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 Missing Occult Items

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Missing Occult Items Empty
PostSubject: Missing Occult Items   Missing Occult Items EmptySat Feb 27, 2010 12:35 pm

From what I understand, in CE1.2 Plus:

Pearl of Dubai
- supposed to be a reward from Issac after reporting about killing the Tzimisce
I've gotten a Fae Charm instead.

Fae Charm
- supposed to be a reward from Strauss after reporting on dealing with the Gargoyle
I've gotten cash (or maybe nothing) instead (maybe due to that I've already posssessed the Fae Charm from Issac).

Heart of Eliza and Antique Locket
- suppored to be a reward from Ox after returning the eyes
I've gotten the cash instead

Edit: If it matters, I don't think so I was playing Tremere and my Melee skill was at 5 when I started the Eye quest.
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Missing Occult Items
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