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PostSubject: Lexicon   Lexicon EmptySat May 21, 2011 7:09 am

"Harpy ?" "Prince ?"

Let's go for some slang, lexicon and other strange words we can encounter in the VTM !

This is taken directly out of the corebook :
First, normal and common language, spoken by all alike.

¤Anarch: A Kindred rebel who opposes the tyranny of elders. Anarchs wish to redistribute the wealth and resources of a city equitably among the vampires therein. Naturally, the elders oppose this, having cultivated their influence for centuries.
¤Barrens, The: The areas of a city unfit for life, including graveyards, abandoned buildings, industrial wastelands and areas of irreversible urban blight. ¤Becoming, The: The moment one passes from being a fledgling into “full” vampire status. One may not Become until her sire deems her ready and gains the prince’s approval.
¤Book of Nod, The: A loose collection of Kindred legendry and history. The Book of Nod chronicles the origin of the Kindred, though it has never been published in its entirety. Fragments of the document and its many partial transcriptions circulate among certain strata of Kindred society.
¤Beast, The: The inchoate drives and urges that threaten to turn a vampire into a mindless, ravening monster.
¤Blood: A vampire’s heritage; that which makes a vampire a vampire. Usage: I doubt her claims to such esteemed Blood.
¤Blood Bond: A mystical power over another individual engendered by partaking of a particular vampire’s blood thrice; accepting blood from a vampire is an acknowledgment of her mastery.
¤Caitiff: A vampire of unknown clan, or of no clan at all. Caitiff are typically of high generation, where Caine’s blood dilutes too greatly to pass any consistent characteristics.
¤Camarilla, The: A sect of vampires devoted primarily to maintaining the Traditions, particularly that of the Masquerade.
¤Childe: A vampire created through the Embrace – the childe is the progeny of her sire. This term is often used derogatorily, indicating inexperience. Plural childer.
¤Clan: A group of vampires who share common characteristics passed on by the Blood. There are 13 known clans, all of which were reputedly founded by members of the Third Generation.
¤Coterie: A small group or “pack” of Kindred, united by the need for support and sometimes common interests.
¤Diablerie: The consumption of another Kindred’s blood, to the point of the victim’s Final Death. Vampires of high generation may lower their generation through this practice; particularly old Kindred have such rarefied tastes that mortal blood no longer sustains them, and they must consume vampire blood.
¤Domain: An area of a particular vampire’s influence. Princes claim entire cities as their domains, sometimes allowing lesser vampires to claim domain within.
¤Elder: A vampire who has experienced three or more centuries of unlife. Elders are the most active participants in the Jyhad.
¤Elysium: A place where vampires may gather and discourse without fear of harm. Elysium is commonly established in opera houses, theaters, museums and other locations of culture.
¤Embrace, The: The act of transforming a mortal into a vampire. The Embrace requires the vampire to drain her victim and then replace that victim’s blood with a bit of her own.
¤Fledgling: A newly created vampire, still under her sire’s protection.
¤Generation: The number of “steps” between a vampire and the mythical Caine; how far descended from the First Vampire a given vampire is.
¤Gehenna: The imminent Armageddon when the Antediluvians will rise from their torpor and devour the race of Kindred and the world.
¤Ghoul: A minion created by giving a bit of vampiric vitae to a mortal without draining her of blood first (which would create a vampire instead).
¤Haven: A vampire’s “home”; where she finds sanctuary from the sun.
¤Hunger, The: The urge to feed, as with any living creature. For vampires, however, the Hunger replaces all other drives with its own powerful call.
¤Inconnu: A sect of vampires who have removed themselves from Kindred concerns and, largely, the Jyhad. Many Methuselahs are rumored to exist among the Inconnu.
¤Jyhad, The: The secret, self-destructive war waged between the generations. Elder vampires manipulate their lessers, using them as pawns in a terrible game whose rules defy comprehension.
¤Kindred: The race of vampires as a whole, or a single vampire. According to rumor, this term came about in the 15th or 16th century, after the Great Anarch Revolt. Sabbat vampires scorn the term.
¤Kiss, The: To drink blood, especially from a mortal. The Kiss causes feelings of ecstasy in those who receive it.
¤Lupine: A werewolf, the natural and mortal enemy of the vampire race.
¤Lush: A vampire who typically feeds from drugged or drunk mortals in order to experience their inebriation.
¤Life, The: A euphemism for mortal blood. Many Kindred regard this term as affected and effete.
¤Man, The: The mote of humanity that a vampire maintains; the spark of mortality that distinguishes him from the Beast.
¤Masquerade, The: The habit (or Tradition) of hiding the existence of vampires from humanity. Designed to protect the Kindred from destruction at the hands of mankind, the Masquerade was adopted after the Inquisition claimed many Kindred unlives.
¤Prince: A vampire who has claimed a given expanse of domain as her own, particularly a city, and supports that claim against all others. The term can refer to a Kindred of either sex.
¤Rogue: A vampire who feeds upon the vitae of other Kindred, out of necessity or depravity.
¤Sabbat, The: A sect of vampires that rejects humanity, embracing their monstrous natures. The Sabbat is bestial and violent, preferring to lord over mortals rather than hide from them.
¤Sect: A group of Kindred arguably united under a common philosophy. The three most widely known sects currently populating the night are the Camarilla, the Inconnu and the Sabbat.
¤Sire: A vampire’s “parent”; the Kindred who created her.
¤Vessel: A source of vitae for sustenance or pleasure, primarily mortal.

