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PostSubject: ideas   ideas EmptyFri Apr 29, 2011 2:27 am

1. Get rid of Blood Heal.
First of all it simplifies the interface.
Second, it frees up a discipline for some other use.
Third, there was never much point to it - a player with low health and high blood always wants to use blood to heal, a player with high health and low blood always does not. Simply have some python script continuously increasing the players health and reducing his blood any time his %health is greater than his %blood.

2. More versatility in discipline choices & out-of-clan disciplines.
The Clan Quest mod currently gives me access to out of clan disciplines if I diablerize Tourette, so it's clearly possible to do so from conversations. Similarly, some histories increase the cost of some disciplines... I'm not sure if that can be done without a history, effect multiple disciplines, or match the out-of-clan or thin-blood discipline XP formula, but at the least it would be closer.
2a. A thin-blood or caitiff clan or history. Dialogue or menu choices at the start of the game to let me pick my disciplines. Increased XP costs for all disciplines as a thin-blood if possible. Concievably even custom disciplines (in some old WOD rules thin-bloods can fairly easily create never-seen-before disciplines).
2b. Learn out-of-clan disciplines. Maybe in-game tutors to unlock out-of-clan disciplines, like Nines or someone. Maybe as quest rewards. Maybe only the simplest of disciplines that you could figure out yourself, like potence or fortitude. If possible at a higher XP cost than in-clan disciplines.
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