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 VtM: Embrace The Darkness

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PostSubject: VtM: Embrace The Darkness   VtM: Embrace The Darkness EmptySat Jul 13, 2013 3:52 pm

VtM: Embrace The Darkness 7265saH

It only gets worse from here. Name any sin you want, as all of them can bring men to ruin, even if you cannot be called a sinner. The sins of another will mean your death, which is the price you pay for being in their way. Do I wish to repent? No, for the sins are not mine. However, I have my own sins to deal with, and no god to ask forgiveness. But I won't, since my actions do not need such a thing. I have been wronged, and I will extract my revenge, one...pint at a time.

But like most, in my hubris, I succumbed to sin as well. Why? Perhaps because the very idea of Sin, is rooted in the nature of humans, and even if I was not human, but a Vampire, I still held on to the actions of  human. I lusted for the pleasures of flesh, and blood. My Avarice for power, lead me to my fate. The Pride I had, made me damned, if only because I would not bow as asked. Along with the rest, save for one. I chose to use my potential, and never truly rest on my laurels. If the top would be were I find myself, no one would climb high enough with the intent to kick me down, or topple what I sat upon.

Now, look through my oily black eyes, and feast upon the story of my damnation. But do not pity me, I do not seek foolish ideas like redemption. Where I end up, there is no reason for me to seek it. I shall do what I will, even if I must plummet to the depths.

Chapter I – Avarice

“Do you not understand? Control of this family is soon to be lost, and it is only you and your line that might save it. I care very little for the situation, and I'm sure that you loathe it as well.”

The man behind the desk scoffed. “You should be so bold. But what you do not understand, is rather simple. It may be true that my father's health is in decline, and has been for the past several months. The Doctors believe that he does not have long, even if they cannot give an exact length. That aside, with his death, that will mean that one side of the family will keep their wealth, while the other, loses everything. How far they fall, is unknown to me, but I care very little. My interest is is exactly what you might expect. I intend to take control of the fortune, and give it the care it needs. My brother would only squander it, the lout.”

With a sigh, the man who stood smiled. “If you are so resolved, then there is only the matter of your son. We both know that he isn't the most...outgoing boy, and it certainly can be said that, while brilliant, he doesn't have the social skills to...accommodate to society. All his schooling is through tutors, who do marvel at his intelligence, and all he knows of the world is within the grounds of this estate. He has been told much, but his experiences, have been very little.”

“You believe that this means anything? He may yet come 'round, and when he does, I'm sure he will be exceptional. Don't you agree, Darius?”

With a small shake of his head, Darius smiled. “Perhaps. But we both know that of you, cannot stand too much longer. It is one thing that you have given me the...sustenance, I require, although not from you personally, and in turn, I have done what I can, to protect you. But I fear that this will not last much longer. I cannot say that I fear for my life, but for yours, Sheridan, I cannot be sure of your fate. Although I certainly do not intend on changing things myself.”

Sheridan laughed, although he still seemed puzzled. “Let them come. But what is it that you fear, Darius? You're already dead.”

Shaking his head, Darius smiled. “Perhaps, but I'd rather be dead and free, than dead and in chains, physical or not. The rise of the Camarilla promises many things, most of all the cull of many who will not bow to their, 'Masquerade', be it is now, or years into the future. It may not seem a real issue, but being such a revolutionary myself, I don't like the idea of people miles away, that decide I should abide their rules. Even worse, if they send kindred to enforce these rules, well, do they expect the kindred here to simply take such a change easily? I would hope not.”

“I doubt whatever will be imposed, will have any effect on you. But that aside, I would ask that you simply end this debacle, and enforce the idea in this family that only my side can effectively keep our wealth, while my brother would only drive us elsewhere, as I said. Although I suspect such an end would not weigh on me as it would hearing my father's decision, which even as I can be sure that he will pick me, I am still worried that his condition may allow him to chose otherwise. I can hope, and perhaps pray, but I would rather not gamble so easily.”

Tapping his cigar in the tray, Sheridan set it down. “But what my brother does not know, is that my family will have the sort of longevity that his, or my father, will not.” Picking up a crystalline glass, he stared at it's contents. It was filled with a thick, red liquid. Tipping the glass to his lips, he nearly poured it down his throat.

Setting it down once empty, he sighed. “Wrong as this may feel, I cannot feel as such. Consuming blood for a Vampire is survival, and a base one at that. Nothing says I have the urge to kill, since this is a nice trade off.”

“But what is it that you intend on doing? My blood first saved you from your...lecherous ways, and it did so once again, when you nearly were killed in that street fight – only the second time, your choices both lead to death, even if one wasn't so lasting. But do you truly wish to do as you say? Introduce both your wife, and your son to what you have become, and then, perhaps, make them as you are?”

Sheridan laughed. “If possible, yes. Questions may be asked, but I hear that our kind has forever known how to keep themselves hidden from humans if they wish it, and even with the coming Masquerade, I doubt things will be any different.”

Taking a seat, Darius smiled. “So Greed is your sin, then? For money, since you were forced to fight with everything you had, your strength and your words, since your father chose to not support you until you gained everything yourself? Fine. I cannot say that it is the usual case, although you would be the kind of person most Ventrue would want.”

Sheridan sighed. “I care very little for this 'clan' bullshit. If you wish to concern yourself with it, fine. I will not be doing so.”

“I suspect that won't be of consequence to anyone. There are those who care, and those who do not. Still, the only thing I would hope, is that you still hold a certain...reverence for human life. Although I wouldn't consider it a requisite, having a grasp of humanity means that-”

Laughing, Sheridan shook his head. “Don't worry about that. I've sorted myself, and if problems arise, I will deal with them, as always.”

Turning his head towards the door, Darius sighed, then turned back to Sheridan. “Then how will you deal with this problem?”

The door opened, and a rather distraught woman entered. Her golden hair was tied with a silver clasp, draping over her left shoulder. Her face was soft and smooth, her fair skin unblemished. Her eyes a soft, chocolate brown, they both looked at Sheridan with a mixture of disapproval and shock.

“How much of this is true, and not merely something I misheard?”

Sheridan sat down. “If you disapprove of my deception, then I would ask your forgiveness. If you so wish, the truth is what I shall give you, darling.”

She didn't make an effort to sit down. “Then tell me. What happened?”

Filling his glass, Sheridan sipped from it. Instead of putting it down, he held it as he spoke. “That fight in the city last month. I sing praises to the heavens that I did not elect to bring you and our son, but my presence did have its...consequences.”

“How did it happen?” She crossed her arms.

Setting his glass down, Sheridan sighed. “the obvious goal is unknown to me, although I suspect that the goal was money. Either way, I was nearly killed in the fight. Targeted, or random, I do not know, but the feeling of several bullets piercing my flesh, is not something I will forget, and I do not want to feel that again. If Darius wasn't...”

Taking a sight bow, Darius looked solemn. “I do not mean you any stress, mam, but if you view me with any contempt, understand that I offered him a choice. Unlike before, with the cuts, scrapes, and broken limbs, this was grievous. Had he not accepted, then it would've been his end.”

“Do you know what this means, Josephine? If my father chooses me to take the fortune, then I can give it the sort of longevity that my brother cannot. Not only that...I can ensure your beauty forever, my love. I can build for you the world you want, with the knowledge that we have the time to do so.” Sheridan stood, walking over to her. Placing his arms around her, he sighed. “I do not mean to worry you. I am still myself, and whatever has changed, I hope to keep it in check. I will not endeavor to harm you, or any member of this family, nor the staff.”

Looking into his eyes, she smiled. “Just, give me some time to think. I don't know what to make of this yet.”

Darius laughed briefly. “If you so wish, I can inform you of what you may need to know, to make your choice. Any question, even as juvenile as it may seem, I will answer as if you spoke in the prose of a king. Understand that nothing I say will be a lie, as I have no intention of deception towards you, or anyone in this family.”

Without any more spoken, she left. Sheridan returned to his seat, and sighed. “I do hope that such a revelation doesn't force her to do something drastic. As much of a religious man as I a...” he laughed. “...might've been, I still understand that, sometimes, survival means doing or accepting things that goes against one's faith. If I must sin, or be damned to survive, then so be it. It may not be the same for her, but still, I would pray that she does not seek refuge from what is ultimately her choice. I daresay that either you, or myself, would not embrace her, unless she chooses it for herself.”

Darius nodded. “Indeed, but there is the possibility that she may be forced into it, as you...technically were. Even if we may have discussed it previously, it was only a passing conversation, and perhaps not one meant to be an actual debate. Although I would agree. If she wishes to remain human, I would not embrace her myself.”

Sitting down, Darius laughed. Taking a photograph from his pocket, he nearly caused the chair to tip over. Straightening himself, he still kept his smile.

“What in the hell is so funny?”

“That hell of a bitch, but still someone I would like on my side. Pity she doesn't have any love for covens, coteries, or even the Camarilla. The last one she abides, but it's hard to deny them in their cites. Still, she is one hell of a loner.”

Sheridan snarled, but stopped quickly. “You better not mean...oh, you mean that 'crazy' woman you met a few weeks ago. What was that you said she did? Tore through a whole unit of confederate soldiers?”

Darius nodded. “Why she went south I don't know, but perhaps there was something she wanted to see. Something she wanted to understand, I don't know. However, it seems she ran afoul of a confederate military camp in the middle of the night, and simply lost it. Her description was rather vague, and perhaps in most cases, this would be looked upon badly. However, while I can't say which side the Camarilla is backing, if any, but I don't think they cared about it.”

“I'd say fuck the traitorous bastards.” He snarled. “They boast about this war being due to them not having the freedom to keep their traditions, but the truth is that they are fighting to keep their economy, which is built on blood and death.”

“It is interesting that you think that way. Although you have never bought into such a business yourself, and neither has your family.”

Nodding, he continued. “No, and I would never do so. Even with my new...hunger, I would not even consider it. It may be that Vampires back the Southern interests, and if so, the reason for them to keep this...institution, is obvious, but too open.”

“Funny, that doesn't sound like the greedy bastard I thought you were.”

“Should I be on every account? On terms of money, I may be. But I would not wish to build an empire on the blood and bodies of any race. Why? Simple. Soon enough, that begins to smell. Then it is not long before someone questions your origins, your motives, and once that happens, the fall of the empire is assured. That is why, perhaps, that if the Union wins the war, the stink may remain for quite some time, but the source, will be cleaned up.” He sighed.

Darius looked a bit puzzled, but still nodded. “That does sound like you mean the slaves would be no more, but I get what you mean. They would no longer be slaves, but considered men, women, and children.”

Sheridan nodded. “Indeed, but perhaps this is getting to be too much of a rant. I'll certainly vote to have Abe back in office, if he runs again, but tell me, that woman...Helena, was it? Where exactly did you meet her?”

“In the city, actually. She isn't one for friends, really, but she seemed to be staying with a few kindred. I heard they left the city a few days ago, although I'm not sure why.” He placed a finger on his lips, but quickly removed it. “She did mention something to me, though.”

“What was it?”

Darius stood. “All she said, was 'I'm looking for what I cannot have.' What she means by that, I do not know.”

Sheridan laughed. “Sounds like me after finishing school. Although, I certainly obtained what I 'could not have'. Perhaps she will find it too.”[/center]

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Chapter II – Undead Youth

Sitting down on a bench, Marius sighed. The cold air brushing his skin wasn't his concern, but he was somewhat worried that his mother would fuss over him, if he caught a cold. Still, he didn't move from the bench, mostly because he wanted to enjoy the stillness the night offered. His father might've frowned upon it, but he was mostly staying up nights himself, working, it seemed.

Reaching down, he softly ran his hands through the damp grass, feeling the water that had fallen on it in the evening rain. It was well tended to, as was the rest of the grounds. With a smile, he wiped his wet hand on his face, the cool air making the feeling even better. Laying himself down on the bench, he looked up at the sky, and smiled.

This night, the moon was full. He briefly considered howling, but that might draw too much attention. If either his mother or one of the servants would usher him back inside, he didn't know, but he didn't want to take the chance. With a smile, he closed his eyes. The sounds were many, and it sounded like music to him, rather than mere noise. The soft 'hoot' of an owl. The distant sound of a wolf, perhaps in the woods somewhere, or in the mountains. The whistle of the wind, which he appreciated the most. All of it was like the musicals he had attended with his parents, albeit without the sight of the actors. But they were there, still.

Speaking of his parents, he remembered the night that his father had returned from the city, quite early in the morning, and far later than he was expected. Darius had explained to Marius' mother that, he was being treated in a hospital for wounds received during a street fight, and was expected to make a full recovery. This explanation wasn't questioned, but the relationship between his father and mother had become, rather tenuous. He was no longer attending meals, his excuse being that he wished to eat alone.

Although he was unsure if his mother's thoughts of divorce would be pursued, it was possible. What had happened to change their relationship, he didn't know, and perhaps, in a way, did not care. He certainly hoped that they did not split up, if such a thing even could be done, but if it was the case, he felt only that he could not stop it.

Darius was a question to him as well. As far as most were concerned, he was a friend of the family, as well as a servant to his father, even if no one really ever ordered him around. The talk about him was that he was something of a recluse, preferring to stay inside, even when the family hosted various events on the grounds of the estate, which hadn't happened for the last few months. That aside, he was a great teacher, even if he wasn't really there to do so. Marius had no reason to think ill of him, despite how odd he may be.

Sitting up, he sighed. As always, the idea seemed nice during dinner. He'd slip out afterward, while his mother was reading, and his father was in the study, as usual. But like most nights that he'd choose to do this, it always became boring at some point. As much as there was to see, hear and enjoy, perhaps, it always became stale soon enough.

Standing, he looked around. The night was as still as ever, and save for the distant sound of animals, the low hoots of owls, and the soft sound of the wind, there was nothing. As much as he would like to sleep under the stars for once, it would either be his mother, or one of the servants who get suspicious if they did not find him in bed at some point. Either in the morning, or at some point in the night.

As he thought to move, he heard a sound which both startled him, and brought every sense he had to attention. His eyes told him nothing was moving, He could smell nothing unusual, save for the slight smell of copper, which seemed to waft on the air, albeit briefly. Nothing was touching him, save for the soft caress of the wind.

Hearing the bushes shake, he turned around, ready to back up and run. But what he saw, somewhat confused him. Rather than coming through the bushes, a figure seemed to jump over them, landing perfectly on it's feet, before collapsing to the ground. It stared at Marius from under a hood, it's eyes looking like a pair of red, glowing lamps.

In what might've been a moment of stupidity, Marius approached the figure, but still keeping some distance. It looked at him, the size suggesting someone a bit younger than even he was. It's hair seemed to be dripping wet, and dangling over his face.

“Are you...okay?” Marius spoke first, trying to ease some tension.

The figure pulled it's hood down. A distinctly male face looked at Marius, with a pair of hungry looking eyes, inset into a face which was as pale as a sheet. With a weak smile, the boy opened his mouth, displaying his ivory white teeth, every single one of them, fanged.

“Please...I beg you...just a little.”



Slamming his fist on the door, he snarled. “The very idea of their embrace, to me, was foolish. Two insignificant boys, abandoned by their parents, and they end up with immortality – for reasons that I have yet to fathom.”

Turning to the letter, he snarled again. For whatever reason the boy had chosen to run, to escape his fate. His brother had as well, seemingly for different reasons. In truth, the idea that he would care what these are, would be wrong. The only thing he cared about, was finding these boys, dealing with them in the only way possible, and then, to deal with his own sire in the same way. There would be no recourse.

“What exactly are you yelling about?”

The Vampire turned around “Ah, so I see that you did not run off, Victor. Tell me, where exactly is your brother?”

Victor sighed. “You know damn well that he escaped, and ran as soon as he could. Need I remind you, that you tried to kill him?”

With a snarl, the Vampire started to speak. But Victor stopped him. “Shut it, you pestilence. Your bullshit will get us nowhere. I had thought, that perhaps you might change things. That If I went along with you, I would get things moving. But I see now that the only direction you intend on going, is backwards. I would have believed you, but then I found my brother in chains, starved of blood. I gave him some of my own, and let him go. Kill me if you must, but do not look upon me like a common fool.”

With a sigh, the Vampire looked around, curious. “I do wonder why you have chosen to act this way, but you have never been fond of me. With good reason, perhaps, but then, crossing me is not going to turn out well for you. Nor for the brother you love so much.”

Victor laughed. “Maybe it won't. But at least at this point, he has the chance to get away. You might catch up to him, if you are lucky enough. I doubt you will, since in four hours the sun rises. I certainly hope that he can make it to some form of safety from it, but if not, it at least spares him from your torture.”

The Vampire had a smile on his face, although he still looked rather puzzled. “So you are content to let him die? To make no attempt to save him?”

Turning Victor nodded. “Yes. I'll go after him, just like you invariably will. But if I do not reach him, or if perhaps all I find is his body, then I will understand that HE did not have to endure your philosophy, much less anything else. Maybe I'll follow him to his fate, if death is indeed in store for him, finally.” With a snarl, he left the room, disappearing into the darkness as he did.

“I wonder if he thinks this will hinder my efforts? What a fool. I will find the boy, and then, not only does he die, many others will as well. Victor, included.”


Marius couldn't help but be puzzled. “ you want?”

The pale boy sighed, his words coming out strained as he spoke. It seemed as if he was almost shaking, trying to hold something back. “I...don't want to...hurt you. But...I ask for...your...blood.”

“What are you?”

The boy smiled. “As I understand it, you will learn soon enough. But for now, asking such questions is rather...dangerous for you. I...can't hold myself back...much longer. So I ask you...please.”

Kneeling next to the boy, Marius unbuttoned his shirt. “I guess. How do you...”

The boy smiled, pulling Marius into his lap. “Call me Nymphet. And please, forgive me for the pain, even if it may feel like no more than a small cut.” He placed his arms around Marius, gently licking his neck. With a snarl, he placed his mouth on the supple flesh, and bit into it. His eyes widening, Nymphet's snarls became even louder.

“That doesn't feel...actually it feels...”

Removing his fangs, Nymphet smiled. “Indeed.” He softly touched Marius' face. “I haven't taken much. You might feel a bit light-headed, but otherwise, you are fine. Within an hour, you should be just as before.”

Both of them stood, although Nymphet seemed to be looking around, his face full of worry. Marius looked around himself, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. “What's wrong?”

“Nothing, for the moment, it seems. That is for the best, but I know that will change.”

Sitting back on the bench, Marius sighed. “I have to go back inside soon. What do you...”

In an instant, Darius appeared before Marius, his face marked with a questioning frown. Sheridan seemed to follow him, with a much more disapproving look on his face. “Marius, what are you doing out here – who is this?”

