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 What is VTM: The Final Nights?

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What is VTM: The Final Nights? Empty
PostSubject: What is VTM: The Final Nights?   What is VTM: The Final Nights? EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 12:21 am

What is VTM: The Final Nights? TFNBanner

One of the first things you may notice in the title is that the "B" is missing from VTMB, this is not an accident. The Final Nights is an expansion to an otherwise flawless video game built upon the success of the Camarilla Edition series of mods. The "B" has been removed because this expansion can no longer bare the name Bloodlines as it is so far removed from the original game as to warrant the name change. The idea behind this expansion is, and always will be the notion of a completely new experience unlike we've seen so far.

With 7 completely brand new clans, 5 new disciplines, extra quests, new NPCs, new game mechanics and new music, the features seem endless. All of this is being built upon the Camarilla Edition series incorporating such things as the blood timer system, pedestrian blood dolls, and the new combat system. Combined we feel the name Bloodlines must be removed from this game, and thus we now simply have "The Final Nights".

Below are the features of VTM: The Final Nights 1.0.

All features included in Camarilla Edition Ver. 1.2

7 Brand New Clans
Assamite - Vizier caste, Scholars, Artists, and Assassins.
Baali - Evil demon worshippers, corrupters of souls.
Followers of Set - Usurpers, use serpent charms.
Ishtarri - African clan of gluttons, information gatherers.
Osebo - Violent warriors of Laibon, drawn to crime.
Salubri - Noble healers and warriors of the righteous.
Samedi - Rotting, stinking undead, control of death and decay.

5 Brand New Disciplines
- Daimoinon: Discipline of devil worship which specializes in the corrupting of souls and infernal combat.
- Obeah: Healing for both body and soul, greater control of the beast and other various effects.
- Quietus: Grants influence over the blood of others, Assassin based discipline known by the Assamites.
- Serpentis: The Setites core discipline, can use to charm others and take the form of their god Set.
- Thanatosis: A truly disturbing discipline which involves manipulating effects of death and decomposition.

The Humanity/Frenzy System
- You can drop your Humanity as low as 0, but will result in a game over.
- At Humanity level 3 or lower, being around the death of an innocent will lower your Humanity by 1 whether you actually did the killing or not. This excites the Beast.
- Taking 20 bashing/lethal damage in one hit -OR- taking 16 aggravated damage in one hit will result in a frenzy check.
- A frenzy timer constantly runs in the background. As your Humanity drops and you begin getting hungry, frenzy checks will become more frequent.

The Haggle System
- Monetary reward amounts from quests depend on Haggle feat.
- Bribe NPCs with money where amount depends on Haggle feat.
- Blackmail NPCs to earn extra money and XP.
- Prostitution costs depend on Haggle feat.
- All weapons, items, lore books, etc... have been adjusted.

The Inspection System
- Items only appear if Inspection feat is high enough.
- New items have been laid out in all 4 main hubs including armor and occult items.

The Weapon System
- All weapons have a use, no weapon is worthless.
- Advanced weapons are available to purchase much earlier.
- Complete rebalancing of every weapon.
- New weapons, skins, and sound effects.
- All vendors carry every type of ammo, new ammo capacities.

The Masquerade Violation System
- Completely new violation system created for TFN.
- Hunters spawned will be permanent NPCs on the map, until killed.
- Hunters spawn from violation level 1-4.

The Prostitution and Blood Doll System
- Haggle plays a large role in Prostitute cost while Seduction plays a minor role.
- New prostitute triggers for all 4 hubs making feeding much easier.
- Vanilla blood dolls work on random success to feed; while having a higher Seduction increases chances.
- All vanilla and CE-made blood dolls use same success chances regardless of hub.

The Music System
- All licensed music has been changed for all 6 clubs and other various places were music is played. (Song list in the end credits)
- All music in the clubs rotate so the same song never plays back to back. In most cases, 3 different songs play and a new song upon entry.
- All club music and voiced dialogue volumes were adjusted for better sound quality and understanding.
- Sunrise Diner now plays oldies music.
- New male/female feeding sounds.

Misc. Gameplay Changes
- The White Cloud has become a vendor of occult items.
- Research books are no longer found but bought from vendors.
- Stealth has been modified to be more realistic/harder.
- Discipline cost is based on a multiplier of 6 instead of 5.
- New opening scene with new audience and henchmen.
- Cheating no longer possible at the beginning with Jack.
- Changed most passwords in Santa Monica.