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PostSubject: Re: Lexicon   Lexicon EmptySat May 21, 2011 7:17 am

For the old forms, the elder talk...

As the corebook states : "The elders typically use these turns of phrase, which have existed since long before the modern nights. One is advised to use these words carefully – in some company, their use may be seen as humorously anachronistic, while in the company of anarchs, for example, they may be misconstrued as the elders’ propaganda."

It makes me lulz, but it's kind of true Smile

¤Amaranth: The act of consuming another Kindred’s blood (q.v. Diablerie).
¤Ancillae: A “proven” vampire, between the elders and the neonates.
¤Antediluvian: A member of the dreaded Third Generation, one of the eldest Kindred in existence.
¤Archon: A vampire in the retinue of a justicar. Archons are generally nomadic in nature, frequently pursuing Kindred who have fled to avoid persecution at the hands of the Camarilla.
¤Autarkis: A Kindred who remains outside the larger vampire society of a given city and often refuses to acknowledge the claim of a prince.
¤Blood Oath: The blood bond.
¤Cainite: A vampire; a member of the race of Caine.
¤Canaille: The bovine masses of humanity, especially the uncultured and unsavory. The Canaille are viewed primarily as a source of sustenance.
¤Cauchemar: A vampire who feeds exclusively on sleeping victims.
¤Consanguineous: Literally, “of the same blood,” especially with reference to lineage. Usage: That vampire is consanguineous of Hardestadt the Elder, his childe.
¤Cunctator: A vampire who avoids killing when delivering the Kiss; one who takes so little blood as to avoid bringing about her prey’s death.
¤Domitor: A ghoul’s master; one who feeds her blood and issues her commands.
¤Footpad: One who feeds from derelicts and other chaff of society. Footpads are frequently debased and may not maintain permanent havens.
¤Gentry: A Kindred who preys at nightclubs, bars and other establishments of the “red-light district,” where mortals engage in reverie.
¤Golconda: A fabled state of vampiric transcendence; the true mastery of the Beast and balance of opposing urges and principles. Rumored to be similar to mortal Nirvana, Golconda is greatly touted but rarely achieved.
¤Humanitas: The extent to which a Kindred still maintains her humanity.
¤Kine: A term for mortals, largely contemptuous. The phrase Kindred and kine refers to the world at large; everything.
¤Leech: A human who drinks vampire blood, yet acknowledges no master.
¤Lextalionis: The code of the Kindred and the system for punishing transgression. It suggests Hammurabian or Biblical justice – an eye for an eye, and punishment in keeping with the grievance.
¤Lineage: A vampire’s bloodline; the Kindred’s sire, sire’s sire, etc.
¤Methuselah: A vampire who has existed for a millennium or more; an elder who no longer exists among the greater whole of Kindred society. Methuselahs are rumored to hail from the Fourth and Fifth Generations.
¤Neonate: A young Kindred, recently Embraced.
¤Osiris: A vampire who builds a mortal cult around himself, in the interests of gaining sustenance. As the millennium approaches and passes, Osiris cults become increasingly common.
¤Papillon: The red-light district; the area of town punctuated by drinking establishments, brothels, gambling houses and other locales of ill repute. The prime hunting grounds of a city, where the disappearance of mortals goes hand in hand with the area’s general seediness.
¤Progeny: All of a given vampire’s childer, collectively. Less formal, and less flattering, is Get.
¤Praxis: The right of princes to govern; the prince’s claim to domain. This term also refers to the prince’s matters of policy and individual edicts and motions.
¤Primogen: The leaders in a given city; its ruling body of elders, typically composed of one member from each clan present in a city.
¤Regnant: A Kindred who holds a blood bond over another.
¤Retainer: A human who serves a vampiric master. This term is almost archaic, referring to a time when vampires kept vast entourages of mortal servants as part of their estates.
¤Siren: A vampire who seduces mortals in order to drink from them, and then only takes a small quantity of blood, so as to avoid killing them.
¤Suspire: The rumored epiphany experienced just prior to the attainment of Golconda.
¤Third Mortal: Caine, who was cast out and became the First Vampire.

