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PostSubject: Kyuuketsuki Miyu   Kyuuketsuki Miyu EmptyWed Feb 24, 2010 7:34 am

Well, some random information about a manga and anime series I love..
Kyuuketsuki Miyu 2990-miyumanga_large

Kyuuketsuki Miyu (or Vampire Miyu or Vampire Princess Miyu) is an old (80's) manga, which brought 4 OAV and after (mid 90's) a tv series.

For the manga, it's light, the drawings are very smooth :
Kyuuketsuki Miyu Miyu3
Like the OAV, the history is about hopelessness and darkness Wink

OAV is 4 little stories that follow each other, from an "exorcist" point of view. Here is an AMV for you to see the art It's light and dancing as much as the Manga.

The TV series is a bit more heavy, but the same feeling of hoplessness and solitude remains Wink
here is the ending for you to read the lyrics

So a very very nice vampire story for me Smile
(but yes, quite "girly")
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Kyuuketsuki Miyu
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