Darius stared at Nymphet. “Looks kindred to me. But so young?” He looked further. “I can't tell what clan he is either.“

Nymphet's lips parted into a sly smile, showing off his mouthful of fangs. “Ah, I see. The one you can 'Father' is a Vampire, as is the one who serves him. How familiar.”

Marius didn't seem outraged, but still confused. “Father...are you...?” His stare seemed to be piercing, nothing Sheridan could do would hide the fact.

Darius sighed. “Somehow, I do not feel good about this. If my thinking is correct, this boy is not a good sign.”

“Mind explaining that one Darius?” Sheridan said, looking at the fang marks on Marius' neck, and staring at Nymphet with contempt.

Before Darius could say anything, the boy laughed. “If you want, I will tell you everything about me, including why I am here. But understand this - much of what is to happen in the coming nights, will not be because I wished it.”

“How do we know you aren't going to lie?” Darius snarled.

Nymphet kept his smile. “If I lie to you, it only means that we all die faster. If I tell the truth, it means that some of us may survive the coming fire.”

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Chapter III – Promise Not Kept, Secrets No more

Sheridan sighed. “What exactly do you mean? When exactly did you plan to tell me that I've been marked for death? By whom, exactly?”

The boy shook his head. “The Camarilla doesn't care about you, nor about anything you've done here. They do not know, and they will never care. Those who do, are those of my clan, the Baali. My Sire wishes to take everything you have built, but I do not know the reason. Kill me if you must, as their punishment, of which I am to submit myself to upon their arrival, will be far worse than anything you, or your own Sire could do to me.”

Darius snarled. “Then why did you come here? Condemned by them to die, and you still serve their interests?”

Shaking his head, the boy sat his head in his arms. “No. They tried to kill me once, and failed. My only option was to run, and this is the first place I came across. I have no wish to bring harm to this family, but little can be done about it now. They may be already aware, or they will be soon enough.”

Sheridan sighed. “Then I feel I have little choice. If I am to protect this family, I have to do so when my wife and son are not so much of a...liability.”

Darius had a look of shock on his face. “You mean to embrace them NOW? There would be little time for adjustment, and even less to explain.” He sighed. “Perhaps I cannot stop you, but I feel it is a foolhardy decision. If only because it forces them into this life, when previously you seemed to suggest that they would be given a choice.”

Sheridan threw the glass in his hand at the floor. It smashed into small, diamond like pieces. “And if I do not embrace them, they die at this hands of these demon-worshipers! My own fate be DAMNED. I will not let them tear down my estate, either by fire, or with their bare hands, and ruin the future I have bled and DIED for.”

The boy smiled. “There is no point. What you plan to do with your family is of no consequence. Kill them if you wish, to spare them the pain, or perhaps, bring them more by embracing them. But no matter what you do, Donovan isn't going to leave without bloodshed, and whose blood is shed, is not relevant.”

Darius looked puzzled. “Who the hell is Donovan?”

“It doesn't matter. All you need to know, is that he is a Vampire who has almost completely renounced his claim, if he ever had it, on humanity. Human lives are as expendable as those of bugs, and those of Vampires are expendable as valued pets – they may be killed for disobedience.” The boy hung his head.

“What exactly does this Donovan plan to do?”

Without raising his head, the boy spoke. “Fire shall burn free the sanctuary called Paradise, and destroy the legacy of your family. The rest will be dealt with, if they have not been already.”

Sheridan took an ornamental blade from atop the wardrobe. With a quick motion, he crossed the room, grabbing the boy's head, and forcing the sharp edge against his neck. “And if I cut your head off, what does that do for me – other than stop your mouth babbling about my demise?”

The boy smiled, his mouthful of fangs causing Sheridan to do everything but sweat. “You do not have the balls, since even now, you tremble. Not your body, but your soul. I can feel it, you know.” He touched Sheridan's face. “You may slice, blue blood. But my death, will not save you. In fact, it will sink your spirit even lower. There are worse places than hell, as you may soon find out. Such as, you may well punish yourself for what you may do, which will be unequal to the much touted fire and brimstone of the Church.”

Throwing the boy to the floor, Sheridan snarled, the sound echoing around the room. “WHY MUST I DEAL WITH THIS BULLSHIT!” He threw the blade aside, turning back to the boy. “How long is it before this 'Donovan' reaches the grounds?”

Barely making the effort to stand, the boy only reached his knees, staring up at Sheridan. “A day, if not less. This night, he feeds on pure, Christian blood – even if my own sire frowns upon that. The next? He feeds upon the lifeblood of this family. Kindred or Kine, he does not care.”


Entering into the office, Victor sighed. He knew exactly what needed to be done, but still, something worried him. Rather than chasing directly after his brother, he chose to return to the city, to consult his Sire. What he would say, if anything, hopefully it would be of help.

“Victor? What is wrong?”

Sitting down in a chair, he sighed again. “You know what the problem is. Donovan. I found my brother locked up in that piss poor imitation of a castle, and let him go. The damn fool believes killing us, and you, is going to get him somewhere.”

The Vampire snarled. “As always, he thinks his wisdom is absolute, and everyone else's ideas do not matter.”

“What do you plan to do about him, Adam?”

Adam smiled. “I'm going to rip him to shreds. But I would rather not lose you and your brother in the process.” Standing, he walked over to the windows. “Where do you think your brother went?”

“I honestly have no idea. He might've ran to the nearest house, hoping for it to be either abandoned, or for it's occupants to show him some form of hospitality. I only hope the sun hasn't taken him already.”

Walking back over to his desk, Adam took a map from his desk, focusing on the area where the decrepit castle was located. The nearest house was occupied by a wealthy family. Checking the names, he sighed. “This really isn't good. If the story will make the news, should Donovan do what I know he will, I can't say. No matter what, I want you both to survive. Which is why it pains me to ask that you go to this estate, and try to find your brother.”

“And if I find only ashes? What will you do then?”

Adam snarled. “I will hunt down Donovan, and drain him to death, if I must. He deserves no more, both now, and if he chooses to end either of you. That bastard will be my first, and LAST mistake.”

“I am sorry I...betrayed your trust. I didn't intend for Donovan to do this, rather I expected that he had taken your lessons as we had.” Victor sighed.

“I cannot entirely blame you, or your brother. It is my failing, which you unfortunately fed into. But I will not feel guilt for the lives he has taken, and nor should you. Those are, and forever will be the burdens of his existence, and only he should take blame for it.” Adam walked over to Victor, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Now go, find your brother, and if possible, get yourselves back here, ali...well, you know.”

As Victor left the room, Adam sighed. “After I gave him everything. A name, a new life, a place in this world that isn't merely a pit of filth – he chooses to give up every word I said to him.”

“You should've expected that. But you can be forgiven for your lack of foresight – it is perhaps for the best that you lacked it.”

Turning around, Adam frowned. “What, do you mean?”

“There is always a reason for things. Always, a mistake can be the cause for a greater acquisition. It may require sacrifices, but perhaps, these you may grow to accept.”

“If I have to give up the two boys I've considered my sons for so long, what does that get me?”

The shadow smiled, the light shining off it's fangs. “You will soon see. To shed blood, to right what you considered your only failure in life. To teach them as you could not teach your first, a commendable act. But you see only the pieces as they sit. Not where they will move. Blind you are, to the pawn that you may raise to a king. You need only wait for the moment, that such an act is possible. Only then, this new piece, take the fight to your enemy.”

“Enough with these riddles, and vague allusions! Tell me, what do I have to lose?”

The shadow's eyes didn't change, nor it's smile. “Less than you will think, but for a time, you must believe you've lost what you wished to keep. Even with these words, you will still believe it. If only because you will be told, and you will believe the one who says it.”

With a sigh, Adam sat down. “Who are you?”

The shadow dissipated, leaving only a laugh in it's wake. “No more than a sign of what is to come. Soon enough, you will know who I am. For now, forget me.”


“So, what happened?”

Nymphet turned his head. With a slight smile, he laughed. “You mean why I am a Vampire, or why I came to be here?”

Marius nodded. “Pretty much both, but if you don't want to answer, I really don't want to force you.”

Shaking his head, Nymphet smiled. “No, I don't mind. Maybe there are others who could tell you more, but I can tell you things as I saw it. But the reason I am a Vampire? It is because my parents died early, and my brother did not wish for the demeaning treatment of an orphanage, no matter how we would be treated. So, we resorted to the only thing we could. It was an interesting game, at least for me. For my brother, it was more serious. Stealing was the only way to make money, and we did it like very few did. We were only caught once, and that was when we didn't need to worry about money any more, nor did we have to deal with finding a place to sleep at night.”

“Did you try stealing from a Vampire?”

With a smile, Nymphet only half-nodded. “Not exactly – there was no way to know he was one, after all. We simply thought to, though we only got as far as entering his house, what would be our first and last big hit, which we quickly understood to be a fool's errand. Another Vampire, who I now know to be a 'Prince' in Vampire society, chose to attack him that same night. “

Marius could do nothing but stare in awe of what was just said. Saying nothing, he simply waited to hear more. In truth, it didn't really seem all that real to him, but considering he was talking with a Vampire, it seemed all the more truthful, coming from lips that parted to reveal fanged teeth.

“The attack didn't harm us, although the Vampire did understand that more than corpses had entered his haven that night. Most of the attacking Vampires were killed, and the Vampire made an agreement with the Prince, which may be slightly uneasy, since the...advisers, or whatever they are, all seem to think it was foolish. Our clan isn't the...most trusted, you see.”

With a sigh, Nymphet continued. “Once the deal was made, the Vampire found us. I know my brother was willing to stand up to him, I didn't have any will to so. He gave his name as Adam, and rather than killing us, he wished to...listen to us. We told him of what had happened to us, while his charity afforded us new clothes, hot food and a place to sleep. It was only after my brother finished talking, that he made his offer.”

“Obviously, he didn't just ask your brother.”

“No, he didn't. He posed the question to us quite...casually, but he still gave it the weight it deserves. But he made it clear that, it was our choice. We could both choose this new life, deny it, or one may choose it, while the other denies it. I was...unsure, but I still chose it, as my brother, Victor, did.”

With a slight burp, Marius excused himself for it, then set his cup down. “Did your brother protest it at all, at least, for you?”

Nymphet shook his head. “No, he simply said to me, very similar words that Adam had already said, which were that I could choose what I wanted. I considered what Adam had said, and still chose exactly as Victor did.”

Stretching a bit, Marius sighed. “So then, what happened to get you here?”

“Another of my Sire's childer, Donovan, didn't take the lesson than Adam sought to teach him, as we did. It may sound odd to you, but if a Vampire doesn't retain some humanity, it does not end well. For some it may be to their benefit, but for most, it benefits no one – because they are willing to fully equate themselves with the monster they are.”

“Most of the details I don't know, but I do now understand how unchained Donovan is. After spending a few days in a stone-walled cell, in darkness...craving blood. It's a madness that does not compare to insanity, not even to a human starving. It is more akin to an animal, who upon realizing that it is hungry, every emotion is focused on feeding it. With Vampires, it is similar, but the problem is both that we may end up killing friends or allies in the process, if not simply take lives that we do not wish to, and that some other Vampire might take offense to what we've done – if only because it billows the veil of the Masquerade.” Nymphet sighed.

“Are you worried about...Donovan, or whoever you said was planning on coming here?”

Nymphet sighed. “I don't know if I could fight him and win. Every sense I have would tell me to leave here the moment it's possible, since I know I could escape. However, the problem is that, even with two Vampires on your side, both of them are likely younger than Donovan.”

“Could you do anything to...”

“I can't protect all of you, even with what I know. I could try saving you, if possible, but then, I can't say how things will turn out. I don't even know why he wants your family dead.”

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Chapter IV - Death By Water, Rebirth By Blood

Dismounting his horse, Donovan smiled. “I want the family. Sheridan, his wife, and the boy. Find them, and bring them to the entrance hall. There, I shall deal with them.

Watching as his men stormed the house, some of them jumping to windows, others flanking it. He chose the simpler option. Walking up the front doors, he grabbed the handles. With a strong pull, he broke them off, the entire lock coming with it. Pushing the now unlocked doors open, he smiled. Striding forward, he watched as a servant ran at him with an ax. He couldn't help but laugh.

Grabbing the young man by the neck, he took the ax in his own hand, snapping it in half. Breaking the kine's neck, he snarled as he tore into it, spilling blood on his lips and chin. The first of many, if things went as planned. Here and now, Adam wasn't here to stop him. He would not be stopped, since not only did Adam not know where he was, he was back in the city. Far from able to reach him in time to stop him.

Dropping the corpse to the floor, he looked around the house. Smiling at the décor, he guessed that the family must've been one of the rich European nobility that came to the states to not only grow their fortune, but to build a legacy that their own country could and would not provide. The styles came with them, even as it was infused by more, local tastes. Most of the statues were rather pleasing to his eyes, but a few, seemed to give reverence to things he simply could not stand. Worst of the lot, was the fountain in the center of the hall, which while currently empty, did not need the water to flow for his hatred to do the same. Similar to the fountain he had once seen in the Vatican, although much smaller, his ideas for it would either be to destroy it, or desecrate it, as it should be.

Looking at the paintings, he couldn't help but smile. It continued to interest him, how mortals kept to the idea that the construct of wood, paper, and paint would really matter, throughout the ages. Although obvious to him that paintings can be worth large amounts of currency, to him, that was all but worthless.

Turning around, he watched as his men brought Sheridan and his sire into the hall, along with his wife. Behind them, walked another of his kin, carrying Sheridan's son over his shoulder. With a frown, Donovan approached them.

“Tell me, Merro. The boy – is he still alive? Be aware that, if you say you killed him, I shall bring your end to you, the moment you speak.”

Merro laid the boy before Donovan. “No, sir. He struggled, which only resulted in him knocking himself out.”

“Very well. You can go.” Turning to Sheridan, he smiled. “You have many questions. However, I have to sorely disappoint you. Why? Well, very little of your questions, have answers that you will believe...satisfactory.”

“Then answer this, bastard. What do you want with me?” Sheridan snarled.

Donovan laughed. “ How precious. I suppose you want to know, as one might suspect. Then, I shall not keep you waiting.”

“Merro, embrace the other blue blood into our ranks. I shall deal with Sheridan myself.”

In shock, Sheridan struggled. “Embrace...him? What the hell are you talking about?”

With a sly smile, Donovan licked his fangs. “You shall soon see. The same fate awaits you, only I do not plan on letting you survive. Sometimes, even things that can be useful, must be discarded, since they can become dangerous in the future. You are one of those things. I will make you swallow the fires of hell, and then, bring you your final death.”

“Fuck you, bastard.”

With a sigh, Donovan nodded. “Fine then.”

Grabbing Sheridan by the neck, Donovan snarled. Without saying any more, he took a knife from his belt, while slowly walking over to the fountain. With a quick stab, he worked the blade into Sheridan's stomach, while sinking his fangs into Sheridan's neck. In moments, he removed his fangs, dropping Sheridan into the fountain. Watching as the unmoving body lay there, Donovan smiled.

“Bleed, and soon enough, you will join us.”


“Damn it. This isn't good. I...fuck.”

Watching this scene unfold, Nymphet could almost do nothing but sit there and watch, his nearly silent speech close to nothing but various profanities. He understood that Donovan was too concerned with his ritual to spot him, though something had to be done. What was certainly the question, and perhaps when. Although he cared nothing for Sheridan or Darius, the idea of Donovan walking away from the house, leaving a bloody scene behind, was unthinkable. In fact, it was likely that his plans were much worse – the corpses collected could be used in the beginnings of an organ pit. If that was even an accepted thing, he didn't know, but it was something Adam wished to avoid, even if he didn't have any reason to believe Donovan wished to make one.

Although he wanted to simply run away, to not have to watch this, he found that to be difficult. If he did run, then nothing would change, and Donovan would still be looking for him. If nothing else, in some way, that had to change. It was just how, that he didn't know.

“Nymphet? What is going on?”

Turning his head, he watched as Victor walked up to him, kneeling next to him. “Donovan being himself, as you might imagine. He's already making one apostate, and one of his men is making another elsewhere in the house.”

With a frown, he sighed. “So this home had Vampires as two of it's occupants? Are the rest ghouls, or...?”

Nymphet shook his head. “I can't say if many of them knew. As of last night, it's only the boy and his mother than really understood, unfortunately. I may have forced that issue, but not entirely by choice.”

“Do you have any idea what Donovan plans to do?”

“Save for the apostates, which he is either going to use like those he has already embraced, or perhaps he is simply going to kill them once done, I think he's going to do what Adam fears. An organ pit.”

The shock on Victor's face was rather dull. “As if that was ever a good idea. Still, I think it's best if we-”

The boy shook his head. “You don't get it, do you? If we leave now, he has just over a dozen corpses, if not more, at his disposal, once he kills them. Some of the servants and such have already been killed, while it seems he plans the same for the family's only son, and his mother. I don't know what, but we have to do something so the situation doesn't play out as Donovan wants.”

Victor sighed. “Adam wants us back in the city. The reason I'm here is to take you back. I don't want-”

“If I might ask, where are those balls you showed when we first met Adam? Then, you stared at him like he was no more than any of the officers that tried to chase us down. It didn't matter to you if he was human, a Vampire, or anything else – you stood up to him. And now, you'd rather run from Donovan, after you know he locked me up for days without blood?“

With a snarl, Victor balled up his hand, his fingers digging into the roof. “Damn it. Then what do you suggest we do? Kill him? Then we would have to deal with all his men, and while possible, it seems foolish.”

“I know what I'm going to do. You decide on what you will do, just do not stop me.”

“You'd better not be planning on-”

Nymphet snarled. “And what if I do? At this point, I can't go into the city to get Adam's permission, let alone that of the Prince. I could, but that would mean I might return to find nothing but corpses here, making the journey pointless. If you want to chicken out, fine. I won't be.”


Donovan laughed. “It doesn't hurt too much, does it? Although I suspect that most of your pain is mental, and your body is adjusting fine, isn't it? Still, all I see are cracks – you still believe this situation can turn in your favor, at least if your family survives. Well, let me douse your fire.”

Taking Sheridan's wife into his arms, Donovan inhaled. “A highly desirable body, continuously bathed in water, and various other things to keep it pretty.” He smiled. “Truly, she is a woman that almost any man would have desires for, and yet, there is still something wrong. Their desires are of flesh, of rather disgusting things that might just leave these jewels lacking the shine they should always possess. But what I seek, are not these carnal desires. But something deeper...”

Sheridan snarled. “DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!”

“That's it. Give in to the rage. But it will always be dull, until you can truly feel sorrow. As sorry to waste such a one, but my feelings on the matter shall be short lived.” Donovan smiled, snarling as he softly kissed Josephine's neck, once again inhaling her almost intoxicating smell. “We all have wants and needs. Pity this body isn't one of mine at the moment.” Laughing, he slowly sunk his fangs into her neck.