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PostSubject: Re: Lexicon   Lexicon EmptySat May 21, 2011 7:34 am

As the corebook states
"These terms are slang, the modern equivalents of older turns of phrase which have fallen out of favor due to their association with the elder ranks. These words carry great connotation, as they are associated with the younger Kindred, who seek to establish their own vampiric cultures."
Each vampire has his own argot of some sort, conditioned by the city's specificities.

¤Alleycat: A vampire who keeps no permanent haven, but sleeps in a different location each night. This term also refers to a Kindred who feeds exclusively from the homeless, vagrants and other elements of low society.
¤Banking: The practice of “withdrawing” blood from blood banks and hospital reserves. This blood has little taste, though it will sustain a vampire, and elder Kindred eschew this base indulgence. A Kindred who engages in this practice is known as a Banker.
¤Black Hand: Another name for the sect known as the Sabbat.
¤Blister: A vampire “Typhoid Mary” who contracts a mortal disease and spreads it to each vessel upon whom he feeds.
¤Bloodline: A vampire’s heritage (q.v. Lineage).
¤Blood Doll: A mortal who freely gives her blood to a vampire. Most blood dolls gain a perverse satisfaction from the Kiss, and actively seek out vampires who will take their blood.
¤Butterfly: One who mingles among the mortal high-society element and feeds exclusively from the famous and wealthy.
¤Casanova: A vampire who seduces mortals to take their blood, hut does not kill them. Casanovas typically erase the memory of their presence from their vessels’ minds (q.v. Cauchemar).
¤Change, The: The moment an individual ceases to be a mortal and becomes one of the Kindred.
¤Damned, The: The race of Kindred; all vampires.
¤Donor: A sarcastic term for a vessel, typically human.
¤Farmer: A term of mockery for vampires who refuse to feed on human blood, instead taking sustenance from animals.
¤Fief: A sarcastic term for a vampire’s domain or claim thereof, most commonly used in reference to a prince.
¤Head: A Kindred who feeds upon those who have imbibed alcohol or drugs, so as to vicariously experience the same sensations. Those Kindred who prefer individual drugs have their “poison” prefixed to the term head (e.g., crackhead, dopehead, smackhead).
¤Headhunter: A vampire who hunts and feeds from other Kindred (q.v. Rogue).
¤Juicebag: A contemptuous term for mortals, indicating that their sole use is for sustenance. Even more irreverent is the term Bag.
¤Lick: A vampire; one of the race of Kindred.
¤Rack, The: The hunting ground of choice, including bars, nightclubs, drug dens, whorehouses and other bacchanalian locales, where mortals go missing all the time (q.v. Papillon}.
¤Rake: A habitual visitor to the Rack, especially in the interests of feeding (q.v. Gentry).
¤Sandman: A vampire who feeds upon sleeping victims only.
¤Slumming: The practice of feeding from derelicts, the homeless and other dregs of society; one who does this regularly is known as a Slwnmer.
¤Stalker: A mortal who hunts down and destroys Kindred (q.v. Witch-hunter).
¤Tease: A term for a female Casanova
¤Turf: A modern affectation used in reference to a domain; it may also refer to the area under a given gang’s influence.
¤Vegetary: A term of contempt for one who drinks exclusively from animals (q.v. Farmer).

