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 Way too much money

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PostSubject: Re: Way too much money   Way too much money - Page 2 EmptySat Feb 28, 2015 4:49 pm

Zer0Morph wrote:
Well, I gave it some thought and even though Inspection will be more relied upon in 1.4 and you won't be able to see any items, keys, etc... without it, I decided to do a mass XP and Haggle reward rebalance anyways.

Basically, I went through the entire game and when outrageous amounts of XP are rewarded to the player, I took a little off the top. Then I went through the entire game and wherever Haggle effected the money reward amount, I shaved some off the top of that as well. Then I reduced all occult sell values by 25%.

I think a combination of the rebalances along with the Inspection System will definitely make TFN 1.4 much tougher on deciding what to invest in. You shouldn't have gobs of XP and money by the end of the game but should still be pretty powerful by Chinatown. The best to really know is to get a team to play through it as different styles of characters and see what they think.

One thing I was very careful about was not reducing money or XP in Santa Monica, I took more from Chinatown and Hollywood and left SM alone because the crazy amounts of XP and money come later in the game and I want the player to still feel like he's making progress early on.
I don't know about reducing XP especially in the end, when you need it just to fight: the Giovanni quest, the Society of Leopold, the Hallowbrook, Ming Xiao and the Ventrue tower. Cutting the xp after chinatown would just make the fights way harder, but not the game itself.
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Way too much money
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