New NPCs
Akeem - A 400 year old Assamite Vizier who's in town to find relics.
Evan and Garrett - LaCroix's new personal bodyguards (cleaners).
Edgar Hirst - A powerful Hunter and mini boss for the Akeem quest.
Chastity's Team - Chastity now commands a small band of troops.
Gangrel/Toreador Antitribu - Two mini bosses in the SM warehouse.
Tremere Antitribu - Leader of the Bradbury Hotel.
Bach's Helpers - Bach now has a small personal squad of men.
Wraith - A wraith is summoned in Gallery Noir fight.

Enhanced/New Quests
- Enigmatic Encounters
Do a favor for Bertram and meet Akeem in the process.
- Inquisitors Know Too Much
This is a brand new quest given to the player by Akeem and involves Hunters in downtown LA.
- Hot Stripper Assassin Action
This quest has been remade in that now Chastity is the leader of a small squad of hunters.
- Society for the Preservation of Professors
This quest has been remade in that Grunfeld Bach has additional support in final battle.
- Out for Blood
The NPC Kindred were reworked and given full animations and visual discipline usage during this quest.
- Hunters Hunting
You can now ask Ash to stay behind or come with you and he also now carries a gun instead of using his fists.
- Poster Quest
The Poster Quest from Wesp's Unofficial Patches has been removed.

- All PC models and skins have been heavily modified.
- Protean warform has been changed to be more wolf-like (Thanks Raptor_Red).
- All Research Books were reskinned.
- Several prostitutes were reskinned for variety.
- The Diner interior was reskinned and renamed to "Sunrise Diner".
- Various signs in SM were reskinned.
- Arthur Kilpatrick was reskinned.
- SWAT NPCs were reskinned.
- Hunters were reskinned.
- New TFN UI with red/blue blood counter.

Character Creation
- Indepth histories of each clan are presented in a two page report viewable during character creation.
- New background for the character sheet.

Bug Fixes left over from CE 1.2
- Fixed misspelling of Fortitude description
- Fixed camera view buttons to make more sense
- Fixed unclear description of Tawni Quest
- Fixed Skelter's eyes, should've been Gangrel

Below are the list of features in VTM: The Final Nights 1.1.

What is VTM: The Final Nights? TFN11Banner

Bug Fixes
- Prostitute in Cemetery no longer swaps models
- .308 ammo no longer duplicates in vendor list
- Frenzy counter stops when using Heart of Darkness discipline
- Only Salubri can heal Mercurio
- Enigmatic Quest can be started from downtown havens
- Easier to sneak past guard in tutorial using Obfuscate 1
- Isaac gives cash instead of the occult item if PC already has occult item
- Reverted Glaze club back to a combat zone
- Ox no longer sells Key of Alamut to avoid conflict w/ Pishas gift
- Mugging SM Blueblood no longers incurs a Masquerade Violation
- Broken quest line "Gargoyle Removal Service" has been fixed
- VCD dialogue issues with Regent
- VV no longer sends love email if you killed Hatter
- Vesuvius music rotates properly, no more blank tracks
- SM Blue Blood no longer walks down the alley when charmed by Serpentis
- Learning from Bertram from CD quest now works properly
- Santa Monica Hub 1 ambient sewer music fades properly
- Missing Salubri hand models displaying in first person
- Fixed female Salubri forehead scar
- Samedi no longer gets Masquerade Violations from Hunters
- Hunter battles no longer summon police in hubs