The idea that her blood was special, wouldn't be wrong. But the same could be said for many humans, who just had a taste that some Vampire will crave, and once found, a few precious moments turns into an eternity, ending either in what may be a tragedy, or perhaps something even worse, if the Vampire is feeling remorse. However, special as he might be, there would be no remorse, no tragedy, only another corpse for the pile.

Feeling her fall limp in his arms, he could feel Sheridan's anger. “Oh, please. As if you didn't consider doing the same thing at one point. If not, you surely have considered embracing her – although I suspect you had the thought, but you wished to rely on the hope that she would chose that fate for herself, rather than having to force it on her. Now, it doesn't matter.”


With a fanged smile, Donovan laughed. “Will you now? I'm tempted to let you try. Why? Because I want you to feel, in your last moments, not only the loss of your beloved wife, but the emptiness that goes along with facing final death – or knowing you will, because you act as a fool in front of another kindred, who you cannot hope to best.”

Dropping Josephine to the ground, he sighed. “Strip her and start the pit, alongside the rest of the bodies here. I just have to finish with Sheridan and...Marius.”

Watching as his men carried her away, he looked back at Sheridan. “The fury will not die, will it? Then, lets see just how it is that you childe.” Looking at the two Vampires that held Sheridan, Donovan smiled. “Let him go.”

The instant he was free, Sheridan ran for Donovan. Without moving, Donovan smiled. “Bring me your fury. Bring me your anger. Every word, every aspect, GIVE IT TO ME. I will show you just how pointless it all is. You are a mouse fighting a lion, and this is no parable, this is no fable. This is a dark world, and in it, the mice are food, and lions the predators that would eat them. In this instance, I am the lion, and you the foolish, yet brave mouse.”

Trying to grab Donovan's neck, Sheridan found his own roughly grabbed, and then he was slammed to the floor. Still laughing, Donovan stood over Sheridan, almost unmoving.

“Where you should be, is where you are. But there is another place, but exactly where that is, I do not know. But I will send you there, now, since I'm sure this is getting tedious.” Kneeling, he placed his hands in Sheridan's mouth. With a quick and violent tug, he pulled out Sheridan's fangs. With a laugh, he dropped them in the mouth the came from, using his hand to keep his mouth shut.

Standing, Donovan smiled. “Final death awaits. I have taken everything from you, save for your son. But I will deal with that in due time.“ Taking a knife from his belt, he moved fast enough to almost not be seen, stabbing the blade into Sheridan's heart. Swirling his hands, it caught fire, and he threw the flames at Sheridan, watching the stiff body catch fire.

“Fitting end, I think. Now.”

Walking over to chair where Merro had sat Marius down, Donovan sighed. “I will certainly admit, I have a certain, temptation, that I find difficult to ignore. It can be said that I do not lay claim to such feelings any more, but such feelings still lay a claim on me. Still, flesh is never my object of lust. You may understand, you may not – but it is irrelevant if you do.”

Raising his head, Marius coughed. “Get it over with, bastard.”

Tilting his head slightly, Donovan smiled. Reaching down, he softly touched his hand to Marius' crotch. “In both senses of the word, you have the balls to stand up to me - much like your father. So it is true.” Removing his hand, he softly touched Marius' chin. “Commendable. However, do you even realize what your fate will be, as it stands? Can you understand that this night may just be your last?”

With a sigh, Marius smiled. “Maybe.” He lowered his head, but kept his smile. “If you are planning on killing me, then what is it that you are waiting for? Drink my blood, if you so wish, and end it. Don't expect me to take the piss so easily.”

Laughing, Donovan walked away from Marius, moving to little more than an arm's length away. “I think you will find that I am conflicted. On one hand, my idea was solely that you would be a corpse to fill the pit, another brick on the wall, as it were. No one of consequence, not someone of worth. But it seems to be that you are more than that. I do wonder why, but I'm sure the answer will come to me soon enough. Maybe you just have more will to survive than the others, including your parents. Which is where I find that I do not know what I should do.”

With a small chuckle, Marius raised his head. “What, you planning on embracing me?” He laughed harder. “If you do, you should realize that you've done quite enough by now, to have me backstabbing you at some point. However, if you expect me to cry, then you will have to live with the disappointment that I will not. If only because I understand that, if you do embrace me, it will provide me with the power and ability to kill you in the future.”

“Enterprising, if nothing else. I'm sure kindred have made worse deals when embracing their childer, and they have earned their fate because of that. However, how much of a fool could I be, to have you speak with such conviction, and then play into your hands? On this point, I am not. But this means one thing – you have chosen your fate.” Donovan smiled. “Well, it was death either way, but this option means that death comes and stays.”

Looking into Marius' eyes, Donovan focused his stare. “You won't move, boy.”

Saying nothing, Marius only looked at Donovan. Tearing apart the bindings on the boy's wrists, Donovan picked him up, carrying him up the stairs, laying him out on an altar at the back of the room, behind the curved balcony railing. The altar seemed to be something the family might have used, before Sheridan was embraced.

Tearing the boy's shirt off, Donovan sighed. “As familiar as your shape might be to me, in some respects, it is abhorrent. That foolish boy doesn't understand at all what I sought to teach him, and his brother certainly wouldn't understand either. Sure, they've both accepted what they have become, but it is also true that they have yet to truly embrace their nature. How wasteful.”

Taking an elaborate dagger from inside his jacket, he smiled as he watched the light play off the blade, as he twirled it in his fingers. Inscribed in the blade was some form of writing that Marius couldn't recognize, and the hilt was polished obsidian, with what seemed like inlaid silver rings. The pommel was a silver cap, on which the shape of a five-pointed star was inscribed.

“In some ways, this is certainly a waste. But, It cannot be said that being wasteful is always wrong. At times, it is exactly what needs to be done. Sometimes, rather than consuming blood, it must be split, because there is a greater purpose in its waste, than the consumption. What is this reason? You have no reason to know, or understand.”

Taking the dagger by the hilt, he pointed the tip face down, over Marius' exposed stomach. “Stain the blood of an innocent upon this holy altar, consecrating this as the demesne of darkness, an unholy haven for those who may make darkness, their eternal thrall.”

Slowly lowering the blade, the tip only made a small cut, before the sound of the snarl echoed throughout the room. Turning around, Donovan looked for it's source. With a foul grin on his face, he dropped the dagger.

“Who is it?” He demanded.

“Funny how predictable you are. You might think you've won already, but not just yet. Time for me to show you why.”

Entering through the front door, Nymphet smiled as he walked through the hall, stopping only once he'd gone around the fountain. With a large jump, he landed on the balcony, casually leaning on the railing. “Surprised, bastard?”

“What do you plan on doing? Stopping me?” Donovan smiled. “I know it's just you. Your brother isn't likely to have the balls to fight me, no matter what other things he might do without any discontent on his part. However, if you think your presence means anything, then think again, boy.”

In an instant, Donovan scooped up the dagger, and once again held the tip to Marius' stomach. “Save him now, Nymphet.”

With a violent stab, Donovan thrust the blade downwards, forcing blood to pour from the wound, alongside more to start dribbling from Marius' mouth. The boy also made a number of painful grunts, for unknown reasons.

Nymphet snarled. “You poisoned the blade, didn't you?”

With a smile, Donovan nodded. “Nothing entirely lethal, but something to made sure he isn't going anywhere. The altar has been stained with his blood, but his body isn't required to stay there. You see, I don't intend on his wounds to kill him. Rather, I intend on the place he has called home to kill him – well, a piece of it, anyway.”

Picking up Marius once again, Donovan eyed the large window just behind the altar. With some degree of delight, he forcefully threw Marius' almost limp body out the window. The window shattered, but rather than just falling, Marius landed in the large lake behind the estate. Turning around, Donovan sighed. “Well, that's-”

With a snarl, Nymphet tensed his hands. His mouth curling into a fanged smile, his fingers extended into sharp claws, and his hands caught fire. Flexing them, he laughed a bit, before almost launching himself at Donovan, his arms outstretched. However, rather than actually hitting him, the claws only scratched his face, and briefly set his skin ablaze. Thinking this was a error on Nymphet's part, he turned around, watching as Nymphet too flew out the window, only he landed on his feet once he reached the grounds below. Instead of jumping back into the house, the boy ran for the lake.

Donovan laughed. “You will find nothing more than a corpse, boy! If you wish to save that for some fell purpose, be my guest!”


Diving into the water, Nymphet couldn't help but be glad he didn't have to breathe. It would only hinder him in this instance. The lake seemed larger than he expected, and while the water was certainly pleasant, it already seemed tainted. Blood could be seen in it, the amounts not being a good sign. He would have to work quickly, if something was to come of this.

Swimming to the lake-bed, found Marius at the bottom, actually looking rather peaceful - although not dead just yet. Placing his arms around Marius, he used his free hand to return to the surface. It didn't seem that long of a trip, as within a minute, they broke the surface, and Nymphet swam to the lakeside.

Pulling Marius out of the water, he laid him in the soft sand, then knelt. Biting into his wrist, he squeezed it over Marius open mouth. While it certainly seemed to help, it wasn't truly what needed to be done. As he seemed to stir, Nymphet planted a soft kiss on Marius' cheek.

“Tell me, do you want to live, and more importantly, do you want to make Donovan pay for what he has done?”

Opening his eyes only slightly, Marius heard what was said. The words seemed to cut through everything, the pain, the emotions. But in a few seconds, he understood them. Speaking with conviction in his still weak voice, he smiled.

“Do it. I want to make him pay.”

With a rather worried smile, Nymphet sighed. “I hope I remember how to do this correctly.”

“Is it even possible to do it-” He shivered, although didn't move much more than that.”-wrong?”

“Seems the poison isn't wearing off just yet, and my blood isn't fixing that. It shouldn't take too much longer though. But no, I don't think I can really do it wrong. Save for killing you, which I really don't want to do. Now...just don't take this the wrong way.”

Placing his head near Marius' neck, he softly kissed it, then bit into his flesh with his fangs. There wasn't much to take, and perhaps the bite was pointless. If it was even required, he didn't know, but the effort was more to make sure.

Removing his fangs, he once again bit into his own wrist. This time, he placed the new wound over Marius' open mouth. Digging his teeth into Nymphet's flesh, the muscles in his mouth eagerly drew blood from his wrist, even as he found the taste currently disgusting. Still, as he consumed it, it became more and more like the samples of wine that his father had allowed him, even if it was only in small amounts.

Taking his wrist away, Nymphet sighed. “That should be enough...hopefully I have enough to sustain myself. But I hate to tell you, this is where you aren't going to like this.”

It seems he was right. Marius' spine arched, his muscles flexed, and his entire body felt like it was lit on fire, even as it barely moved. It seemed the poison had worn off, since his movements became suddenly violent. Once he was able to move, he didn't want to. Perhaps he should've expected it, but he felt cold, but not freezing. The usual flow of blood in his body seemed to stop, and the constant motion of his breathing seemed, unneeded, even as it still seemed possible. Looking at his hands, his skin seemed to drain to a deathly pallor, and with a swipe of his tongue across his teeth, it was met with two obstructions.

Standing, he briefly contemplated his lack of a shirt, but it seemed so useless. Looking up at the sky, a full moon greeted him, and the sounds seemed more inviting than ever. Kneeling, he used the water to get the dirt of his torso, and off his pants. With this, he sighed.

“So-” He looked around, only to see Nymphet with a look of anger on his face.”-What's wrong with you?”

He said nothing, but turned to stare at the lake. In a quick movement, he ran the small distance to it, and dove into the water. The ripples didn't last long, and even after waiting a few moments, Marius didn't see any sign of him.

Although he certainly wondered what that was about, the sound of a fire startled him, for what seemed like several reasons. Facing the direction of the house, his face bled into a look of shock as he watched it set ablaze. Half of him wished to contest this, to save his home. The other, really didn't care.

“Maybe I should leave. What is left for me here?”

With a sigh, he turned to walk away. As he did this, he was grabbed from behind so fast it seemed impossible. Trying to struggle out of the grip, that too seemed impossible. He couldn't tell much about the person that had grabbed him, although it was certainly obvious that it was a Vampire.

“You' I suspect he did exactly like he said. However, we have to talk, you and I.”

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Chapter V – Paradise Consumed By Flames

Sitting up, Marius almost felt like yawning, or even stretching. But in trying to do so, he instantly had the thought that consisted of 'Why?'. With this, he realized that it wasn't needed, and in addition, breathing was the same. Looking around, he briefly jumped as he noticed a pile of bones next to him, although in seconds he merely blinked. “I don't even want to ask why that is there.”

“Finally awake? I'd imagine that you might be wanting something right now. If not, then in seconds I'm sure you will – once you realize the need.”

Looking around, Marius realized that he sat in what looked like tomb, and like him, another Kindred was sitting on another, a very short distance away. The room wasn't very big, just having enough space for the tombs, alongside space to move between them comfortably.

“Who are you?” He really didn't want to be offensive, and if the question was, or the tone, he could not yet tell.

“Victor. You might know my brother, Nymphet. Don't ask about his name, I don't get it either.”

Marius smiled. “Yeah, I didn't ask him about it. So...why did you bring me here?”

With a sigh, Victor hung his head. “Just to talk, really. It could've been anywhere, but my options were limited. Given that when I grabbed you it was only an hour until sunlight, and you'll find that a problem for us. Oh, you might want this.” He took a bottle from his jacket, offering it to Marius.

Taking the bottle in his hands, he held it gingerly.””

Victor nodded. “Yes. Human Blood. That is now your juice, your milk, your wine, and your drugs. You will want it, and if you chose to deny yourself...well, you may understand that soon enough. For now, drink up.”

Without saying a word, Marius pulled the stopper off the bottle, the smell wafting into his nose being unlike anything, but far more enticing than anything else. Tipping it to his lips, he poured some of down his throat. As he did, his lips curled into a smile, and the ever present fire in his veins seemed to subside slightly. The taste wasn't disgusting, although it was hard to say what it tasted like.

“Who is this...from?”

With a smile, he stretched a bit. “Don't worry, it wasn't stolen. The person isn't dead, either. You might meet her at some point. Anyway...what happened to Nymphet?”

Giving a shrug, Marius' set the bottle down on the tomb lid. “I don't know. After he...embraced me, I guess, he jumped in the lake, and I didn't see him surface.”

Victor sighed. “Then it could be several thousand things that could've happened to him, and...well, lets just say I really don't want to think about what I believe must've happened.”

Marius stretched a bit. “Eh, what do you mean?”

“Dammit. Fine, I'll tell you – if only because you'll have to understand this at some point – preferably as soon as possible.” Taking a silver pocket-watch from his coat, he smiled. Showing the time to Marius, he stared at it.

“10 in the morning...why is that a problem?”

With a snort, Victor kept his smile. “Sunlight. Being caught in that isn't a good thing, since it's either going to kill you, or cause a scene. That would mainly be the reason we cannot leave here – at least not until nightfall.”

“Not too surprising. Mostly since my father never left the house during the day after his embrace.”

While looking somewhat surprised, Victor shrugged. “I see.” Replacing the watch back in his pocket, he briefly placed his hand on his chin. Leaning against the wall, he closed his eyes.

“Um...about Nymphet...”

Without opening his eyes, he smiled. “Hopefully you aren't about to ask me what I think you might...”

Marius shook his head. “No, I just wanted to ask...I heard some of the story from him, but...what were things like for you?”

With a laugh, Victor opened his eyes. “He must've told you how we met Adam, and were embraced. Eh...fine. I guess I will try to keep it to what you don't know. Forgive me if I mention something he already told you.”

Placing his hand on his necklace, he sighed. “I'm sure you have no idea what it is like, to have to fight for your existence. Not with physical contact, but having to fight morals, laws, and other things that can sometimes be in the way of a human's existence. It doesn't help when you get left pretty much alone, and the world leaves you with two options as perfectly reasonable, and a third, which it nearly always labels as forbidden.”

“I'm sure that you know already that our parents died. The day after our birthday, in fact. It wasn't at all the case where people really cared. After all, at times, they never do. If only because giving that kind of effort, just isn't what they will or can do. So, the only options for us, would either be to expire and die, or be sent to one of those bloody orphanages. Neither of them were what I could accept.”

“So you resorted to...stealing what you needed.”

“Exactly. What else was there? The orphanage would likely treat us as a burden no matter what, and beyond that, the idea of being taken in by parents who were any less than our own, was something else that I couldn't accept. I wouldn't put myself to it, nor would I put my brother to it either. The stories I'd heard were enough, true or not.”

“This necklace was the first thing I stole. From from someone specifically, since it was my mother's to begin with. I don't know how it was taken from her, but I didn't care.” Victor smiled. “I will say though, that even if we stole things, we didn't kill anyone – no reason to. Although, in a few cases, we came damn close. Not my brother, but me. Funny how haughty people act when they think they have control of the situation. Also, with many people with plenty, they tend to want to hold on to the smallest piece. It's not the best idea, but so what if a vendor selling apples has a few go missing? Of course, that's if they catch you. Not that we were trained to do these things, but we were never caught.”

“I know what Nymphet said about it, but why did you chose Adam's house to...steal from, I guess?”

“In some respects, I thought myself truly a fool for even thinking it. Even if getting caught meant that we might lose everything, the prospect of being able to...perhaps live a bit comfortably for a while, was too good to pass up. Although, as you already know, this didn't go as planned. Mostly because we really didn't have one, and we could not know what else planned on visiting Adam that night.”

Stretching a bit, although it seemed pointless, Marius sighed. “I just hope you two weren't embraced like I was. Bloody window.” Although the cuts and such were gone, it was almost like he could still feel the glass stuck in his flesh.

Victor shrugged. “Don't know exactly what you mean, but no, it wasn't a forced affair. After Adam found us, and the Vampires that attacked the mansion were either dealt with, or bereft of their reason to keep fighting, Adam seemed to know exactly where we were hiding. I now know why, but what mattered more at that point, was simply that he wished to listen to us. I was expecting him to either call for the police, or kill us right there.”

Marius blinked. “Yeah, I think Nym mentioned that. Also something about...a meal?”

Victor's mouth stretched into a smile, and he laughed. “Yes. It was the last thing I was expecting, even if he said he would listen to us. Here we were, two boys that were effectively poor, dining in a hall that might as well have hosted kings, and on food that might've been too rich for our blood. Adam even said that we could stay in the house, each of us having our own rooms, or staying together, if we so wished. As hungry as I was, while I tore into the food, I couldn't help but think that he had other ideas. Obviously not, as it turns out.”

“It wasn't what I expected from him, as with him giving us food and clothing, but he seemed I know how it sounds, but he did. I don't exactly get it, but it's something about his failure to produce children as a mortal, or so his brief mention went. He never told us anything about his wife, or much else relating to his human life. This aside, he didn't just offer the embrace to us lightly. He did make the offer that night, but he gave us both time to decide, and told us everything he knew about it.”

