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 Game stuck on black screen after installing on STEAM

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Game stuck on black screen after installing on STEAM Empty
PostSubject: Game stuck on black screen after installing on STEAM   Game stuck on black screen after installing on STEAM EmptySat Apr 23, 2016 8:57 pm

Hey guys, I'm having a bit of a problem.

I recently got the game on STEAM and I played it with the unofficial patch 9.2. Then I decided to get this one.

I uninstalled VTMB (STEAM deleting local content) and then went into my Disk D, steam folder etc and deleted the VTMB game folder.

After that I installed the game again and then this patch, following instructions on the 1.2 game manual pfd. As soon as I click the Play Game on STEAM it goes into a black screen and never advances. If I chose the task manager it does not even show up, but the black screen turns into a grey "loading..." screen.

I deleted everything and tried again. This time following the instructions inside the installed mod called "Camarilla Edition manual" created inside the game folder by the CE. I still have the same problem.

-I have a Windows 10.

-I have tried installing the mod before and after running the vanilla game once. I never installed any patch with CE, not even the official one (I'm guessing the base STEAM game has it? If not, do I need the OP?)

-I have been told to disable "steam community in game" and "automatic update" but those buttons do not show up in my version, however I have stopped the "steam community in game" for the unofficial patch, so I'm guessing it's still like that. No idea about the automatic update.

-I can't open them game if I choose to run it in compatibility mode, or as admit. It says it cannot find STEAM and doesn't even get stuck in the black loading screen.

Can someone please help? I've loved this game for so many years, and now that I have it again I really want to play CE and other mods Smile

[CE final and game manual downloaded from moddb dot com]
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Game stuck on black screen after installing on STEAM
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