New Content
- Added Male Salubri to PC list
- Created new NPC 'Jimmy Reed'
- Created new NPC 'Silvia Black'
- Created "A Pyramid's Deception" side quest for Baali only
- Created "Obstruction of Justice" side quest for all clans
- Created "Rendezvous with Reed" side quest for all clans
- Created "Bad for Business" side quest for all clans
- Created (36) Stat Shuffler histories for all the clans
- Brandishing guns, swords, crossbows, etc... in main hubs alert police
- Created progressive particle effect for Fortitude
- Created progressive particle effect for Potence
- Matched sell value to worth value for all Occult items
- Earn 1 XP for having sex with Jeanette
- Rebalanced melee weapons (Bashing does more dmg, Lethal does less)
- Rebalanced Zhao map so the Tong use different firearms
- Changed Setite Attribute order to Social, Mental, Physical
- New ambient music added to hubs and other locations by original composer Rik Schaffer
- Isaac's gift is now the Mummywrap Fetish
- Ox now sells the Saulocept
- Added explanation of missing disciplines on mousewheel through loading screens
- Added explanation of missing disciplines on mousewheel through tutorial pop-ups
- Can now intimidate the clinic guard in Santa Monica
- Added additional pedestrians to Santa Monica Hub
- Added additional pedestrians to Downtown Hub
- Added additional pedestrians to Hollywood Hub
- Added additional pedestrians to Chinatown Hub
- Restored Scholarship title removing Academics title
- Starting money depends on Haggle feat
- Updated main menu and character creator for TFN 1.1
- Swapped chinatown blood doll model w/ chinese pedestrian to avoid duplicates
- Updated the credits
- Remodeled and reskinned Male Salubri armor sets
- Expanded Hunter walking routes
- Installed payphones and security camera in Santa Monica arcade
- Trip no longer sells books
- Jimmy Reed sells low and mid grade books

Below are the list of features in VTM: The Final Nights 1.2.

What is VTM: The Final Nights? TFN12Banner

Bug Fixes
- Fixed "Surfside" reference in Lilly's diary, Therese and Newscaster dialogue
- Dirty Cop .VCD file too long
- Readjusted supernatural values for targeted disciplines
- Created VCD files for Blood Dolls and Prostitutes
- First visit to Santa Monica will display loading tip about brandishing weapons
- Reworked Daimoinon 3: Conflagration so that it damages supernaturals more
- Reworked Daimoinon 4: Infernal Servitor so that it effects supernaturals
- Presence no longer affects allied enemies on bloodhunt map
- Serpentis claws auto equip upon changing and use Unarmed feat instead of Melee feat
- Daimoinon firey hands use Unarmed feat instead of Melee feat
- Santa Monica Pier lights no longer show through walls
- Fixed Pyramid quest where refusing Strauss failed the quest twice
- Fixed downtown CDC guys not leaving after Pestilence quest
- Fixed Venture tower debris not appearing in the street downtown
- Purchasing masquerade redemptions from Silvia Black works properly
- Fixed Santa Monica warehouse ambient music
- Turn down particle effects for the Shade by 25%
- Heavy Cloth armor picture now displays correctly
- Sneaking past first shovelhead in tutorial is much easier

New Content
- Added Female Baali to PC list
- Street civilians sighting a Samedi will summon Police
- Street cops sighting a Samedi will attack immediately
- Shop civilians sighting a Samedi will run in fear but will not summon Police
- Shop security sighting a Samedi will attack immediately
- Rebalanced Samedi merit/flaw system
- Rebalanced Baali merit/flaw system
- Street cops will run in fear if player uses supernatural 3 (or higher) disciplines
- All sewers use the same eerie ambient music
- Made bloodloss timer based on Humanity and Stamina score
- Mentioned new bloodloss timer in tutorial pop ups and added to humanity description
- Put Jack upstairs in Last Round if you are Samedi
- Put Larry near abandoned hospital if you are Samedi
- Bypass speaking to bums on Plague Bearer quest if you are Samedi
- Pier Arcade hooker/customer NPCs replaced by video game player NPCs if you are Samedi
- Created "Fang of Vukodlak" occult item for Unarmed feat characters, sold by Regent
- Created new patrol path for pier cop
- Added rats to basement of Ocean House Hotel
- Brother Kanker reskinned
- SM Blue Blood now has a car that leaves when he does
- Moved Hollywood net cafe computer to the back
- Moved Ming's conversation in alley near Bradbury Hotel

Below are the list of features in VTM: The Final Nights 1.3.