Marius didn't want to say it, but in thinking he didn't, he said it anyway. “On with it then. I know what you both chose, and why, but how long did he give you?”

“About a month.” Victor smiled. “Of course, it isn't that simple. We both had cuts and scrapes, along with various other things that would remain, or simply cause issues, if left during the embrace. After being thoroughly examined by doctors, which I'd imagine Adam paid off to keep their mouths shut, if they knew anything, he fed us his blood.”

He couldn't help but have a dull surprise. “Sound about right – uh, although that does what, exactly?”

“It is similar to the embrace, only no new Vampire is made. Drinking the blood of a Vampire stops one of aging, alongside allowing some extra physical ability. It also heals wounds, if any are present. I don't know how deep it goes, though I don't think we had any illnesses then.”

“You can mean it heals...everything? There has to be some drawback.”

Victor shrugged. “I don't know, like I said. The only real problem that drinking the blood of a Vampire causes, is one of attachment. Drink their blood enough times, and suddenly your world revolves around them. Although, this was never a problem for us, given how soon after we were both embraced.”

Marius nodded, hoping that showed his understanding. “Anyway, do you know what happened to...the estate?”

Victor snorted. “Last I saw it, it was soon to be a pile of rubble. Sorry, I know how cold it sounds, but I doubt anything humans could do, would've saved the place. At this point, all it might be meant for would be up to history to decide. That is, unless the place has underground sections, which perhaps Donovan might end up using. I can't say. I'd explain what he might be doing, but even I don't want to feel sick at the moment.”

Standing, Victor sighed. “But I have a problem, unlike you. Perhaps Adam would kill me, but he isn't going to get a chance.”

“What do you mean?”

Walking over to the closed stone door, Victor turned, smiling. “Why did I tell you I accepted Adam's offer? His hospitality, his food, his warm beds....and finally, his blood?” He closed his eyes, slamming his fist into the stone wall – which gave and spilled both fine dust and rocks to the floor, leaving a hole a little bigger than his fist. “It was all for him. Without that, why should I endure in this existence? Don't mistake me, the blood, the rage, the fact that I am dead – I don't care about that. But I accepted that because my other options, I could not live or die with. But now, without that, there is no point.”

Realizing what Victor was going to do, Marius sighed. “So you just walk out into a blaze of glory...because you think your brother suffered the same fate? For all you know, he could be in the same situation as us, since I didn't take him for a fool.”

“Damn it.” Victor laughed. “You know, as much sense as you make, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW?” His voice went deep, and his lips pulled over his teeth as he nearly growled his words. “Embraced only hours ago, and you think you know exactly what it takes to talk me down. Well, fuck you, because I am done. Who knows, I might die, I might not. But you aren't going to influence me.”

Marius didn't say a thing. With a sigh, he shrugged.

“I'll just leave you with this. Keep that bottle, and whenever you get to New York, find the Black Spire, light by the flames of darkness. Don't ask, most can't see it.”

Pulling the doors open without much effort, Victor seemed to smile as he walked out. He seemed to close them within seconds, the soft sound of his quick words were barely audible.

Back to burn me, sunshine? I have embraced the flames before, why do you think this will be any different?

“Perfect. He deals with one single loss, and he's ready to face the dawn. Fine, but that road isn't for me.”

Leaning back, he sighed. The hours seemed to pass, or so the watch seemed to suggest. Laying it down, he truly had no idea what he should do. Even when nightfall came, the options seemed so limited. His knowledge of what he could do, what he had to do, seemed the same. It felt just like before, where it was his parents rules that limited him, but now it was different. The rules seemed to be tossed out, in favor of ones that weren't so obvious, and were not going to be listed out for him.

Standing, he froze as he heard the stone door open once again. Expecting Victor to walk in, he felt himself lose control as he was knocked to the floor, seemingly by nothing. Hearing a snarl, a voice laughed at him. Hearing nothing but a swishing sound, and the feeling of something penetrating his chest, everything went black.

Into the darkness of sleep, little demon.

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Chapter VI – Whispers from the Black Widow

"Dreams never die. One can always chose to dream again, to make what they wish be true. What you seek now is not to dream, however. You seek truth, an end to the nightmare this has become."

“Is this some sort of sick punishment? Why is it, that I must continually suffer for what I, as a human, chose not to produce? Is it that you believe that, to embrace for what I wanted, is wrong?”

With a sigh, Adam set his glass down on the desk. Everything seemed to be conspiring against him, even if he knew that it was only a select few. But to think that things were being sunk so low, that even if he still had his wealth, his power, all that seemed pointless. He had exerted the effort, given kindness to those who everyone else had given up on, and would not care about. But as it seems, this was not enough.

At this point, even if he was ready to start regretting what he chose so long ago, it was impossible, and pointless. Such an endeavor would get him nothing. He knew what it seemed like, but even then, it wasn't as if he was going to start verbally whining about it. Not because no one would listen, but because he couldn't bring himself to do it. In fact, most of those around him didn't know, even if in some respects they could tell.

He remembered his conversation with Donovan, which was three months after he's sent Victor after his brother. His childe had returned with what Adam considered disgusting news, since what stood before him was now what he had seen in many others, and not what he wanted to see.

“You still hold to that human heart, don't you? You weep blood for what you've lost, and yet, you haven't made a single move to kill me. That proves just how weak you are, my Sire.”

Adam snarled. “You expect me to just kill you? To just waste your ashes upon this floor, and be done with it? No, you deserve a punishment far worse than final death.”

Donovan nearly keeled over with a laughter. “Then WHAT are you waiting for? Give me this judgment, if you so believe that I should receive it.” He snorted. “But I know you won't. Whatever it may be, you are nothing more than a King without the balls to exert your authority – never-mind that you are a plaything of the Prince. Yes, by your actions, or rather lack thereof, you are a wizened old man, who is tired to the point where the idea of ruling a nation is too tiresome. This, I want no part of.”

Adam sighed. “So what is it that you truly wish, then? To destroy the Camarilla? To turn this city into another Sodom, only to have it destroyed by the Ventrue, or worse, the wrath of God?”

“I see you are a fool.” Donovan shrugged. “No, this isn't about the Camarilla at all. You involve them as much as you wish, I don't care. All I plan to do is to make sure that I do not get molded into your shape. I don't want a Kingdom, I only want to distance myself from your shadow.”

“And yet, you still stand within it, at this moment. Why exactly did you return?”

Donovan smiled. “You have lost your precious Childer, the two boys who you valued above me, from the moment you laid eyes on them. In your eyes, the correction of an error made in your human life. But to me, they were nothing more than a pair of pests, doing nothing but being in the way. I tried to make them understand, but they took your lessons as I would not. Thus, I moved them out of my way.”


“Oh, it wasn't entirely my fault. Nymphet caused both his demise, and that of his brother. While I don't know all the details, I don't care either. Once he jumped out the window, I didn't stand there to watch what happened. Of course, I did have one of my men present me with a necklace he found in a pile of ashes, not far from the tomb. Victor, perhaps – or what is left of him. Here, perhaps this will give you some closure, or not.” He dropped the necklace on the desk.

“At one point, I dreamed a dream. Once I was able, I made this dream reality. But now, this dream is gone from me, stolen by the first – now a nightmare which I, only here and now, wish I never had.”

“Sir? You have someone downstairs that wishes to see you.”

A bit startled, Adam looked at Andre with a curious grin. “I wasn't expecting anyone. Who is it?”

“While I understand this, she was...not going to take no for an answer. From what I can tell, she is a Malkavian.”

Adam sighed. “If she is who I think, then I would be a fool to turn her away. Send her up.”

He had heard the stories, certainly. They suggested many things, including her being embraced some time ago, although much of those details were not well known. While it seemed that she abides the rules of the Camarilla, she would not count herself a part of it. Almost no one could claim to know her reasons for anything, especially the reason she came to the states, or how. It is known that she traveled in the Southern states during the Civil war, and during this time, she would slaughter Confederate troops if she came across their camps. How many times this happened is known to no one, save for those who are already dead.

More recently, he had heard that she arrived in the city with a new Childe, which many took offense to – if only because she had embraced a teenage boy. Once again, no one knew her reasons, and few wanted to really find out. Actually, the gossip went that the Tremere Primogen was all too willing to see her dead, even if the Prince was loathe to act against her, given that she hasn't acted against the Camarilla in the city.

His own ideas on her actions were simple. He could not scorn them, either because he has done similar things himself, or simply because he didn't see any problem with her, or what she has done. Even if he might be older than her, to him, that was a trifle, since he could and likely would have no idea as to what she might do to him, if she became angry.

“You only possess half, if not less, of the proper information. Most of it, you do not need to know. But I don't care how much you know of me, since my reason for being here, is rather simple.”

Looking up, he couldn't help but stick to his chair, as even the sight of her, while not frightening to the point where he would consider running away, her striking appearance wasn't subtle at all. Her skin would match up with a fresh snowfall, but her darkened lips, nails, and the shadows around her eyes would stick out. The short hair on her head matched this, which looked well cared for, each strand being completely white and straight, save for the slight curve of her still short bangs.

Her clothing, was a complete contrast. The dress she wore, if it could be called that, was more akin to a heavy-looking military jacket, made to weather the cold – but her's seemed thinner. He didn't know if it was lined, but it was snug to her body, yet seemed still loose enough that it wasn't going to rip if she moved to much. The dress had a high collar, and just below that, a 'v' shaped cut-out that displayed her breasts, but a black cloth, not at all like something he'd seen before, covered them.

She seemed to be wearing some kind of high leather boots, looking rather military as far as he could tell, but not having the intent of changing her walk. Her hands were covered by simple leather gloves, which she quickly removed, stuffing them into a pocket.

The only other detail he noticed, was the spider necklace she wore, the belt around her waist, the clasp looking like a spider also. Now some of the names had made sense. Pity he didn't buy into most of them, but the most obvious, was yet to be seen.

“Perhaps not. But I wouldn't seek to believe lies, if they indeed are. As most do, I seek truth, if only because lies can only get one so far.” He sipped from his glass, but almost dropped it, and spilled the blood from his mouth, as he watched a boy enter the room, his looks suggesting many things. Even if he knew, the sight of the boy was equally as...moving, as the sight of his sire. His clothing wasn't as extravagant, but it still wasn't what most would expect or want him to wear. It looked like a school boy's uniform at some high class school, but it seemed darker. Much like his own tastes, but with a little less color – save for his tie, which was a velvety shade of purple. The boy wore a long jacket, which was similar to Helena's dress, and he wore a pair of black leather boots, pretty much the sort worn when riding a horse. Instead of pants, the boy had on a pair of black shorts. His shirt matched his pants, though it seemed he wasn't so fond of wearing it.

“Mum, what are we here for?”

She smiled at the boy as he took a seat on the leather sofa. “Truth, as always, Alex. But in this case, it is ours to give.” She turned back to Adam. “You believe in a lie already, one which has...little to do with me. Also, you seem to have given in, and the idea of killing the bastard that is your childe, seems...beyond your reach. Why?”

Adam sighed. “You think...dammit. What lie to you think I believe?”

“In life, you did not seek children. In death, you realized that has become impossible. However, upon finding out your nature, you also came upon two that could be what you thought, impossible.” She laughed. “And now, you believe those dreams, lost.”

“Of course. What else should I believe?”

Helena snorted. “You should dream once again. But you need not shed blood to do so, nor do you have to stumble upon a soul to take. Rather, you need to wait.”

“For what? All you seem to suggest, is that I, for the moment, do nothing.”

She sat in the other chair opposite Adam, and close to Alex, smiling. “We all have time. But you must use yours to wait. What I will tell you, which may or may not satisfy you, is that all is not as people believe. It almost never is, mostly because people tend to believe the easy, and not the complex.” She licked her fangs. “Many Tremere do not believe me, when I tell them I was embraced because of the Order of Hermes remnants, or rather because one of the last houses the Order held, was attacked by the Tremere. I, left for dead by the Blood Mages, ended up the childe of a Malkavian.”

“You are suggesting that I do not believe you? It certainly is a compelling story, be it a lie, or not.”

She laughed. “What about you? I'm sure you would say that you are unsure as to your Sire's identity, but perhaps what you think, is true.”

Setting his glass down, Adam sighed. “Funny you don't know this. But if you said everything, this wouldn't be much of a conversation, would it?” He smiled. “I left my life behind. My wife was killed, and I had very little to do. I had money, but nothing was of interest to me. I had the will to live, but no life to keep, since I saw little point.”

Helena shrugged. “You had everything really – but the will to end it yourself. You didn't want to die, you wanted something else – and you found it. Embraced into the arms, not only of death, but into the arms of hell itself. You've felt the calls, haven't you? But then, you aren't one to fight like that.” She looked around. “You didn't fight for this, you lied, cheated, stole, and killed through others to get it. Pity you are not a Ventrue.”

Adam frowned. “That is exactly what I am. I do not want to be one of those inhuman monsters who simply do not care. If I have killed, there was purpose behind it – far more than just physical gain.”

“Oh, really? Well, far be it from me to judge you. Purpose or not, we are rather alike. In life, we both lost an ability, a chance to be part of a legacy. But in death, we did just that. Your dream isn't over. Funny, isn't it? At times, to dream, we must wake up.”

“Wake up, and do...what, exactly?”

Helena smiled. “Listen. You shall not kill Donovan, if only because you, still, even after he has done everything you wished he would still see him as your childe. A difference, to seeing someone as ones' flesh and blood child, but the idea of killing him, for you to do it, is impossible. However, you still understand that he must be dealt with.”

She stood. “While it is true that I came only to give you truth, there is something you can tell me. In exchange for a bit more I can tell you.”

He sighed. “Fine then. What do you want to know?”

“In a moment. As always, in the years to come, the world will change. A war, which the world is far more involved with than ever before. It will pass before your goals are reached, when the flow of spirits becomes criminal, even if it shall do so anyway.”

Adam sighed, rubbing his eyes. “Like hell if I even know what that means.” He snorted. “Fuck it. I'm sure, like you say, time will tell me. But as for what you want to know...”

She nodded. “I want to know where the Tremere Chantry is, in this city. More importantly, about the Tremere Primogen.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Eh? I doubt you are planning on just talking, but fine.”

As she moved to leave, Alex got up as well. Adam stood from his chair, calling to her. “Just what is it that you plan to do?”

She looked back at him, a fire in her eyes. “The one who wears the crown of blood, shall be deposed from his regency.”

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Chapter VII – Blood On The Tongue

With the touch of the sanguine spirit on the tongue, the Vampire awakens – hungry. But do not pity the fool who wanders around their tomb. For the Vampire will have no reason to do so.

“Come on, it's a simple thing. We take a few photos, and then it is done. Don't worry, we will not spread these around. It's just to prove you did it.”

The girl sighed. “You really think that this is a good idea? You want me to go with you into that crypt, and climb into one of the tombs with a pile of bones...naked?”

“Good idea? Good for a laugh, maybe, but I just cannot see what you do, in these things. Honestly, this is just disgusting, Jasper.”

Jasper rolled his eyes. “If you thought it so disgusting, why are you even here?”

With a annoyed groan, the girl shrugged. “As if you don't know. You made us think this was going to be something...worthwhile, and not something this disgusting.”

“As if your little...'hobbies' are any better, Susan. You would rather be on your back right now?” Jasper laughed.

She sighed again. “Fine. Just...ah hell. Why should I worry about my parents finding out?”

“You just have me to worry about, and you are lucky I don't care as much as father would.”

Susan snorted. “Really, Christopher? Like I can really think you aren't just here to admire the view.”

Jasper looked at his watch. “Can we really just get started? I'd rather we didn't spend all night out here arguing about this.”

Once everything was set up, Jasper sighed. “Now just to open this damned thing. Hey, give me a hand Chris.”

They both pushed the lid of the tomb, until it fell of the other side. The side they pushed the lid from seemed to crumble a little, which Jasper thought worked, since he could get better angles. Once it was open, Susan approached it, finding the looks on the faces of her companions rather odd. Looking herself, she had the feeling like she was going to vomit, and of shock. The reason for this? The corpse was male, and wearing nothing.

“Is it supposed to look like that?” Chris asked, not expecting an answer.

Shaking his head, Jasper tried to calm himself down. “Um...well, it's probably more recent, and that is why it looks so...fresh. The skin hasn't had time to decay yet, so it just shrivels closer to the bones. As for why it is naked...I do not know. Might have to...edit that...somehow.”

Susan closed her eyes and groaned. “You want climb in there...with THAT?!?!”

He had to admit, it would be a feat for anyone to do it. Never mind the various reasons that most simply would not, even he himself would not want to. Still, he really didn't have much of a choice. Although it could be something else, his project wasn't really meant to be something usual, even if the professor would not have a problem with something far more simple. But that wasn't his style.

It was possible that something like this would mean expulsion, but it was something of a risk he felt needed to be taken. Many other artists who chosen to explore the macabre side of humanity were applauded for it, their work shown in galleries and such. Why would his be any different? Did it really matter that his idea was to have things far more realistic?

“Like I said, just a few photos, likely not more than a few minutes. Just...climb in. I'll try not to take too long.”

She glared at him, as she stripped her clothes off, handing them to Chris. Walking over to the tomb, she quickly climbed inside, moving to pose herself next to the dried up corpse. “Hmm...what is this bottle doing here?” Taking an odd glass bottle from the other side of the corpse, she handed it to Jasper.

“Hmm...looks old, and...hey, that might be real gold.” He felt disgusted at himself for rhyming like that.

Chris looked at it. “Those look like some really odd stains. Like a rust color. Almost like you get with very old dried blood.”

Jasper shook his head. “Stop being creepy.” Looking at Susan, he placed himself behind his camera. “Ready?”

She nodded, then moved a little, seemingly cutting the side of her wrist, just missing the bottom. Taking a look at it, she sighed, then placed her arm back where it was, brushing against the corpse's mouth. “Dammit.”

“Okay, stay there.” Looking through the camera, Jasper took the first few shots, moving the camera around to get a variety of angles. When setting up for the last shot, he noticed the corpse looked different. “What the hell??”

Susan looked a bit puzzled. “What is wrong? Just hurry up and take the last shot.”

Jasper backed up, Chris doing the same. They both looked at Susan in horror, while she barely thought anything was wrong. At least, until she felt her shoulder being grabbed.

“WHAT THE FUCK” She looked toward Jasper, realizing that he and Chris weren't in on this joke. Although she wanted to move, she couldn't.

Feeling herself being almost sensually rubbed, the fleshy, yet bony hand moving over her breasts, she couldn't help but feel disgusted. Even more so when the 'corpse' looked her in the eye, it's body moving over her naked form. “Consider me dreadfully sorry, but I feel a thirst that you cannot possibly imagine. My only fortune, is that I shall feed upon such a beautiful woman. My misfortune, is that I will be killing all three of you.”