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PostSubject: Re: Lexicon   Lexicon EmptySat May 21, 2011 9:01 am

In the Camarilla Book, there are some specific Camarilla wordings used (most of them are named in the actual corebook). Since I have them handy mandy, here there are :

¤Allthing: A gathering of Gangrel, often called by the eldest clan member in a particular region. A smaller gathering is called a thing.
¤Anarch: A vampire who has rejected the Camarilla to exist as an independent. The vast majority of anarchs are under a century old.
¤Archon: A vampire in the service of a justicar. Archons are rarely of the same clan as the justicar they serve so as to avoid the appearance of favoritism, and are deputized with a wide array of powers. Most archons are blood bound to the justicar they serve.
¤Ball: A gathering of Toreador and invited guests.
¤Barrens: The areas outside a city proper that are uninhabitable by Kindred. Generally the Barrens start in the near suburbs and extend outward from a city.
¤Blood Bond: The supernatural love created by the act of ingesting a Kindred’s vitae three times. Bonds can rarely be broken, especially if they are periodically reinforced with more vitae.
¤Blood Hunt: The process by which a prince declares another vampire to be outlawed, and the prosecution (in the form of an actual hunt) that follows.
¤Breach: A violation of the Masquerade, usually punishable by death.
¤Camarilla: The sect of vampires, theoretically universal, that defines itself by the Traditions and the Masquerade.
¤Chantry: A communal haven-cum-workshop for a city’s Tremere.
¤Conclave: A gathering of the entire sect, usually called by a justicar.
¤Convention of Thorns: The treaty that ended the Anarch Revolt.
¤Coterie: A group of Kindred who work more or less in concert. Most coteries are made up of members of multiple clans, and few endure for more than a few decades.
¤Court: The formal audience granted by the prince to his subjects, often given at Elysium. When a prince holds court, in theory any of the city’s Kindred may approach him to present themselves, request boons or otherwise make requests for favor or action.
¤Domain: A territory assigned to a single vampire, who then has primary rights to feeding, industry and whatnot within her domain.
¤Destruction: The power of life and death over other Kindred. Possessed by a city’s prince and occasionally bestowed on others within his dominion.
¤Embrace: The act of turning a mortal into a vampire.
¤Elysium: A haven of art and culture within a Camarilla city. Elysiums are, by long tradition, zones wherein combat or the use of Disciplines is strictly forbidden. Much of the harpies’ work is done in Elysium. (edit Claudia Add : It's forbidden as long as you're not caught !)
¤Final Death: The ultimate destruction of a vampire.
¤Founders: The legendary group of Kindred who established the Camarilla.
¤Ghoul: 1. A mortal (usually, but not always a human) who has been fed vitae and acquired a hint of vampiric power as a result. 2. The act of making someone a ghoul.
¤Harpy: A de facto title given to the Kindred who sit in judgment on the rest of a city’s social status. The harpies mandate the social pecking order through innuendo, rumors, favoritism and other such tools.(edit Claudia add : a Harpy is known for great expressive skills and be quick on the draw)
¤Inner Circle: The council of elders that controls the Camarilla and its policies. No one knows how many Kindred sit on the Inner Circle, let alone the clans and names of those who do so.
