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 What will come after CE?

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What will come after CE? Empty
PostSubject: What will come after CE?   What will come after CE? EmptySun Aug 25, 2013 8:42 pm

Well, the answer to this is: I'm not yet decided.
I'd love to create additional clans, but apart from the problem with the needed disciplines, some would require a very good explanation. Possibly even to the point of having to partly rewrite the story. I can't have a Giovanni steal the old box from his own clan.
Then there is the problem on which version of the patch to build it. I want to include the library map, but not the quest. I certainly don't want all the disciplin changes Entenschreck and Wesp came up with in the latest few versions. I need the "real" patches and I want most of the reconstructed models... So, base or plus, 8.0 or 8.7?
The only thing I'm quite sure about is that I want to use the histories for very specific stuff only. Like diet requirements for Ventrue, special forms of malkavian madness afflictions, or perhaps certain bloodlines like City Gangrel.
And I do not want the discipline changes Zer0 has done for CE 1.2, but I want to include something like the email college. And more randomized things. Items, paswords, blooddolls and hookers, hunters, people on the streets...

Any suggestions?
Or volunteers for creating new character skins or writing the storyline for new quests? Preferably not one on the lines of fetch this item or kill another pack of hunters.


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What will come after CE?
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