The corpse grabbed her by the neck, sinking it's fangs into her supple flesh. Drawing the blood from her body, the two men could do nothing but watch this happen, even if they both wanted to do something to stop it.

Standing, the corpse snarled. It's flesh seemed to fill out, and some color returned to it's skin, though it was still dreadfully pale. “You have no idea what it is like to sleep for so bloody long. Pity for you both , it isn't something you will ever experience.”


“While I will not begin to speculate on what it is you were doing here, it is certainly unfortunate for you. Still, while I can offer a degree of thanks, you must understand that it means...very little. ”

“What the hell are you?”

“What?” The corpse smiled. “The most I will offer you is a name. I am Marius, and as for what I am, you are not as well versed in the arts, or even in history, to understand. Still, I won't be saying it. However, I do have one question.”

Jasper said nothing, wishing he had the courage to run. Still, he had no intention of being the one to run from the monster, even if it meant his death.

“I could ask somewhere else, or perhaps I would come across it soon enough. But I would ask of you, what year it is. Tell me, and I will make it quick – although I planned to do so anyway.”

“You...want to know the...year? It is...1925.”

Marius frowned. “Much less than I was expecting. I would offer thanks, but it would be in poor taste for me to do so.”

Once he dealt with the last, with some care not to stain Jasper's clothing, Marius stripped him. Although it certainly was true that as things currently were, he didn't mind walking around as is. Of course, it seemed rather daft to think that he could do just that if he entered a populated area, as it was likely that someone would find a problem, even if it wasn't something obvious.

It was to his luck that most of the clothes fit, although he didn't bother putting on the shirt. The jacket, pants, and the boots seemed to be enough, as though the weather seemed quite cold, he wasn't freezing. No, his only worry was how long it would take to find some sort of shelter before dawn. Taking a look at Jasper's watch, he noted that there was still a few hours before then, which just left where he could go.

This troubled him, since even if he knew that the city was only an hour or two away, he didn't know if that was enough time. Most of the options that he would've considered before, seemed rather foolish. Of course, he could just take of running, and see where that got him. Stupid as it sounds, it just might work.

Remembering what Victor said as he stepped out of the tomb, he stuck his hand into one of his pockets. Blinking, he pulled a piece of black paper from it, which seemed to be some sort of advertisement. It had the name “KABALT” written in an unusual script, which baffled him. What exactly it was for, he couldn't figure, but perhaps it would provide some sort of satisfaction for him. What sort, was the question.

“Why not.”


“It certainly is an odd suggestion. But I do not see why you are so worried.”

Castillo sighed. “I do not know why I even bother. We both know why you were embraced. It seems a trend in this city. Kindred embrace only to have their childer replace them. After all, we both understand that you are to take your place as Primogen very soon. No more tending to this-”

Hikari sighed. “Do you not understand that even the Prince has given his confidence in this matter? For more than the last two decades, you have constantly voiced your worries to me, and whoever else will listen. Is it not clear to you, that he will cause no problems?”

“And that is why you have been given the honor of being his...what is the name of the job again? No matter what it is, I do wonder why you care so much.”

She set her glass down. “I care, because it seemed he said the one thing that gave me more confidence than anything my sire ever said. It certainly is my luck that I was able to escape the fire, and with my Sire's death, I take his place.”

“Which is curious, since some believe you manipulated those events, you cold bit-”

Hikari snarled. “Silence. If I had chosen to make such a thing happen, I would not have chosen to be mere feet away from that fire. The Prince understands my role in those events, and about them, I have spoken no lies since. After all, we both know the reason for that fire, and the last thing we are going to do, is discuss them here.”

Picking up her glass once again, she sipped a bit, looking around the club. It was the usual atmosphere, which she had come to enjoy. Turning her eyes to the stage, she looked at the new dancer with some curiosity. Jackal had insisted that the girl be allowed to perform, even if some of the staff believed it to be unacceptable. Most of them now had a reason to fear the boy, if they did not before. In talking with him, he seemed protective of her, for reasons she did not yet understand. She did ask if he meant to embrace her, and the only thing he said, was that 'the event will be forced, but not by me'.

Castillo drained his glass, and as he went to set it down on he bar, he caught an unusual scent in the air. It almost seemed like Tremere, but something was slightly off. Turning around toward the door, he noticed a person entering, who was vastly different from the rest. He couldn't pin it down, but he was sure that something wasn't entirely right.

“What do you make of that, Hikari?”

Turning around, she briefly gasped in surprise, and then smiled. “I believe Jackal, is once again correct.” She stood, walking towards the Kindred that Castillo was referring to.

“And she just walks off. Bloody Primogen, and she walks right towards what might be trouble.” He turned back around. “Must be the reason that Luna has yet to become Prince. She is too outgoing for the position.”

Hikari approached the Kindred, who seems to be a little like a lost puppy, but then, there was much about him that she could tell, even if some of it was inferred. His hair was slightly disheveled, although it wasn't at all a detriment to his appearance, his skin had the look of being shriveled from torpor, although she could tell it was some time ago that he awakened, and his clothes were matching, although he lacked a shirt of any sort.

“Um, you are?”

Surprised slightly by the forwardness, she smiled. “I am Hikari, Primogen...or rather soon to be such for the Ventrue clan. Might I ask your name?”

“Marius.” He stumbled a bit with his words, though it was nothing major. He did wonder if his jaw wasn't fully restored yet. “I am a Ba-”

Hikari's eyes went moon-sized, and she stopped him. “Perhaps we should get a private table, and talk. Talking too much here may have the wrong sort learning what they should not.”

Once she arranged for the table, she sat down with Marius, and a ghoul provided them with refreshments. Marius seemed rather happy about this, as he nearly drained the glass moments after the young woman set it down.

“So, you say you are a Baali, then? That might cause problems for you, so it might be best to not be open about your clan.”

Marius set his glass down, licking blood off his lips. “I know it isn't a very well known or...liked, it seems. Although, do you not have a problem with it?”

She sighed. “In some respects, yes, and in others, no. I understand things as many others will not. Many kindred are told things in the first hundred years of their lives, and it shapes things for them. They will not change their thinking, since they do not believe there is a reason to do so. As for myself, I have heard a rather unique perspective of the clan, and I do not think it is always as bad as some may say.”

With a smile, Marius had to laugh a bit. “I almost thought you meant to kill me at first. Glad that is not what you intend to do.”

“Certainly not. I understand a bit more about you than anyone here, although I cannot say exactly why you are here. Though, that does not matter. What does, is that you are likely to already have allies in this city, which is something we all need.”

He had to look puzzled. “Allies? I do know of a Baali that my sire mentioned living here in the city, but I did not think that would stay the same after so long.”

Hikari nearly had her head hit the table. “You refer to Adam, correct? Then, if what I have been told is right, the events that led to your embrace where because of his childer, all but one of them having faced their final deaths. Or so it seems.”

“That would be it. Though...” Marius sighed. “Here I thought they might have survived. As much as I might not feel for them...”

Hikari nodded. “My sire faced his death recently as well. I was on good terms with him, but we were not really close.” She shook her head. “When exactly were you put into torpor?”

He seemed confused for a moment. “Oh, you mean that dreadfully long sleep I was in. Well, all I can remember is it being the same month that...what was it...that one President assassinated...end of a war...dammit, I cannot remember.”

Once again, she looked shocked. “The end of the Civil War, and the death of President Lincoln. Interesting. So sixty years. I find I can only imagine that, and would not wish to experience it. Namely since I do not imagine you wished for it to happen.”

“What about you?”

She snorted. “I would not say we are that friendly. Although I feel it may be advantageous if we maintain a cordial relationship, for the moment, I do not believe explaining to you my past is at all, relevant.”

“I see. Something to hide?”

Hikari snarled. “From a fledgling like yourself with balls you seem to be unable to stop flaunting? Yes.”

Setting his glass down, he smiled. “Calm down. Offensive or not, I would think that if you really wanted to do some damage, you would not let your tongue to it for you. So, since you seem to know more than I do, should I go see this Adam, or is there another option?”

She kept up her snarl. “As if talking to Lucius....” She sighed. “No, there is not. Although I am sure your or perhaps others could come up with several, most of them would not be in your best interest. My only intention at this point, is to offer a simple courtesy, which is only to have one of my ghouls drive you to Adam's home in the city.”

Marius nodded. “Better than having to run, I guess.”

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VIII – Ring of Fire

“Why? Does there have to be one? I think, not. We exist, still. That may be the entire point. We exist, because we WANT to. Final death may come at any moment, but if we wish to survive, we will fight to do so – or we will die, finally. However, I tend to enjoy my first, and wish to avoid my second. Do you feel the same?”

Why? You believe there is some purpose, behind what I have done? You think, that there MUST be something more to this?” Her cold laugh echoed in the stone halls. “Perhaps there is – I do not care. Your purpose, is yours to make.”

The idea that he could believe all of this, was close to insanity. She was telling him that she had 'embraced' him, and now he had to feed on human blood to survive. More than that, she seemed to have no reason as to why she did it. If she did, she was not speaking of it.

“Then tell me – what do you think I should do?”

Her laugh only got louder. “Feed – Feed upon what this world has to offer. It's decadence, it's women, it's men, and most of all, whatever you want. We, are Caine's children, and we keep not our brothers – for they are, NO LONGER.”


“What do you expect me to do? The answer is obvious, and if I let this go, it may turn out far worse than I am willing to imagine.”

It wasn't that he didn't trust her, but her judgment in this case was not what he had expected. He knew the dangers, as this kindred was completely unknown to him, but if what he had heard from Jackal was correct, they shared blood. He didn't seek to act the part that some thought, rather what no one would. His goal was to deal with Donovan, and he hated that the thought of him doing just that himself, was unthinkable. The exact reason was hard to explain, and it was a shortcoming that he would soon find enough to be maddening – although he could admit, that it was already.

“You know nothing of what this boy will even think, much less what he may think of this. Jackal may be right, but would you really want to risk that, Adam?”

He nodded. “It is a risk, but it would be a greater one, to try and deal with this myself. Even when I spoke with him years ago, I found the idea of killing him in that moment equal to my disgust at what he had done.”

“Why is it that you will not deal with him?”

He sighed. “It may be my place to do so. But somehow, I do not think things are exactly as they seem. It may be crazy to trust her, but maybe Helena was right. She could be called a fool for what she did, but then, it may just be that there was a greater purpose behind her actions, that only one person can understand – everyone else being unable.”

He could barely contain himself when he heard that bit of news. The idea that she actually did kill the Tremere Primogen in the weeks after she had visited him, was something he could hardly believe false. Namely when, no more than fifteen years later, he was visited by a certain Kindred – one he recognized, one that had been in his home before. But now, the boy was different. His eyes changed, his face sharper, and his mind the same. He spoke differently, and everything he said, meant something.

To call the boy a fool, was nearly impossible. His clan aside, he brought himself up to a level which was usually occupied by elder Venture, or Toreador. The idea of asking where the boy obtained the funds to build a large hotel in the city, and more recently, a nightclub, wasn't a question he would ever want to ask. Even more, Jackal made friends with many of the cities' well known Kindred, namely the Prince's second, Luna. Some of the others had taken to him as well, Andromeda being one who adored him in many ways.

She looked at him with expectant eyes. “What do you plan on doing with the fledgling, anyway?”

“If nothing else, I am going to help him. As I understand it, he already has a vendetta against Donovan, one that may run deep. I know how it sounds, but in my place, he may be the one to deal with Donovan.”

“So you plan to use him, to correct your mistake.”

Adam sighed. “No, I plan to do just that, and if it comes to it, give him everything to make it happen.”

Her eyes narrowed. “What do you mean by, 'everything'?”

He nodded. “Just what it sounds like. My fortune, my estate, my prestige, my position, hell, even my BLOOD if needs be. If this saddens you, I am sorry.”

Her face didn't change, but he could tell that she was worried. “But you...”

He held her close, inhaling her scent. “I know, Belle. Things do have reason to them, and believe me, you have purpose left – as do I. That is soon to change, but you do not need to be consumed by this conflict. It will be a fire that you do not have to feel its scalding heat. That I will make sure of.”

Often, he wondered that possessed him to take her as a ghoul. Perhaps, it was a display of his disgust at the human's actions in this country. For centuries, he had seen the practice go on, and it was one of the reasons he viewed America as a land of change. However, once he arrived, shortly before the revolution, he found that little had actually changed. A new nation was indeed being built, the ideas formed in secret, and made physical by men who were willing to fight and die for it.

But it was not all the grand dream that it seemed to be. Slavery was persistent, and would not be kept to where it was born. However, before, it was never targeted. Now, it was aimed at an entire race, one that was never given a say in the matter – and those who did have that say, never faced the same treatment as those who had none.

“Are you planning on seeing him like that, or perhaps you would like to make yourself...decent?”

Adam smiled. “Nothing about me is 'decent', but you are right. Perhaps a bath would be to join me?”


“What do you mean, 'Masquerade'? It isn't some sort of...”

“No, it's nothing like that. The base idea is this – humans cannot know of Vampires. Should a human gain knowledge of us, there are options, and it certainly isn't the end. However, those options are rather final for the human, in a way.”

Marius sighed. “And you mean, what exactly?”

Hikari had a devious smile on her face. “The first, would be to simply kill the human. The quickest and most effective method, although this can cause a bigger issue – you cannot make it obvious that a Vampire was at fault for the human's death. Many Vampires have drained a human to death, and promptly left, which drew the notice of...well, that hopefully is not what you would consider.”

“And the next?”

She sighed. “The next two are far more involved. Making the human a Ghoul, which is merely feeding them some of your blood may force their hand in not spreading the information around, as ghouls have a certain instinct, to not to anything that may make them lose their source of blood. Though some may still have the will for betrayal, it can be less likely.” She cleared her throat. “The last, would be to embrace them. The risk this carries is of a different sort, since now they have an even worse grudge against you – and the abilities to fight you. Killing them after this would still yield a corpse, unless it is possibly done by the sun, or fire – though I have not had to resort to such methods.”

He sighed, running his palm down his face, even if he wasn't sweating. “So, this is to...protect Vampires from humans? For what reason?”

Hikari snorted. “In a way, I can agree with you. But then, I have seen the obstinate humans who believe that their faith, no matter the god, or perhaps their will and determination, will allow them to win against whatever they name their enemy. This is not always true. As much as they can always find the will to fight, there are times where it does nothing more than make their end, far more dishonorable – for this new-found will quickly becomes an insult, if only because it suggests that the cause of their foe, has little worth.”

Things fell silent for a few moments, and Marius took to staring out the windows. He had only been to the city twice before, but the difference was almost hard to comprehend. Then, it all seemed to be buildings of various sorts, for shops, homes, and some businesses, but now, it seemed to be all that and more.

Buildings stretched into the sky far beyond the level of a single set of stairs, and the entire city seemed far more lively. Some things were still the same, but then, his memories were a blur. His only clear ones were far more recent, most of those being ones that boiled his blood.

“Hey, this is it.”

He barely even noticed the car had stopped. Getting out, he stared at the building. From it's looks, it didn't really stand out too much from the other houses around it, save for one detail. The door that this glowing red design, which did not seem alarming to others who stared directly at the door.

“Hey...Hikari? What is that on the door?”

Sliding over on the seat, she looked for herself. “What? I do not see anything unusual.” With a small laugh, she slid back over, closing the door of the car as she quickly said “Perhaps it is not something I am meant to see.”

As the car drove away, he walked up the stone steps, taking a hold of the door knocker, which was held in the mouth of a silver demon. Knocking, he waited a few minutes. In truth, it was a wait in fear, since he had no idea what was to become of him inside, if anything.

Even if it seemed odd, he was willing to go on a little faith. After all, at the moment, he had nothing to fall back on, save for that odd nagging voice in the back of his head, which seemed like a low growl.

When the door opened, he felt his mind race. The person who stood there, was clad only in a see-through nightgown of some sort, which seemed to hold loose on her. She looked him up and down, licking her lips.

“You look lovely...what brings you here, Kindred?”

He could barely contain himself. The scent in the air was overpowering, and it took all his strength to not pounce on her, and sink his fangs into her neck. “I...want to speak with...Adam.”

Her eyes widened.”Oh? Why is that?”

“My sire...Nymphet.”

Her eyes stayed the same, and her mouth opened wide. “He...” She ushered him in. “Adam will certainly want to speak with you.”

The woman brought him to an office of sorts, most of the walls lined with books, and every piece of furniture was made from ebony, and highly polished. Every bit of trim in the room was silver, as was any statuette or a fixture on the furnishings. The room's few paintings shared this, but their subjects were far beyond religious, showing various sorts of erotic acts, including Vampires drinking blood.

Sitting down at a chair in front of the large desk, Marius noticed that behind it, rather than a ornate chair, was actually a black, shiny throne, which was engraved with various symbols. It didn't seem comfortable, given the material it was supposedly made from, but he had to think that trying it out would not be viewed as the curiosity it was.

Setting a small tray down on the desk, she smiled at him as she poured a thick red liquid into a glass. The bottle looked strangely familiar, one he had certainly seen before. Pulling the identical one out of his jacket, he compared the two – exactly the same, save for the obvious age on the one in his hand.

“Does this look familiar to you?”

Turning to him, the dark skinned woman smiled. “Yes, the bottle Victor possessed that night. I assume he gave it to you?”

Marius nodded. “Yes – a while after my embrace. I...”

She climbed in the chair with him, sitting in his lap. Placing a finger on his lips, she smiled. “I know. You are going to love how I taste, then. But I have to ask, do you like to bite?” She ran her fingers around his cheek.

With a slight snarl, he smiled, his speech akin to a growl. The thought of the bottle faded from his mind, and it fell to the floor, simply rolling around, rather than breaking. “Yes.”

Presenting him with her neck, his snarl became louder, and he bit into her soft flesh. The flood in his mouth was familiar, and a taste he savored. It was a euphoria that he had experienced a few thousand times over, while in torpor. It almost made him akin to the opium-fiends that his father scorned, but he could, at this moment, care less.

Placing his arms around her, he became increasingly aware of her moans, which were getting louder. He had to admit, the feeling was strong, and he had to think that she felt an equal measure as well. The facts didn't matter to him, only the feeling.

“Unfortunate and perhaps rude as this is, I feel that, if you continue, fledgling, you will do something I am sure, you do not want to do.”

Releasing his fangs, Marius licked the excess blood from her wound, as she stood, a bit weakly. Taking a look at who spoke, he noticed a finely dressed Vampire, who almost looked quite a bit like what he remembered of Donovan – only this Kindred had short, styled hair. His clothing was all dark, save for his deep red shirt. Over his shoulders he had a silk robe, which hung open.