¤Justicar: A roving representative of the Inner Circle charged with upholding the Traditions and laws of the Camarilla. There is one justicar from each clan, elected to a 13-year term by the Inner Circle and subject to replacement at the end of that term. Justicars have sweeping powers, including the right of destruction, to enforce the laws and Traditions.
¤Keeper of Elysium: The vampire charged with upholding the sanctity and quality of a city’s Elysium.
¤Malkavian Madness Network: The poorly understood connection that links all Malkavians by means of their shared altered perceptions. Outside theorists postulate that the network has developed some sort of link to the Net, but details are understandably hard to come by. (edit Claudia : of course this can be a huge Malkavian prank, and Malkavian themselves don't understand it)
¤Masquerade: The Camarilla’s strict policy of concealing the existence of vampires from the mortal world.
¤Ordeal: A form of trial among the Kindred, wherein the accused undergoes some sort of test (combat, sunlight, etc.) in order to prove her innocence.
¤Pioneer: The first Kindred into a city or area. Pioneers often set themselves up as princes, and call for reinforcements to help them maintain their holdings. Few pioneer princes last long; once they’ve stabilized their domains, most are rudely shoved aside by usurpers less inclined to take risks.
¤Primogen: A member of the council of elders who putatively advise the prince of a city. The primogen council’s actual power varies from city to city.
¤Prince: The ruler of a city or its equivalent in the Camarilla; the supreme authority in local Camarilla affairs. The title applies to both male and female Kindred.
¤Pyramid: Slang term for the formal structure of Clan Tremere.
¤Rack: The prime feeding grounds in a given city. Often composed of clubs, bars and shopping districts.
¤Rant: A formal (in some sense of the word) gathering of Brujah.
¤Red List: The listing of those Kindred whom the Camarilla most ardently desires to see purged from the face of the earth. Vampires on the Red List are considered under continual blood hunt.
¤Retainer: A mortal or ghoul who serves a Cainite directly.
¤Scourge: Title given to a Kindred charged by the prince with cleansing the city of unwanted, unauthorized vampiric rabble.
¤Seneschal: A prince’s right-hand vampire. The seneschal handles many of the night-to-night operations of a city.
¤Sheriff: Kindred charged by a prince with the duty of upholding the laws and Traditions of the city.
¤Spawning Pools: Breeding chambers for ghouls used by the Nosferatu. The water of the pool is tainted with Nosferatu vitae, making ghouls of any and every living thing therein. Over centuries, these creatures can grow to monstrous size and power.
¤Traditions: The most sacred and basic laws of the Camarilla, established at the same time as the sect.
¤Vitae: Blood. More specifically, Kindred blood, but the definition is not an absolute one.

Archons, Justicars, Inner circle... Most Kindred in Camarilla cities barely even hear of them, and seeing an Archon means there are some serious trouble in the city he's investigating. Actually, having an Archon hanging around one's city tend to make the Prince and the Primogen quite nervous (after all, this is THEIR city, and they don't like it much when someone comes and tells them they don't do well their job).

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PostSubject: Re: Lexicon   Lexicon EmptySat May 21, 2011 9:18 am

Camarilla specific argot is ultra fun !

