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 Discipline: Serpentis

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Discipline: Serpentis
Ok now for the second completed discipline in the set. Serpentis is the trademark discipline of the Followers of Set clan. It primarily provides shapechanging abilities, though it also encompasses charms and other characteristics associated with snakes. The Setites are very protective of this discipline.

Here is a screenshot of the character sheet
Discipline: Serpentis R91gzc

Tier 1: Eyes of the Serpent - This is your basic Dominate: Trance effect but with obviously new graphics and sound. When cast you will hear an Indian flute playing in a mesmerizing tone along with snake hissing and a rattler, its a pretty cool effect.

Discipline: Serpentis 14ybsl0

Discipline: Serpentis 2lcmf0y

Discipline: Serpentis 1fv0ww

Tier 2: Breathe the Sandstorm - This power is ALOT of fun to play. First the character breathes out a large amount of hot scorching sand, and that it begins to swirl into a massive storm around the victims. It's pretty short ranged but is fantastic when surrounded, and it even does a small amount of damage.

Discipline: Serpentis 15517ac

Discipline: Serpentis 16hj9qw

Tier 3: Apep's Semblance - Your first true shapeshifting ability. I was originally going to create "Form of the Cobra" instead but I couldn't find a good cobra model to use, so I chose to use the Tier 8 ability Apep's Semblance which is a half human half snake hybrid form. Obviously I reskinned the Warform and removed any instance of it in the game so you won't find other Kindred using Apep's Semblance. While in this form, you gain extra strength and bonuses to your soak feats, but most of all you will deal aggravated damage. Snake hissing and rattler sounds play in the background while in this form for a very cool effect.

Discipline: Serpentis 351yb7k

Discipline: Serpentis 2yy60yt

Discipline: Serpentis 2mhso7b

I just liked this picture because a Cop is pointing his Glock right at the Serpents face, lol. (He's about to bite it off! Smile
Discipline: Serpentis 2rpttsl

Tier 4: Phobia - I wanted 1 more mind affecting discipline in the set, being that Serpentis is the only mind affecting discipline now that Dementation and Domination are gone. Phobia was the answer, this ability not only is a mass hold but also allows you to pounce on the victims without releasing them from their hold. They just stand there cowaring in fear while you beat on them, the sound effect is also alot of fun, hearing the screams of fear and worry, how evil! Smile

Discipline: Serpentis 2d1pqb6

Discipline: Serpentis T0owu8

Discipline: Serpentis Zx9pu1

Tier 5: Heart of Anubis - Ok this is the cream of the crop of all disciplines, comparable to Daimainon's Concordance ability. With Heart of Anubis you literally rip your own heart out of your chest and place it in your inventory for safe keeping. Powerful Setites are known for doing this because it makes them immune to staking and nearly indestructable. Though you are incredibly hard to kill when you remove your heart, you remove all but 1 blood point as well making other discipline use impossible. Once you put your heart back in by canceling the power, you will gain the original blood you had back as well. Also while the heart is removed, you no longer are subject to blood loss. When you open your inventory while this discipline is active, you while find your heart waiting for you as an inventory item. I found shapeshifting into Apep's Semblance then removing your heart is a very powerful discipline combo.

Discipline: Serpentis 2qn4pdy

It's so cool watching him clutch his chest in pain...
Discipline: Serpentis 52exkk

Discipline: Serpentis 9roflt
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Discipline: Serpentis
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