Taking a seat in the black throne, he poured himself a glass. “From what I gather, you are exactly what I am looking for. However, you will have to forgive the fact that I lack information – given that one of my sources is...rather cryptic. As intelligent as I am, there are limits to it – as with anyone.”

Pouring a glass for Marius, he set his own down. “I suppose you can start with your embrace. You say it was...Nymphet?”

Marius nodded. “Yes. I know what you want to hear – I do not know if he is alive. He pretty much left after my embrace, although it is not what you are thinking.”

Adam shook his head. “No, I do not think like that. I doubt Nymphet would have so easily chosen to embrace, without purpose. As I understand it, Donovan attacked your house, killed your parents, and...well, the rest was, and still is and mystery to me. I do not wish to press you more on this, but do you know anything of Victor?”

Marius sighed. “He told me quite a bit, after grabbing me, and seeking shelter from the sun in a tomb. Still, even though he told me of that danger, he walked right into it afterward.”

Nearly crushing his glass, Adam sighed. “Then that damn childe of mine was right...FUCK.”

“So I see why you hate Donovan. But if he is your childe, why is it that you will not deal with him?” Marius laughed. “You know what? I do not want to know why. Instead, I'll make this deal with you – tell me everything I need to know, and I will personally kill Donovan myself. I do not care what his plans are. He could want to slaughter the entire city, and that will not matter.”

“So then, it is like the kid said.” Adam smiled. “Deal. Every power I have, you will know in time. I cannot say I know what Donovan is planning, if anything, but it will be better if you know, than not.”

“How exactly can I find that out? Short of asking him, of course.”

Standing, he picked up a small, circular mirror from the desk, and with a snort, he dropped it. Falling to the desk, the glass broke, causing Marius' reflection in it to do the same. “You have to seek the help of a madman. As some old Kindred would say, God cannot help you, where you are to go.”
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Chapter IX – Eyes of Madness

What you seek, would be revenge in icy blood. For this, you will fall to the depths of fury, and rise to heights which even now, you cannot imagine. Only with the help of insanity, will this be possible. Not yours, but mine.

Stepping out onto the sidewalk, he casually handed the fare to the driver. In the corner of his eye, he saw the man nod, and turn back to the steering wheel. However, this in comparison to the building he stood before, was nothing. While certainly not too outstanding, it seemed to still be different. While it could be said that he cared nothing for the specifics at the moment, it was true that everything about it was appealing to him.

Entering into the lobby, it was rather dark, yet still lit well enough to see. Paintings hung on the walls, each of them lit by their own light, and various sculptures were dotted around the room. While these were certainly of a taste that Marius found succulently palatable, they would obviously be considered obscene by most. If only because most of their themes were related to Vampires, showing the drinking of blood, the stalking of prey, and even more, the seduction of said prey – which was more than just consumption of their blood. Although he was as of yet unsure of the physical act, it seemed true of what Adam had said – Vampires were interested in more than just blood, most things being what they craved from human life. Money, Power, property, and most of all – sex.

Turning to the desk, he couldn't help but stare at the woman behind it, which while obviously a Vampire, made his mouth wish it could fill with water, just so he could have the piggish satisfaction of drooling. This aside, while not something that needs clay, or other earthen materials to capture her beauty, she was something to be admired. However, her clothing was a rather unusual in appearance, looking a bit like the uniforms that his brother had worn during the war, although obviously updated. Her hair was pulled back, and atop her head was a lopsided hat, also looking military – although more like those from the recent war in Europe than any previous design.

Approaching her, she looked up and smiled. “Ja, you wish to meet with him, do you not? Fortunate is your arrival – he returned from his other establishment only an hour ago, and has been dealing with what may be his new childe since then. By now, he should be finished.”

Marius' lips sunk into something of a puzzled frown. “ childe? What do you mean?”

The woman cutely touched her fingers to her lips. “Sorry, but you'll have to find out for yourself. His affairs and all that. More to the point – take the elevator at the back, and remember, the eyes have it.”


She smiled, picking up a pile of papers, neatly letting them slide into a stack between her palms. “You'll...” She snorted. “...see.”

Walking to said 'elevator', he only saw a number of doors. While perhaps ignorance briefly slapped him, the idea seemed obvious. Beside these doors, were a small rectangular panel, each holding two buttons, and each had a an arrow, one pointing up, and the other down.

While it was something of a puzzle as to which door would be the most useful, he spotted one that had an eye on it, which if he was correct, was bleeding. Pressing the up button next to this set of doors, he entered it. Inside, it seemed to be the same sort of story, only the panel here was a little larger, the amount of buttons being the same. Only this time, the eye was not bleeding, but fully open, as if staring at anyone who pushed it.

Pressing it, he felt the odd sensation around his midsection, which almost frightened him, but it wasn't painful at all, just a small shake that didn't persist. Leaning against the wall, he found the reason Adam had sent him here rather, odd. Even after their in depth conversations, about both their past lives, about Vampires, and about more recent events, the cause for this sojourn seemed, unclear. The most Adam spoke about this 'friend' of his was that they had only met recently, that being about ten years ago – alongside the fact that this kindred was something of a controversy amongst Vampires, at least those who subscribed to a rather unusual ideals of decency amongst monsters. Still, while this did settle his nerves, it was still true that he was here to meet another Vampire, this one impossible to predict, since he knew and could know little about whoever it was.

Once the elevator stopped, he exited it, only to find himself staring at a line of four doors on each side of a hallway, each spaced out. Just beyond them was both a cross shaped fork, with a set of double doors that seemingly acted as the smaller section, being at least a few feet from where the side hallways parted from the main elevator hallway.

In walking down this hallway, he found the place rather cold, but still pleasing. As he walked, he passed by one or two kindred, likely guests of this 'hotel', or so it seemed. Adam had mentioned what it was, but not much beyond that.

Reaching the doors, he looked at the handle. It was in an eye shape, split between the two doors. However, it seemed different, since unless he was out of it, the eye's 'lid' was slowly opening and closing, almost like someone who kept trying to fight falling asleep.

Upon entering the room, he was greeted by the sight of a rather sparsely decorated room which seemed to be an office. To his left, was an ornate desk, with a fitting chair behind it. A sofa also sat in this part of the room, just behind his left shoulder, close to the doors. To his right, was a set of chair and tables that somewhat resembled the furniture in his former home's sitting room. The walls and the floor were all black, everything being trimmed in silver, and hues of purple.

Glancing at the large windows, his jaw felt like dropping to the floor, even if the act was impossible. Still, he had to stanch his stock, since he'd already seen Nymphet, and certainly this couldn't be much of a stretch. But still, what stood before him seemed to be just that – a completely different story.

The boy wore no shirt, his torso looking like that of some of the shirtless males he'd witnessed in paintings, or some of the servants that eschewed with their shirts on hot days, while tending to the gardens. He did wear a pair of black, leather pants, held up by a belt on his waist. His boots were leather as well, being very much like what some of the riders wore in the horse races he'd been to.

What drove the point home, was the whiskey glass he saw in the boy's hand. Rather than filled with drink, it was half-full of blood. The sight was like the lighting of a fire, but he held himself back. After all, if this kindred was as cordial as Adam suggested, refreshments might be offered.

“Behind me stands...a demon? Sent by another, this one seeks revenge for the stealing of lives, of parents, and...pride? With such interesting standing, you are indeed upon the path to gaining what you desire. But are you truly prepared to end lives for this? To take your revenge? In doing so, you saddle yourself with the burdens of truth, which cannot be so easily forgotten, once learned.”

“And you are?”

Turning around, the boy smiled. To Marius, the sight of his eyes were less than his own, but still enough that he felt his eyes widen. Rather unlike his own, perfectly matched, oily black eyes, this boy's were mismatched, his left being a deep, yet vibrant red, while his right was a soft, but piercing violet. His face was unblemished, and his hair was a mixture of unkempt and tidy, mostly black, but highlighted with much lighter hair, some looking silver, others white.

“I? I am in truth, no more of a corpse than you are – but as there must be, differences exist. You bathe in the power of darkness, of hellish repose...while I enjoy the whispers, the power, and the deviancy of madness, pure insanity. Some would make mention of folly, as if I am no more than a drooling fool, existing in what might as well be a padded cell.” He looked around, smiling. “But as you can see, this is no such thing. I listen, and I retain, and when those who seek this information come to me, I give them what they ask for – provided they are willing to pay for it. But the price, is quite variable.”

He pointed to the desk, and promptly walked over to it, taking a seat. Marius followed, sitting himself in a chair opposite the boy. Taking a glass, the boy poured what looked like thick tomato juice into a second glass, and gently slid this to his guest.

“You already have the understanding of what this is, so why do you think in such circles? Ah, no matter. More importantly, I seem to understand that Adam did not tell you very much about me. Most of it you will learn, in time, as everyone does, but the most important thing, is what of you, I already know, and of me, you do not. I, am Jackal. My former name is dead, as is that life, twice over.”

Marius took the glass offered to him, and slipped a bit. Sitting back in his chair, he sighed. “I'd say that, for the most part, you are correct. However, I would explain to you my situation, but from what I can gather, it is possible you are already well aware. If so, then I'd also wager you know about what I want – if what you said before even getting a good look at me is any indication.”

Jackal smiled. “As I said, you seek revenge, and you will achieve this through blood-lust, alongside the acquisition of allies, and more importantly, friends. Some may believe that kindred are not in need of such things, only acquaintances, which they will use and discard when the need arises. However, is this not exactly like before? Where we, as humans, sought the same things? It certainly is different, but that does not change the fact, that our lust for blood aside, we still seek many of the same things that humans do – even if many of us will deny that.”

“Would you?” Marius asked.

Keeping his smile, the boy licked his fangs. “Certainly not. I hate lies that are for no purpose, and for what purpose can there be, in lying to oneself? I feel, none. “

Setting his glass down on the desk, Marius sighed. “So, do you know anything about Donovan?”

With a nod, the boy kept his smile. “Like many of us, he has bathed in the decadence of life, and has come from that pool, wanting. Finding that his sire has allied himself with the Camarilla, and most of all, has chosen to become familiar, if not learned in the Via Humanitas, even if Adam may nearly drown himself in the blood of beautiful women, none of them leave his arms as corpses. In short, Donovan is an example of the Sabbat's lowest members, even if some of his qualities could be similar to that of an Arch-Bishop. But if what you wish to ask, is of the goals he has for the coming nights, I cannot say.”

With a sigh, Marius shrugged. “It might be that I don't care what he plans on – I plan on slicing him to ribbons either way.” Feeling the conversation halt a bit, he remembered what's been in the back of his mind since the lobby. “Oh, the...receptionist, is it? She mentioned something about you having an new...childe. I get what that means, but...”

Standing, Jackal smiled. “Since my own embrace, I can't say I've been looking for someone to share the things I've acquired, namely since after my mother embraced me, my last thought was learning the process for myself, and going ahead with it. However, I was still told what was involved. As for who, well, I had no intention of it being random.”

“You can't mean you fell in love with someone.” Marius' head sunk, his eyes still staring at Jackal.

“Did I? One might have perverse thoughts at the idea of me having the first look at another, and in that entranced. But I care little, for such opinions.” He snarled softly, his smile widening. “I know what I felt, and I know what it meant. Others may take that for what they will, but then, very few have need to know this story.”

“I see. Honestly, I don't care. Although, I might feel similar, at least, my sire is someone like you.” Marius snorted. “Still, who did you chose?”

Sitting back down, he leaned back in the chair, slouching in it. “I never understood things like most. Perhaps it is because mum didn't want me to. Many details involved with the shape, the structure, and more visibly, the color of the body can be things that some view with interest, others with a lack thereof, and unfortunately, many more feel heightened by this, feeling that their own means them to be above others. A disgusting ideal, one that I cannot understand, and I will not.”

“Not that I really know how to put this but, forgive me if this is a bit crass, a bit more color than either of us?”

Jackal only nodded. “To me, that mattered very little. Interesting, to be sure, but a passing trait. Her movement was unlike the rest, and my club was the perfect place for her. Many tried to dissuade me, but they stopped when she brought in the patrons, wanting the spectacle, the drink, and the atmosphere.”

Marius snorted. “I take it that things did not go as simple as you...introducing her to Vampires?”

“No. A former lover, with an interest in her new-found income. While the details are things she may be far more privy to than myself, I understand things quite well. But the more important detail, is that she was left...almost for dead. It is luck that an acquaintance of mine, a Ventrue by the name of Hikari, was visiting the club at the time. Being aware of my wishes, I was brought what would be my new childe. Not that I forced the situation, but if she indeed thinks so, I have not felt any kind of discontent thus far.”

“Though I would imagine there is ample time for that, if you only embraced her hours ago.”

With a smile, Jackal nodded. “Indeed. However, I do not expect that it will. You well know, this life isn't easy – even if it can afford you things that, as a human, cannot be. For her, like all, it will not be what most can, or will expect. My...intentions for her, are not those of a servant to be tossed aside for a minor failure.”

Marius shook his head. “No, that isn't at all what I mean to say. If she means something to you, then...” he sighed. “...I really do not know how to put it.”

“The meaning is enough, I assure you. Soon enough, if not already, it's extent will be known – even if how it is conveyed, may be...undesired.” He swallowed some of the blood in his glass, then, noticing the amount left, poured the rest into his mouth like a shot. “But you came here for information, which I am inclined to give. As for the price, well...”

“Price? What is it that you want?”

“I can see you are interested, although the fact that you even...came, suggested that long ago. But in this instance, I give this information freely. Some have expected that the things I have asked for in return for information to be too much of a sacrifice, but this is mere talk, rumor. People have believed stranger things.”

Marius couldn't help but have a puzzled look on his face. “Like what?”

“Oh, the talk that has been for quite some time about a creature in existence that is a cross between the species known as homosapien, and...well...” He pointed to a painting on the wall, which depicted three monkeys. Each of them would have had their hands over their mouths, ears and eyes respectively - if it were not for the fact that their hands seem to have been cut off, leaving only bloody stumps. Without their hands, they were free to see, speak and hear. Their red eyes were full of rage, their mouths full of blood and fangs, and their ears were occupied by the worst mutterings one could imagine.

“Shit. Where the hell did you get that?”

Jackal shrugged. “It escapes me at the moment. I have considered selling it, but it would take someone insane to want it.” He snorted. “But you want to know about the girl.”

The words still left Marius puzzled. “What girl?”

“The last one, whose blood comes from the first one called a man. The one sought by many, even if none are looking, as of yet.”
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Chapter X – House of Blood

“If we suckle from a nipple, is it not milk we draw from the flesh, but blood. How lucky are those of other clans. I was given the embrace, almost freely. But, my humanity... was to suffer afterward, when I was made to dredge the blood of my family, both to slake my lust for blood, and for a reason that is both known to me, and not. The first blood for me, was laced with the milk of my mother's breasts, and my sister's broken fruit. It is what this house is built upon, what we all seek.”

“There is already potential within you, but it is limited. Your ability with magic is interesting, but I see the signs that it is fading, as it has with many before you.” The woman smiled. “But you have the chance to take back some of that power. I can offer you something which may be of great interest to you, but there is a problem – I will not be giving you a choice. You are too valuable to the clan, and to me, for that.”

Her movements were within his sight, but he did nothing to stop her. When her fangs pierced his neck, the brief moment of pain was nothing, in comparison to the feelings that were dredged up seconds after. The pain seemed to fade, and the fact that his blood was being drained was his last concern.

Laying him down on the leather sofa, she pulled back her sleeve, allowing her blood to flow into her mouth. With a careful smile, she placed her mouth over his, forcing him to drink it. Leaving behind nothing but a kiss, she stood.

“For this, you will be made to understand. Losses are a must, and you will certainly face them. However, understand that you are to be someone of importance, in time.”


“It is certainly a prospect that I am familiar with, given that, unlike so many of my peers, I have taken steps to...embrace the advance of human society, in various ways – perhaps even further than they are willing to at the moment. Others have done the same, but I do not find that limiting myself will have any sort of purpose.”

The small, slightly laughing voice made it's smile obvious. “It should not be a wonder then, as to why you can abide things those of your blood, cannot. For the rest, the mere mention, even in passing, of one whose eyes number thrice, or one who revels in the fire and filth, forces their hand in so many ways.”

“Which is something I tire of. What I seek is the advancement of thought, of knowledge. How much more can possibly be known about the Salubri, or the Baali? Some would argue that we do not know enough, but I am content with someone else taking up that kind of research. I will not, if only because I do not give enough of a damn, and never will.”

The smile made itself obvious, along with it's pair of mismatched eyes. “Then perhaps you will be able to bring to light something I wish to know. I would ask of you something that is, perhaps, bold of me – but I believe such a request is not exactly what some would believe it to be. In time, I will provide suitable recompense, and it will perhaps, be with interest. What do you say, Lucius?”

It was bold, certainly. He was being asked to give information that with others, would land them a direct trip to Vienna, and whatever lay before them in Das Haus De Hexe, he did not wish to know. However, it was obvious that in asking him, the boy was lucky. The connection was never made, and thus his will was, and is, his own.

If he chose to do so, it would, in some respects, betray the clan. However, time would only tell if it would be revealed in a negative light. The only thing that swayed his choice, would be the simple fact that, even if he had no evidence, nor reason to prove it, other Tremere had sold their knowledge to other clans, which perhaps, had led the the fall of many Chantries, and perhaps, even higher. But that would not happen here.

“I accept your request, Jackal. There are limits to what I will tell you, but it seems everything you wish to know, is within them. Still, I find myself curious – you ask me to speak with this 'new' Baali, and tell you whatever it is that I can find about him? If you are looking for something about his human lineage, perhaps that might be possible, but I cannot say for sure.”

The boy stood. “The information will be what it is. Whatever that may be, I want it. However, I would suggest that a bit more delicate, with this one. Take the time to understand things.”

Jackal smiled, as he walked over to the balcony doors, pulling them open as he walked through the now unoccupied space. Turning around, he leaned his back against the rail, smiling at Lucius. He kept this as he fell backwards over the ornate metalwork, disappearing before he hit the ground.

Walking out into the balcony, Lucius sipped from the glass in his hand. He savored the slight chill in the night air, as he thought of what he was to do in the coming nights. “A pair of demons walk this city, and I am to meet one of them, at the behest of a madman. What does that make me?”.


“How stupid am I. Even with everything Adam said, and what am I doing? Standing outside of a Tremere Chantry. I just hope that kid knows what he is talking about.”

The entire building didn't really stand out, save for the glowing red mist in the upper windows. He couldn't tell how large it was inside, but it did seem pretty big. Silver trim was on nearly everything. Some of it inlaid, others were larger pieces that were on doors and such. Every railing looked like solid silver, and none of it looking blackened with age.