¤Angstburger: Over-the-top moping about one’s vampiric condition. Usage: Dominic was chewing on a big old angstburger at the Goth club tonight.
¤Apeshit: Frenzy.
¤Ash: A vampire who’s been destroyed. Usage: Tomasino pissed off the sheriff; now he’s ash. Sometimes used as a verb, meaning “to kill.”
¤Bloat: Taking more blood than one needs, resulting in reddened eyes, a ruddy complexion and the continual shedding of tears of blood.
¤Blooded: A vampire.
¤Boojum: Any other supernatural creature, usually non-vampiric.
¤Bot: Someone clearly acting under the influence of Dominate. Often reserved for mortals reduced to automaton status.
¤Brightening Sunsets: Another term for a destroyed Kindred. It refers to the way in which excess dust and ash produce particularly brilliant coloration. Usage: Lisette crossed the Nosferatu elder, so now she’s brightening sunsets.
¤Cannibal: A vampire who indulges in diablerie.
¤Cleanup: Repairing an Oops, or otherwise working to protect the Masquerade.
¤Clockwatcher: A vampire who worries excessively about the approach of dawn.
¤Collar: Blood Bond. The term has a distinctly sadomasochistic inference attached to it.
¤Cub Scouts: Archons.
¤Dessert: Feeding for pleasure, not need.
¤Doornail: As in, “dead as a.” Used to refer to a corpse left behind. Usage: We went out for supper and dropped a couple of doornails in the river.
¤Do Over: The process of erasing memories from a mortal’s mind. Often used to cover up evidence of feeding.
¤Fossil: Derisive term for a vampire who is stuck, stylistically, in an anachronistic mode of behavior. Often used to refer to elders.
¤Futon: A coffin.
¤Fuzzy: A Lupine.
¤Grandpa: A member of a vampire’s lineage more distant than her sire.
¤Half-Breed: A ghoul. Sometimes phrased as “Half-Blood.”
¤Happy Meal: The process of drinking from a mortal who is intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of some sort of controlled substance.
¤Inky: A hunter, specifically a member of the Inquisition.
¤John Law: The sheriff; less frequently, the scourge.
¤Juice: Vitae.
¤Leftovers: Blood taken from a corpse.
¤Laid: Fed.
¤Lunch: Vitae, or the mortal from whom the vitae is obtained. Usage: I met lunch at the coffeehouse tonight.
¤Lupine Alley: Travel arteries that run through Lupine territory, and are notoriously dangerous for vampires to traverse.
¤Monster: A vampire who terrorizes younger, weaker Kindred. Sometimes spelled Monsta, usually by poseurs.
¤Munchies: Hunger for vitae after heavy use of Disciplines.
¤Nibs: The prince or any other important vampire. Not intended as a compliment. (no kidding !)
¤Oops: A breach of the Masquerade. Usage: We had a little Oops tonight, but it’s taken care of.
¤Perv: A vampire who insists on indulging in mortal sexuality to mask the process of feeding.
¤PF: Short for “pity fuck.” A Kindred who receives the Embrace because of guilt or pity on the part of his sire.
¤Prefrosh: A mortal who is a candidate for the Embrace.
¤Princeling: A derisive term for the leader of a coterie.
¤Rabbit: A vampire who only feeds on animals. Animal blood is sometimes also known as rabbit food.
¤Rag: The weakest vampire in a coterie.
¤Recruiting: Breaking the Masquerade so as to prepare a mortal for the Embrace.
¤Renfield: A long-time ghoul, usually one who has far exceeded normal mortal lifespan.
¤Rug: A dead Lupine. Alternately, a dead Gangrel. (edit add Claudia : This one always makes me laugh)
¤Sabbot: A derisive term for the Sabbat. Pronounced “SAA-bet,” usually in some form of ridiculous accent.
¤Sand Castle: An unsafe haven or vulnerable domain.
¤Scoutmaster: A justicar.
¤Shovelhead: Sabbat vampire.
¤Snap: A broken collar.
¤Soy: Vitae taken from an animal; a less-filling and tasteless substitute for the real thing.
¤Speed Bumps: Mortals or inexperienced ghouls pressed into combat against vampires.
¤Starfucker: A vampire who makes a habit of feeding from the rich and famous.
¤Suntanning: Being staked out for the sun. A common punishment used by princes on rebellious Kindred.
¤Teardrop: A Kindred who kills mortals on a regular basis. Possibly derived from certain mortal gangs’ custom of tattooing teardrops on the cheek of gang members who have committed murder.
¤Tentacle: A hideously deformed vampire, usually a Tzimisce.
¤TFBS: Bela Lugosi’s Dead, by Bauhaus. Nearly universally loathed by all Kindred, who have simply heard it too damn many times for the joke to be funny anymore.
¤Trashman: A vampire who feeds on the homeless and other human detritus. The term derives from such Kindred’s tendency to pick up supper from alleyways or curbsides.
¤Uncle: An elder who takes an interest in or who patronizes a younger Kindred. Sort of a vampiric sugar daddy.