What is VTM: The Final Nights? S2ft38

Bug Fixes
- David Hatter twitching
- Changed Boris' safe from Lockpick 6 to Lockpick 8 and added $100
- Changed Hannah's safe from Lockpick 6 to Lockpick 8 and added $100
- Fixed blue line running down Assamite male model's head
- Fixed Baali auto-leveling template giving +1 Intelligence
- Fixed misspelling on Ishtarri description
- Russian Mafia party guests leave if any mafia members die
- Fixed Isaac saying evening twice
- Fixed misspelling of past-time in loading tip
- Fixed locked Temple doors if taking Ming Xiao ending
- No longer incur a humanity loss for stealing the charity box
- Ox no longer sells the Necklace of Saulot
- Map music no longer plays when in the character sheet
- No masquerade violation for discpline use around thin bloods

New Content
- Added Female Assamite to PC list
- Background History overhaul
- Bloodtimer stops during dialogue
- New Hardcore Mode
- Reduced cost for Silvia's services depending on Haggle
- Reduced Persuasion required to learn about Silvia and earn XP
- Humanity loss (at 6 or higher) for stealing/hacking from innocent kine
- Online Bank Hacking [Kilpatrick's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Jeanette's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Dennis' computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Bertram's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Carson's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Danny Boyle's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Venus' laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Empire Arm's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Malcolm's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Milligan's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Pam King's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Ground Zero's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Flynn's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Edgar Hirst's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Tawni's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [David Hatter's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Velvet's laptop]
- Added Body Armor to Carson's safe
- Added cash chest to Boris' suite
- Added cash chest to Dennis' house
- Added cash chest to Tattoo parlor
- Added cash chest to Gimble's basement
- Added cash chest to the Cathayan's warehouse
- Added cash chest to Kilpatrick's shop
- Added cash chest to the Junkyard
- Added cash chest to Milligan's apartment
- Added blood fridge to Plague Sewer
- Added (2) blood fridges to LA Hospital
- Added cash chest to Jezebel's apartment
- Added cash chest to Empire Arm's back room
- Added cash chest to Chantry's back room
- Added cash chest to Tawni's apartment
- Added cash safe to Redspot's back room
- Added cash safe to Red Dragon's upstairs
- More occult items for sale by Ox
- Changed character sheet musical theme
- Updated the credits

Below are the list of features in VTM: The Final Nights 1.4.

What is VTM: The Final Nights? 2m284mh

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Windows DRM error check issue (Thanks Wesp)
- Fixed .dll issues (Thanks Wesp)
- Fixed blood doll automatic success issue
- Changed starting money amount
- Akeem's model now has proper physics applied
- Removed buggy cop in Empire Arms Hotel
- Changed inspection occult items to avoid duplicates with quest givers
- Changed Assamite Vizier to proper clan logo in character sheet
- Removed Presence, Auspex, and Fortitude first person view emitter
- Fixed Online Bank Hacking bug where you wouldn't receive money
- Beachhouse and Gimble's basement stay unlocked after quest completion
- Key of Alamut occult item not using the proper trait effect
- Normal fists are removed if player has Fang of Vukodlak after shapeshifting
- Apep's claws and Fiery fists no longer show in the inventory
- Created prostitute trigger for pier hooker
- Fixed no hands bug in tutorial
- Adjusted damage for Daimoinon 3: Conflagration
- Raised damage of the Bush Hook and Nodachi
- Readjusted volume for Main Menu and Character Sheet music
- Improved Akeem's lip movements (Thanks DDLullu)
- Fixed Lily's cutscene for female models (Thanks DDLullu)
- Fixed Silvia's black bar on facial model (Thanks DDLullu)
- Fixed Flynn's eye issue on facial model (Thanks DDLullu)

New Content
- Clan Followers of Set are now the Warriors of Set
- Created "For the Greater Good" side quest for all clans
- Can blackmail Gary with a photo for a new powerful occult item
- Presence 3-5 influences NPCs during dialogue (No blood required)
- Presence duration reduced to balance with new dialogue ability
- Items will not appear without appropriate Inspection level for all maps
- Auspex now reveals hidden items in real-time
- Auspex duration reduced to balance with new reveal ability
- Created progressive particle effect for Auspex and redesigned visuals/sound
- New items have been placed on all maps for new Inspection System
- Trip now sells a bottle of Morphine
- Malcolm and his patient leave when Heather does
- Silvia Black sends email to the player upon arriving in Santa Monica
- Pisha's fetish items require Inspection 4 to see
- Bertram's CD requires Inspection 7 to see
- Fang of Vukodlak is cursed and cannot be removed once worn
- Restored all PC models for introduction scene
- Use Inspection 4 to uncover Gimble's plot and earn XP
- Changed eyes for Osebo and Samedi models
- Persuasion was changed to Inspection to reveal information on the Gargoyle
- Rebalanced experience gain
- Rebalanced Haggle money rewards
- Occult items resell value 75% of base value
- New music for ending credits

Below are the list of features in VTM: The Final Nights 1.5 HD.