The only other thing he noticed, was the fact that he didn't really feel alone. Just like that cool night, he now felt almost like a thousand eyes were staring at him, their intentions unknown. The only thing he could tell, is that no one wanted to fight or kill him, as in the moments he stood there – no one presented themselves. Still, they could be thinking about it, or perhaps, they were ready to do something that did not require being close enough to touch him.

“Although, all he said was to come here. Perfect time to be cryptic, Jackal.”

Walking up the few steps and across the small porch, he reached out to touch the silver handle. Before he grasped the metal, the doors opened completely, revealing the hallway with in. Immaculately decorated, he could not find much of note – save for the fact that the rug was littered with unusual symbols, a trait shared by many of the decorations, some only being obvious if you were close enough to touch, others becoming such if one focused.

Crossing the threshold, for a moment he felt his entire body seize up. Every muscle and bone in his body seemed to freeze, and the rest seemed to softly vibrate, every hair standing up. The feeling was, if nothing else, weird. Nothing he had been told up to this point even came close to explaining it. However, only one fact was obvious – he was not in any kind of pain.

When the feeling was gone, he looked around. Nothing was obvious, and no one seemed to accost him. The idea that he stood in a Tremere Chantry, was something Adam had mentioned, perhaps to a drastic degree, that he would perhaps, only ever see the inside of one, if one of the Mages found him out, and chose to perform some 'experiments' on him. This seemed not to be the case, as the last thing it seemed he was going to see, was any kind of medical implement.

Continuing down the hallway, he reached another set of double doors, he noticed this pair was different. Painted crimson, it had a number of symbols etched into the wood, which were filled in with silver trim. But this in comparison to the pair of red gems, which seemed to both glow, and emit smoke, almost like they were a pair of rubies in the mouth of some unspeakable creature. A rather errant thought ran across his head, contemplating the worth of these gems, if they were indeed rubies. The idea of taking them, still seemed a bit too much, so he simply touched one, if only to satisfy his curiosity.

Pulling his hand away, he noticed that his finger had on it. Almost on instinct, he stuck this finger in his mouth. His eyes lighting up, he realized – it was blood. With that, it became obvious that the stones were crystallized blood, although he could not fathom how that even worked.

Opening these doors, he went through them. The room inside was dark, but most of the details could still be obviously seen. It was an office, although not the average. Bookshelves lined some of the walls, some of that space being taken up by small trinkets – some of them being things Marius could hardly describe, while other things were usual items, like pictures, or other sorts. Various sort of weapons hung on the walls, but if they were decorative or functional, he could not tell.

Turning to the desk, he noticed a book open to a page. The text seemed to describe various sorts of Vampiric powers, the page mostly containing information about an invisibility power, which Adam already related that he was capable of.

“ to use it on...a what? 'Coterie'? Oh, I see.” Flipping through the pages, it did seem as if the book held a little more about the discipline than what Adam had mentioned.

Just as he moved to close the book, he heard the chair hit the wall behind the desk, and suddenly he was tightly grabbed. A nearby mirror showed nothing but thin air. Struggling, he heard nothing but laughter.

“A brave attempt, Baali, but you have walked into a den of snakes, and now you can be likened to a child. Otherwise, every one is willing to bite – pity in this instance there is no poison involved.”

Staring at the mirror again, he saw an image fade in, but he wasn't able to contemplate it very much, before he felt his neck pierced by fangs. Instantly, the same sort of pleasurable feelings were dredged up, but this time it came with a bit of revulsion. The last thing he expected was for Jackal, or Adam, for that matter, to get him into a situation like this.

Almost like a blur, he nearly fell to the floor, but his hands hitting the desk stopped him. Looking up, he noticed a smiling kindred staring at him, his face hidden by a long, hooded jacket. A pair of red eyes shone through the shadows, as laughed echoed around the room.

“You are going to have to forgive me for that. A bit rash, but then, at times, there is no good way to get what one wants, by asking.”

Marius snarled, but then smiled. “Are you so sure? Perhaps I might be so inclined to share, unless your goal would have been duplicitous. I would imagine, that it is not.”

The kindred nodded. “In a certain perspective, they might've been.” He opened his mouth – revealing that the lower half was still filled with Marius' blood. Closing it, he swallowed. With a satisfied snarl, he smiled. “Your taste...” His smile became much wider, and he licked his lips. “...wonderful. The blood of the Baali, so much like my own – with small differences. Ones that, most Tremere do not know. The confusion is endless, and believe me, it even causes me an endless amount of amusement, when such a difference is obvious to me - but others of my blood, Primogen, Regents, and even other Lords ...cannot tell the difference.”

“So you...know?”

He nodded. “Yes. Both because I was told what you are, and, since I have sampled your blood. However, do not think you have been betrayed...demon. Jackal is...a rather loyal friend, and I have known that he does not put others in harm's way, without reason.” He placed a hand on his chest. “I feel as if I have been...somewhat rude. Your name I am aware of, but of mine, you are not.”

With a puzzled look on his face, Marius shook his head. “Hikari did mention someone, but if that is indeed you...”

With a nod, he smiled. “I see you have made some...acquaintances, if nothing else. But yes. I would imagine she mentioned Lucius, and that would be me.”

After each took a seat, Lucius in the chair behind the desk, and Marius in a chair before it, Lucius poured each of them a glass. As he sipped his own, he casually eyed Marius, his intent unknown.

“The obvious, beyond what you have already been told, is that there is a reason you are here. This, is for a reason that even I am yet to understand. What I do know, is that you are involved with something, and it is likely to be of little consequence to the Camarilla in the long run. But that does not mean things will go smoothly. With kindred, they never do”

“That does not explain anything.”

Lucius nodded. “You are right. However, Jackal seemed to believe that there is some sort of connection, and wishes to find it. But he said nothing of what this connection might be.”

Marius shrugged. “The simple way to explain it, is that I plan to kill a Vampire. But between you and Jackal, I am beginning to think that it is not going to be as simple as that. He did mention something about a girl, but I do not know who he refers to.”

“Did he now? Well, I know nothing of her either. It may be someone you happen upon in time, or perhaps it is someone this Donovan wants dead for some reason – or, it may be that he is looking for someone to embrace, and it is this girl that he has chosen, or is going to chose.”

Setting his glass down, Marius shrugged again. “Either way, I do not think my goal changes. Slightly, depending on what happens before I kill Donovan, but no more.”

Noticing a silver ring on Lucius' finger, Marius couldn't help but seem curious. It seemed to be inlaid with a stone, but every time Lucius moved, the very dark ruby seemed to ripple.

“Ah. You could call this a preventative measure, which goes for avoiding the more...undesirable effects of drinking a Vampire's blood. It may be that, for some Vampires, this is nothing they are concerned with. Myself, on occasion, it isn't a problem. But in this instance – a bit of protection, you understand.”

“Adam did mention that. Cannot say I am ever going to specifically need that information, but I would imagine that it is useful.” Marius picked up his glass, drained the remaining blood from it, and set it back down.

“I see.” Taking the ring off, Lucius placed it into a shiny black box, lined with deep red velvet. Inside where a few other rings, each having it's own slot. A few of the others had symbols, such as one with an Ankh, a cross, and a gold ring with a stylized sun. “There is something I think you should do, which would only be to avoid problems in the future.”

“Are you going to suggest...”

Lucius shook his head. “No, it is not anything that would be...against your wishes.” He sat up in his chair. “Within the Camarilla, it is a rule that, in order to embrace, one must have the permission of the Prince.”

Marius snorted, then laughed. “And why exactly would I need to do that?”

Snarling,. Lucius smiled. “If you find this girl, perhaps it would be in your better interests, to have options. While I would not personally condone the idea or option of killing her, others I would consider far more worthwhile – even if it may be a momentary worth.”

“So you are suggesting that, I should pursue the idea of embracing her, but not kill her? While I do not know what situation I might be in, when and if I ever meet her, do you really think that is a good idea?”

He raised his hands, shaking his head. “That is for you to decide. It is a suggestion, only. Nothing more.

Leaning back in his chair, Lucius smiled. “I find myself curious. If you do not mind my asking, what were the events of your embrace? Perhaps I can fill in details that, even Adam may not be aware of.”

“I was stabbed with a poison dagger, for some sort of ritual. I do not know if it is related to something Donovan mentioned, about a 'pit' of some sort.”

Lucius smiled. “Ah, I see. What he refers to, is a corpse pit. It's common use is for the more, usual sort of Baali embraces. A potential fledgling is drained almost completely of their human blood, then thrown into the pit. Their goal at this point, would be to find a heart within the mass of corpses, which contains the Vampiric vitae that would complete their embrace, and allow for their survival as Kindred. “ He looked down, briefly holding his chin. Looking back up, he retained his smile. “Or at least, how it seems to be. Continue, if you please.”

“Well, it was one of Adam's childer who interrupted Donovan, although I was still thrown out of stained glass window, out into the courtyard of my father's estate. I landed in the middle of the large lake behind the house. Nymphet followed me, and embraced me when his blood wasn't doing enough to keep me alive.”

One again, Lucius looked puzzled. “Nymphet? Why do I recall that name...Ah, never-mind. Continue, if you have more to say.”

“Not much. He ran off afterward, in a frenzy, I think. His brother, Victor, whisked me away to talk. After that, he seemed to walk into the sun.” With a sigh, Marius continued. “Sometime later, I was going to leave the tomb I was in, but then I was thrown against a wall by what looked like nothing. The last thing I remember before waking up from torpor...something about sleep, and the brief sight of a spider – not an actual one, but a necklace...and the feel of being cradled, briefly, before...” His eyes lit up.”

Lucius rubbed his lips with a finger.”You remember something you have previously forgotten?”

“Something about...what do you know of a 'Helena'?”

Lucius nearly dropped his glass. “How the, excuse me. But still, you mean to suggest, SHE forced you into torpor?”

“I do not know, possibly. Why, who is she?”

“She...was Jackal's sire. Forty years ago, she killed the local Tremere Primogen, and was wanted by the Camarilla for it. Fifteen years later, she was found to be diablerized by her only Childe, Jackal. The events is not something which is very public, and was heavily hushed by the Prince, who it seems, saw Jackal as an...asset, rather than purely a criminal to face execution.” He sighed.

Marius laughed. “Did you think the same?”

“I'll admit, I was, and in a way still am, at odds with it. In truth, it is a squabble that I might have dealt with personally, but there are those who believe Jackal to be a risk, even without considering what he has done. Still, as I understand it, his goals do not lie with committing such an act again.”

“This might be a bold statement, but since I obliged you...why were you embraced?”

Caught by a bit of surprise, Lucius snorted. “The short version, is that I had an ability with magic, that Merlinda could not ignore. She is very high in the Tremere ranks, and very old, as well – although I am sure that most men, myself included, have been captivated by her, since Vampirism does tend to age a woman well – that is to say, as you are likely to understand – not at all.”

“However, it was not without a sacrifice on my part. It is something that I still do not fully understand, nor did I then. But I still did as she asked.” He sighed.

“What did you do?”

“My father had died recently,.and I was heading the family. The business we had supported us, so long as we supported it. However, after my embrace, that would not longer be possible. So, in her view, this was a loose end to be taken care of – one that I would take care of.”

“But it would not be as simple as she made it out. I lost it completely, for the moment. I drank blood from my mother's breasts, the feeling seeming like nothing more than a mother feeding her child. Yet, I also felt the same as my father, as I held my mother in the same way, the moment I and my sister were conceived.” He laughed. “As for my sister, well, we both lost our virginity that night, even if I doubt my body responded to the change as hers did.”

Marius had to think his eyes were as big as dinner plates. “God...damn.”

“It is funny that your shock is still rather dull. But I can understand, given that this is something that happened as this country was about to be fought for.” Lucius licked his lips. “I still remember it, though. My first taste of blood was that of my own family, and the blood this house is built upon.”

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Chapter XI – In The Eyes Of The Moon

I do not know what it is that you were expecting. Unlike those that are my colleagues, I wish for understanding – without any kind of bias, or other such things. I want the truth, and the supposition that someone like yourself, 'may be a threat', perhaps. However, with Adam, and so far with you, that remains to be seen.

“My lady, Hikari is waiting for you in the office. She has expressed that she is willing to wait for you, and that you need not rush to speak with her.”

Luna nodded, knowing the ghoul understood, even if he only saw her shadow. She smiled, reaching out to pull back the curtain, once the she heard door close. Stepping out of the shower, she grabbed a towel, gently running it through her wet hair.

“What a time for him to do this. Does he take into consideration any of the things I will now have to deal with? Of course not. Nor does he have the foresight to take the time to deal with these issues himself. But no, it's left to me.” Throwing the towel into a basket, she approached a mirror, which was above a sink.

Picking up a glass, she poured the deep red contents down her throat, snarling as she savored the taste. Still, it had another purpose. Her involvement with a recently executed kindred, left a number of slightly shallow wounds on her face, after the beast tried to kill her. The possibility that he would, was ridiculous, since every other kindred in the room understood his sentence, and was not contesting it in any way. The evidence and testimony of those involved, left no doubt as to the guilt. For his last act of defiance, he was slaughtered.

Watching the wounds heal, she smiled. To think such a thing would always be on her plate, was rather pleasing, but it was truth that this was also a sour thought. She certainly was not thinking that she would be Prince after only a few years, but then, her question was when. At this point, it could be a wait for another hundred years, all the while she cleaned up the messes that her Sire either left for her, or simply delegated her to deal with.

Pulling a robe off a hanger, she pulled it over her shoulders. Reaching for the other hangar, she pulled off what looked like an ornamental skirt. Stepping into this, she pulled it up to her waist, and clipped it to the robe. Turning around, she looked at herself in the mirror.

Truthfully, what she wore was something she found quite odd, but it was a recent gift from her sire, which she quite liked. She was quite sure that some would not approve, but it was true that those with that opinion, did not need to know. It could be said that Hikari would not have such an opinion, out of respect, if nothing else, but then, Luna had taken the pleasure of staying within the lavish halls of her recently completed estate, and the clothing that Hikari favored when sleeping or relaxing in her haven, could be easily compared to what Luna herself now wore, only nothing was present underneath the skirt or robe – something which did not bother her, as much as it might other women. The majority of them human, she would imagine.

Leaving the bathroom, she walked the halls, thinking on a prospect that seemed to be ever present. Her Sire wanted a location that was within the city, and it seemed difficult to find such a thing. She had heard rumors of a possible project which would do to throw some money or resources at, but at the moment, she was unsure of it. This aside, she was confident that in time, a suitable location would be found. For now, the estate owned by her Sire was outside the city, although it was certainly comfortable and luxurious as it needed to be. It was befitting of the clan's tastes, but more so that of her Sire's, than her own. At the moment, this did not matter much to her.

Entering into the office, she saw Hikari standing at the windows. Approaching her, she saw the woman smile in her reflection. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Turning around, the smile was kept. “I have heard the news, and as I imagine, you feel that he is a fool – a sentiment that I share. He has become complacent, and in truth, while most of the others do not feel this way, I believe he is unfit for his duties. It can be said that he holds the office, but you do the important work. That Gangrel a few hours ago, for instance. The Prince goes into torpor, and you deal out the sentence.”

Sitting down, Luna sighed. “I did try and convince him otherwise. But he believed that I was capable. True. But then, why am I his second, and not the Prince? He takes a leave from the job, when he does not perform that well on it? Tell me why the this sort of leadership?”

Walking around the desk, Hikari smiled. “Ah, but this plays into their interests. Him, they can manipulate. Him, they can make work for their interests, while it seems he is loathe to deal out the truth, as it is. You, on the other hand, will do the opposite. If they try and manipulate you, they will find only that they cannot. Or that they have to go to lengths that they are not willing.”

“I see no reason why I should allow it. If they want something, they should obtain it without pissing on someone who is willing to turn it back on them. Namely...ME.” Luna snarled.

Hikari nodded. “I do have a question – why is it that the Malkavians accept Castillo as their Primogen? While I cannot speak for who would suit their interests better, I can say that the current is...” She laughed. “...rather useless. Constantly paranoid. Worried for no reason, about unfounded things that never come to pass.”

Luna smiled. “They would have their better leader in this city, if Jackal was to accept. But as I understand it, he does not have the interest. However, as for Castillo, he understands things, but like you said, he believes far too much that is not true.”

The doors opened, and a single Kindred entered. Wearing a black suit, he sighed when he set eyes on the two. “Not only do we have a whore representing the Ventrue, but a-”

Luna stood, snarling. “Finish that sentence, and I will send you out of here in a box. In short, HOLD YOUR TONGUE, CASTILLO.”

“How appropriate.” He noticed where Luna was sitting. “Why exactly are you...”

She smiled. “Why do you think? He has chosen torpor for the next five years, and I have to deal with things until then. Unless things get bad enough that I have to wake him up, of course.”

He sighed. “I see. But if you seek to question my reason for being here, it is to see exactly why you speak with some random Kindred who wanders into Jackal's club, and then you whisk him off somewhere in the city, and then nothing seems to come of it. At least, nothing I have heard. Care to explain this, Hikari?”

“Have you considered that it may be a matter that is none of your concern? If it were, then I would say you would readily be made aware of the details.” Luna sighed.

“Perhaps. But the crucial detail of knowing something is going on, has not gone amiss with me. As such, I find myself with a curiosity that it seems, can only be satisfied by asking. Thus, that is exactly what I am doing. If you believe that I have some sort of intent in doing so, it is not what you think.” Castillo briefly lowered his head, keeping his stare locked onto the women before him. “So if you will?”

Perhaps you are still in a dream, SNAKE EATER? No, for this is not Arcadia. That is a dream you will not have, for you do not live in such a world. This is not a stark and plain world, this is one of darkness.” A small, yet loud voice ran around the room like a voracious dog.

Turning around, Castillo couldn't help but laugh as his eyes were set upon none other than Jackal. “Ah, so now it comes full circle. I suppose you are here to give a voice to this insanity? Or perhaps, you have found yourself in need of someone that is able to change your diapers.”

His smile only getting wider, Jackal laughed. “You are blind, and nothing will change that. Your only solace is paranoia, and little else. But that comes to an end, soon.”

Castillo frowned. “Are you threatening me, boy?”

Jackal kept his smile, and didn't move. “Those who are, are not present within this room. Do you know them? Perhaps not. Are they knowable? At this moment, no. But it is your fate, and I care little for it.”

He sighed. “Fine. Have your talk. I shall have none of it.” Leaving the room, his footsteps could be heard, until he walked out the front doors.

“Now then, as I expected, you have the need to speak with me, Jackal?” Luna crossed her arms.

The boy nodded. “Yes. But I am not alone, as may be obvious to you already.” He looked toward the doors. “Marius?”

No one entered. Jackal did seem curious, but his grin quickly changed to a smile. Luna shared his curiosity, and Hikari the same, only she seemed rather agitated.

“You brought him here? Why?”