And Camarilla Elders have their specific old terms too (some of which I have already put in the ones from the CoreBook).
As the Camarilla guide says...
"The Camarilla is a sect of tradition and heritage, and many of its older members refuse to learn new terms to replace ones they’ve been comfortable with for hundreds of years. While old-form terminology is incomprehensible to many young Kindred – few freshly Embraced Brujah have any idea what a cauchemar is, for example – the elders insist on using it as a way of maintaining the dignity of the sect.
Of course, the fact that the use of such archaisms also renders conversations between elders unintelligible to many inexperienced Kindred has nothing to do with the matter."

¤Autarkis: An anarch or other lawless vampire. Specifically used by elders to refer to those rebels who took part in the Anarch Revolt.
¤Becoming, the: The Embrace.
¤Blood: Not vitae, but rather a Kindred’s lineage and heritage. Many Kindred refer to themselves as being “of the Blood” of a particularly notable ancestor. For example, some of the most prominent Ventrue proudly declare themselves to be “of the Blood of Hardestadt.”
¤Carthagos: Archaic form of Carthage. Any city that a vampire considers to be an exalted or special place.
¤Diaspora: The dispersal of elders from their lands in Europe, remembered bitterly by many American elders. Also used to describe the exile of vampires from the Second City.
¤Fall, the: The Anarch Revolt, considered by many elders to be the first step on the road to Gehenna.
¤Fealty: Another name for the blood bond.
¤Jus Noctis: Literally, “the law of the night.” In practice, the authority a Kindred has over her childer until she grants them their freedom as responsible members of the Camarilla. Under the Jus Noctis, a sire is totally responsible for her childer’s actions until she releases them.
¤Jyhad: The great game played by the Antediluvians amongst themselves, in which all younger Kindred fear they are merely pawns to be moved about the board.
¤Kiss, the: The act of taking blood from a mortal. In some cases the term has also grown to mean the Embrace.
¤Labyrinth: A particularly well-fortified or ancient haven.
¤Nemesis: The Sabbat. More generically, a vampire with whom another Kindred has had a rivalry extending across centuries.
¤Noddist: Of or relating to vampiric legend. Also, a vampire who studies such lore.
¤Pax: A formal truce between two elders or clans. Often the name of the Kindred who brokered the peace is attached to the term.
¤Praxis: The right of a prince to rule. Often extended to mean legitimate authority.
¤Pueri: A derisive term for childer.
¤Promethean: A thief or other undesirable. Often used to refer to elders of the Sabbat, as opposed to the street-level rabble.
¤Siren: A vampire who seduces mortals in order to feed on them, but who does not kill his prey.
¤Somnus: Antediluvian. More generally, any ancient and powerful Kindred rumored to be asleep beneath a city.
¤Vessel: A mortal, often one intended for feeding.
¤Whelp: A neonate or young vampire. In practice, any Kindred younger than the speaker.
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I have linked a DL link to the Book of Nod in the first topic, and edited so the thing it's more readable... ^^
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