What is VTM: The Final Nights? TFN%201.5%20HD%20Banner

Bug Fixes
- Prevent Baali Humanity cap going past 6 through Ash dialogue
- Vandal dialogue bug when player does not have enough money to end his operation
- Check for the Fang of Vukodlak in the Ash Sewer map
- Changed recovery time for Silence of Death to 30 seconds
- Setites can't hit Hardcore button or game will crash
- Selling Elder/Blueblood bags caused a model error to the vendor
- Brother Kanker's Potence particles disappear when he does
- Added rain/thunderstorm sounds to Oceanhouse map
- Reduced amount of XP given throughout game (especially for Baali)
- Significantly reduced amount of money for online bank hacks
- Ishtarri clan weakness slightly more difficult
- Lowered damage against supernaturals for the following disciplines; Conflagration, Infernal Servitor, Taste of Death, Breathe the Sandstorm, and Compress
- Slight overall buff to all Hunters
- Haggle feat importance reduced, less money granted overall throughout game
- Doubled length of Rain/Thunderstorm sound in Santa Monica
- Skelter and Serial Killer now have appropriate Gangrel eyes
- Removed shaded backgrounds for tutorial pop ups (still misaligned, but looks better now)
- Audience walks out at the end of the opening scene in the theater; removed Mitnick and Imalia

New Content
- Changed Main Menu, Clan Histories, Character Sheet, Clan icons, Masquerade icons, buttons, Barter window, and loading screen to support 1080p resolution
- Changed Main Menu and Character Sheet music
- Changed Airport Greeter history to The Grandmaster
- Changed Creepy Curator history to Med School Dropout (Samedi Only)
- Changed Tenacious Gumshoe history to Forensic Investigator (Samedi Only)
- Incorporated "Eye Replacer" mod by Niveas
- Incorporated (a modified version) Silver Interface mod by 3Dell
- Changed Character Sheet animations to ones more fitting for the clan (Thanks to DDLullu & Wesp)
- Created new discipline icons for HUD
- Created HD teeth and tongues
- Created progressive particle effect for Blood Buff
- Beckett's Wolf Form has been changed to dark brown w/ red eyes
- Changed Gary's eyes to yellow and Bertram's eyes to yellow/red
- Changed Serpentis ring with the Eternal Struggle icon
- Reskinned Male Salubri Armor 3 and corresponding inventory images
- Gave Male Salubri a real beard
- Reskinned Fists of Vukodlak inventory image
- Made main menu particles smaller and a darker red
- HD touch ups on the Samedi face
- Reskin Apep's Semblance skin with snake scales and normal mapping
- Character Sheet animations for Apep's Semblance form
- Reworked the Steyr Aug, slower rate of fire, scope less zoom
- Elizabeth Dane computer now requires Hacking 6 to access the cameras

NOTE: All System Charts such as the Weapon stats, Frenzy Timer, Haggle System, Blood Doll %, and Masquerade Violations can be found at our website:

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What is VTM: The Final Nights? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is VTM: The Final Nights?   What is VTM: The Final Nights? EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 6:06 pm

It is now also a lol on deviant art :
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PostSubject: Re: What is VTM: The Final Nights?   What is VTM: The Final Nights? EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 6:42 am

I'm looking forward to playing the final nights 1.2  Twisted Evil 
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PostSubject: Re: What is VTM: The Final Nights?   What is VTM: The Final Nights? EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 1:50 pm

Leorgrium wrote:
I'm looking forward to playing the final nights 1.2  Twisted Evil 

You are not alone.
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PostSubject: Re: What is VTM: The Final Nights?   What is VTM: The Final Nights? EmptySat Mar 29, 2014 3:36 pm

I'm really looking forward to playing this.
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PostSubject: Re: What is VTM: The Final Nights?   What is VTM: The Final Nights? EmptySat Mar 29, 2014 9:18 pm

Good to see others will enjoy 1.2 also. I just started a new character so I can test out the Kui-Jin and LaCroix ending.  cheers 
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PostSubject: Re: What is VTM: The Final Nights?   What is VTM: The Final Nights? Empty

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What is VTM: The Final Nights?
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