Entering into the room, Marius smiled, as he put a glass to his lips, drinking some of it's contents. His clothing was similar to Adam's, only he wore a jacket similar to Jackal's – the only difference being that his lapels were pulled up. “It is not to waste time. I do have business with Luna, and the fact that Jackal is here, would be to elaborate, if something I say is not easy to believe.” He snorted. “Plus, He did offer transportation when I expressed the interest to speak with you, and of course informed me of the details related to the Prince's torpor – and as such, I would be speak with with his Seneschal, who is acting as Prince, for now.”

Nodding, Luna stood. She motioned to a nearby sitting area, where there was a pair of couches around a circular table. “Then if you please.”

Once they all took a seat around this table, Luna crossed her legs. “Much as I understand about this situation, the question I find most prominent, is not about it at all. Why do you need my council, Marius?”

He set his glass down on the table, leaning back into the soft leather. “It is for a bold request, one which I do not know how true it might be.” With a sigh, he continued. “Considering what Jackal has said, Donovan is looking for a girl. Who she might be, I do not know, and even more, I do not know what Donovan intends for her. Forgive me if this sounds too obvious.”

Luna smiled. “Not entirely obvious, but then, I might just be thinking ahead of you. In fact, I see how this works.” She laughed. “What I would imagine, is that you wish to embrace her first, even if you have no idea as to what this, Donovan, intends for her. Correct?”

“It is not my first choice, but it is something Lucius did suggest. Jackal said nothing upon telling him, save for mentioning the need to speak with you, given the situation with the Prince.”

She nodded. “Indeed. My Sire would be rather loathe to agree to this, but then, it may just be something he would delegate me to deal with anyway. So....”. Luna rubbed her chin.

“You dim, Moon. What are you thinking?” Jackal spoke as he sat with his legs crossed on the sofa.

“I would say this is something that I can benefit from. Perhaps even far more than I can imagine at the moment. But I would not endeavor to do so like other Princes, no matter if I have yet to become just that.” With a smile, she continued. “There is something I would like to offer you, Marius, which might just be suitable for you.”

Picking up his glass again, Marius nodded. “I am certainly willing to listen.”

“While I have no implicit need for a sheriff at the moment, what I could use, is an, enforcer, of sorts. I may not be one to avoid a confrontation entirely, there are somethings that need to be dealt with, carefully – and in a way which I would not be suited. Such as something which has come to my attention, something which I feel needs to be dealt with, once I obtain the proper information. So..”

She stood, offering her hand. “Embrace the girl, and in time, I shall give you the information about what you must do – and in the future, I may offer you similar such tasks. Do you accept this?”

Switching the hand his glass was in, Marius stood. Taking Luna's hand, he smiled, briefly snarling. “I do. Please make it something...” He licked his lips, his tongue poking through his teeth. “...worthwhile.”

Luna nodded as their hands parted. “Oh, I am sure it is something that will be of great interest to you.”


Once Jackal and Marius left the estate, Hikari remained. Her reasons were not unknown to Luna, but there was at least one, that she was sure of. Turning around from the large window, she smiled. “You are unsure of my choice?”

“I wonder where it goes. I can see where you would wish for someone like Marius, even if I would not contest you. The others may not feel the same way, but I do. However, most of this has already been said, and saying more will not favor anyone.”

Walking around the desk, Luna raised Hikari from the chair, placing a hand on her face. “We know were this goes. But if you are unsettled, understand that what I seek, is more than just being Prince. I cannot, and will not suddenly claim to be involved with your Sire's death, as I would do no such thing. But you being Primogen, is one step – which is more luck than anything else. The next, is putting things in place, so that not many will contest, when I become Prince.”

“Would anyone be aware of....”

Luna placed her arms around Hikari, and planted a soft kiss on her lips. “If they know, let them talk. I do not care. They can think whatever they wish. They will do little, to stop me.” She released her arms, but still held onto Hikari's waist.

“Any other night, they can stare at me all they want, and sling their words. But tonight, only you get that privilege.”
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Chapter XII – Eve Of The Hallows

You seem so interested. You view me as perfect, or at least, what you yourself would aspire to be...but I am not. In truth, I am everything you should hate, everything you should fear. But then, why should I stop you? In fact, I could show you the world as I see it...and give you exactly, what you seek.

Stepping out into the light rain, Marius could not help but find his thinking, devious. Perhaps no one had said it, but what has been said, is enough. Given what he is, the idea that common morals or, even more, laws, could stop him, was foolish. But that label would not come close to being his, either. Why? If only because he knew of ways to avoid that problem, as Adam had oh so easily spoken of. It was something he had noticed, but it seemed fitting. For what the clan stood for, deception was a useful tool. Just as it would be to any other clan with a similar power.

Pulling his collar up, he slowly walked down the steps, and looked around. The rain washed sidewalk almost had the look of glass, and the street shared this. Few roamed the dark streets, and those that did, had a look of apprehension about them. Those that took notice of him, even from across the road, did not take the time to stop and keep staring.

Smiling, he slightly adjusted his sunglasses, then started walking down the street. It was a refreshing feeling, knowing that, at least in some respect, not much in the world could hope to touch him. Before, in his brief trips to the city, there was always some notion that, something could go wrong – and if it did, he would be defenseless. Any glimmer of hope, was not something he could see, since he was, then, unaware of the details. Now, Kindred or Kine, either that presented themselves as a threat, he had the power to deal with it – however he saw fit.

As he walked, he remembered the call. While he could recite perfectly what Jackal spoke of, he could not as easily understand what it meant. The only part of it that seemed clear, would be something about “A dark blue hive of decadence”, which he would admit, had him confused at first, but then Adam suggested that it may mean the Kabalt, which made sense, perhaps. The only other part that he thought relevant, was “The shadow of the fallen descends within the boundary, or within the reality.” This had him clueless, and Adam could offer nothing to explain. Marius was sure that perhaps someone could figure it out, but for the moment, it was not him.

Shoving the thoughts aside, he smiled as he thought of something else Jackal had mentioned. It was a not so vague reference to something he thought was going to become more commonplace. That being, a night of the year in which humans will take to masquerading as various creatures from mythology, history, and such. It seemed comical, since it's purpose was yet unknown. Still, it seemed interesting, even if it was something felt little need to involve himself with once it became popular. The only masque he needed, was not one at all.

He pulled his sunglasses down slightly, as he looked up at the moon. “Cursed horror that stalks the night...” His mouth stretched into a smile as he walked, an ever so slight snarl escaping. “...yes, but there is so much more...”


“I do wonder about the way you think, Luna. Most would consider it a problem, but I cannot make that claim. It can be said that I myself think in a similar fashion, although there are obvious differences between us.”

Luna smiled. “Glad to see the appreciation, Lucius. I have heard that the idea was your own, although it works out in my favor. Where my alliance with the Infernal goes, I do not know - but so long as things work out how I wish, then I feel a continued relationship will work out for us both. “

Lucius nodded. “Indeed, but from what I can tell, that is something he does not subscribe himself to. I cannot vouch for the beliefs of his Sire, but I can tell that he may wish to empower himself, perhaps not with something that proves difficult for him, or anyone, to control.”

She seemed puzzled. “Forgive my ignorance, but while I understand, it seems much of what you refer to, I am not as informed. Perhaps you can lend me a book in future, if you posses such a tome.”

He smiled. “Most of my own research into the subject has been, rather limited, but I do have a book that shall inform you well enough. But if I may pose a question, it seems you have granted Marius' wish, for no other reason than to request his help at a later date. While I can certainly imagine, conjecture would not serve.”

Standing, her smile returned. “In time, I shall do the obvious. Many do not think I have the balls, but I assure you, and everyone who questions it, I do. The last thing I shall do, is rest my laurels upon the head of someone who will not serve my interests.”

“Oh, I am well aware. Your...will, is certainly something that I would not seek to question, nor would I wish to risk facing such a fire. However, the thinking of other Kindred, is not the same as my own. Too much have I seen the languishing of Kindred in this city, who squander their power on petty things, and they believe their knowledge of the world is enough. They, are wrong. You do not fit this pattern, and I have known that...intimately, since your embrace.”

“I would certainly hope so, since even before then, I needed to bare myself to you. If nothing else, you understand my motivations, even if they may be driven by things which are not by others. However, like Marius, I intend on biding my time. I will not whine about this – no, soon enough, if I believe there is a need for action, I shall act upon my whims, and take what I want. My only question to you on that, is if you are willing to support it, when and if the time comes.” She sat back in her chair.

Lucius nodded. “I feel that, if I did say no, I would be a fool. I know enough about you, that tells me you are not someone to cross. Hence why I did not act out the arrogant elder when speaking to you, during your preparation for the embrace – and I shall not do so now. If need be, I will get the clan on your side, although I cannot vouch for the Primogen specifically, it should not be a problem.”

“Good.” She tipped a glass to her mouth, draining the remainder of the blood within. Setting it down, she sighed. “Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get the sort of blood I require? Even worse, the ones who seem to be exact – but then I wretch, and it becomes obvious they are not.” Snarling, she stood.

“Perhaps you should seek out a ghoul? That may make your...taste, easier to manage.”

Luna nodded. “I have been looking, believe me. Hence the near constant wretching, or spitting. Bloody humans put too much of an emphasis on muscle, and that is exactly the kind of thing I despise. While the females do not, and their blood satisfies, I feel blood of a more...mixed sort, far more desirable.”

He smiled. “To that end, I have little to do or say that can help. I have noticed that humans can vary quite a bit, which is likely a very obvious statement, but the reasons not all clear to me - yet. So, the most I can say is that, at some point, you should find exactly the sort of person that will please you.”

“I certainly hope so. Now, I have some things to deal with.”


“Seems difficult to get the point, however, just watching does wonders for that question.”

Marius stood in the parking lot, which was for the Kabalt's patrons. Many of them seemed eager to get in, even if their intent was to drown themselves in spirits. The Vampires that entered seemed to vary in their intentions, since some of them were in the company of their ghouls, while others seemed more in it for the atmosphere, and even more were hoping for the provision of their fancy.

His intent was different. If the girl was here, it seemed hard to tell. None of the females seemed to stand out, and those that did, were either Vampires, or Ghouls in a rather sad state. Some of them, he had the impulsive wish to, in a sense, save, since it was obvious their...master, for lack of the word that Adam had once mentioned, was not appreciative of those that shared his or her blood.

It seemed a curious thing. Some Vampires treated Ghouls even worse than humans, mostly due to the fact that some Vampires seemed to view them as glorified blood dolls, their life hanging on a thread, which could be likened to glass. Would he do the same? Unlikely. If only because he would not wish such a thing on anyone. He knew that some would argue this point, but there was little point in doing so.

In truth, he had to admire Adam's treatment of Belle. While it was not at all like how his own father had treated his mother, at least before the embrace, it was still a cordial relationship. He certainly could not speak for it being romantic, but then, that really was not his business. That said, his own relationship with Belle was similar, since he knew her in a similar fashion that Adam did, at least concerning her blood. Otherwise, well, that was not a road that seemed opened for him to take.

“I would say it is surprising to see you here, but then again, I believe I understand the reason.”

Turning his head, Marius nodded at Hikari. She had a lit cigar in her mouth, and her dress, was the same as ever. Her fashion was certainly unusual, at least when he looked around, most of the men and women wearing dresses, and suits – while she wore something that, at least so far as she had mentioned previously, was more traditional dress in her parent's native Japan. Although she mentioned as well that the colors were not so traditional, being solely black and white. If they were at all, he did not know.

“I'm thinking of going in for a drink, if I do not see this girl soon. You?”

She smiled. “I would deride you for the friendly attitude, but I believe it will be of no use. In truth, I do not care about your clan, nor much about you. Still, my reasoning for being here is simple.” She pointed at the patrons entering the club. “The same as everyone else. But I think you might want to wait on that drink.”

“Huh? Why?” He frowned. “Why should I-”

She shook her head. “Found your girl. Think you might want to check on what is going on?”

Marius watched as a young woman detach from the crowd, followed by a few men in suits. It looked like she ran around the building. With a snarl, he walked away from Hikari, not saying anything to her.

“Dammit. Why does this shit have to be difficult.”

Running after the group, Marius stopped as he neared the back of the building, Peeking around the corner, he watched the men speak to the girl, the more outstanding one pointing a gun at her. Most of what was being said, seemed rather obvious, although it was true that Marius himself would use none of these words, at least, not in same context.

“You little bitch. Do you have any idea what you have cost me?”

She did nothing but smile. “Nothing you will not be making back in a week. But it is not about the money, is it? A man's pride is easy to wound, and it's easy to make them angry because of it. Although, you should know that killing me is a mistake.” Marius had to blink as he saw the girl stare right at him.

The man seemed to roll his eyes, based on the movements of his head. “And just why would I NOT want to? Who the fuck do you think is going to miss you?”

The girl kept her smile. “I do not know. Maybe no one. But then, who would just 'miss' a dead woman? Who would not investigate who did it? I think you are in over your head, here.”

“Please. I would simply pay to clean things up. The police may be aware, but they will have nothing that could connect me to it.”

She scoffed at him. “You fool. How many people do you think watched you chase me out of the club? How many people there do you think, simply will not say anything about it? Maybe, it might even be someone who would actually like to see you in prison.”


Marius sighed. The tension was too much. It was obvious to him that he had to act soon, the reason to wait fading. Walking out from where he stood, he smiled. “Now you have a witness. So, go ahead and shoot. I'm sure I can get some information to those who would be interested, that would seal your fate.”

The man turned around, pointing his gun at Marius. “So you want to play the hero, boy. So be it.”

“Go head. SHOOT. Do so, and I shall show you fear. The fear of imprisonment, of the law, that will become trivial, in comparison to your fear of ME.” He raised his arms, smiling.

Without flinching, the man pulled the trigger, the round exiting the barrel, and within seconds, going straight through Marius' forehead. He did not move. The pain was minimal, but he felt more amusement, than anything else. It was interesting. He did truly wonder what sort of wound forced Darius to embrace his father, and if it was anything like this, he could see why. But that is not a problem he would have.

His smile stayed, and he reached his hand up to his forehead, wiping some of the blood on his finger. With a small chuckle, he stuck his bloodied finger into his mouth, and began laughing. Looking back at the man who shot him, he snarled. “Scared yet?”

The man nearly dropped his gun. “What the...fuck are you?”

He could not bring himself to say it, but soon enough, he found he didn't have to. A nearby door opened, which seemed to go into the club's kitchens. What Marius could only describe as a gorgeous woman walked out, her skin dark, yet pale. She wore a black, shiny dress, along with a silver necklace and belt. Her sleek hair was pulled back, a silver clasp keeping it tight. On her face was a smile.

“Marius, is it? I see you have found what you, and your foe has been looking for. However, this situation does beg something, and that is information.”

Marius nodded. “I see. You are?”

The woman kept her smile. “I am Akhet. Jackal's childe. Along with the new manager of his club. Certainly, some of the fools within do complain, but their words fall on ears that need not listen to the prattle.”

“What do I need to know, then?”

Akhet nodded. “These men, are worthless. I suspect that you have harboring reservations about killing them. Do not. There is a list of sins and laws they have committed, and broken. Lives they have taken, ended, for little reason. I suspect the one they answer to will have his own judgment, perhaps for something he considers trivial.”

“I see. Then perhaps I should get to it.”

She nodded once again. “A room is ready in the hotel, alongside a car waiting for you near the club's entrance. Ah, also, do not worry about the...mess. Make one, and it shall be cleaned up. No worries.” Akhet turned around, entering back into the club, the door closing behind her by someone unseen.

“Now, lets get this over with.”

The girl sighed. “I guess you may be wishing you never accosted me, Lorenzo. I do not know what he is, but I am sure he is not planning on arresting you.”

One of the men tapped Lorenzo on the shoulder. “You sure you want to tangle with this guy, boss?”

Not turning his gaze from Marius, Lorenzo started laughing. “I've heard stories, you know. Especially back in Italy.”

Marius smiled. “Really? You think I have anything to do with a bunch of Necromancers? Or at least, that is what my Sire suggested they are. No, you may find that I am far worse. Still, I do not have any intention of playing with a least one that is not moving.”
“That does remain to be seen. From what I have, I did business with a...rather unusual woman, once. Pale as fresh snow, and just as goddamn cold. Directed her to an associate of mine, who could assist her as needed.”

Not losing his smile, Marius pulled a gun from his hip. “Maybe I might meet her at some point. Or not. All I know for sure is...”

Taking a few steps forward, he reached out and grabbed Lorenzo by the neck. Lifting him up off the ground, he snarled. “...if you are a man of faith, then you may wish to begin praying.”

Turning his gaze to the other men, Marius snarled again. “You are a waste, all of you.” Raising his gun, he smiled, aiming at them. “You have no idea, how much I do not care. You have thrown yourselves to the wolves, you idiots.”

Without hesitation, he pulled the trigger once. The round flew into the head of his target, leaving the other two almost motionless. They barely thought to move as Marius lined up a shot for each of them, and they lost their chance to run.

As they both fell to the ground, Marius turned back to Lorenzo. “ you have met one of the things your faith tells you to be scared of. To fear. Not you god, but your demons.”

Pulling the glasses off his face, he stared into the human's eyes. “You are not my first, and not my last. Your blood shall not stain the ground, but my lips, and more importantly, the interior of my body. You shall sate my hunger, at least for now. Farewell.”

“Here I thought I was just crazy. But apparently not.”

Standing up, Marius wiped his mouth with the cloth from Lorenzo's pocket, dropping it on his face. “You knew about Vampires?”

She snorted, laughing. “Please. You think there are not rumors flying all over the city? Even if it is kept secret, someone will still know, even if they believe it nothing but hysteria, a myth. But I know for other reasons. I was not curious, I did not wish to find out. Sure, I've read a few books, but even that was enough, for a few reasons.”

With a shrug, he smiled. “I honestly do not know how to continue. Surely, I know what options I have, but I would not intend on forcing, what is your name?”

Keeping her smile, she approached him. Touching his face, she laughed. “Jody.”

“A first name basis, is it? Fine.” He softly took her hand, softly kissing it. “A pleasure. But why is it that you seem, interested?”

“I do not want to run any more. I do not know what has been happening, but it is not something I want to deal with myself. The rest of my family...they...all of them killed in various ways, but not enough to be noticed. To random, too isolated. If I am a target as well, then I would endure the embrace, if it means I can defend myself.”

With a sigh, he nodded. “You know about that too, eh? Well then, I think everything is in place. Although, do you not care about, the specifics?”

Jody shook her head. “Perhaps I will learn in time, but perhaps somewhere away from here? I have no reason to wait, and it sounds like you do not either.”

She turned, walking towards the front of the club, disappearing around the corner as Marius started to follow her. He briefly looked up at the moon as he walked. It was colored red, and did not appear so much as mean, as it did look inviting. “Tonight is a blood moon, and so shall I feed upon it.”
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