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 Discipline: Quietus

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PostSubject: Discipline: Quietus   Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:39 pm

Discipline: Quietus
Ok now for the last completed discipline in the set. Quietus is the signature discipline of the Assamites that grants them influence over the blood of overs. Though each of the Assamite castes possesses Quietus as an in-clan discipline, it is primarily known for being an assassin's tool in the hands of the Warrior caste.

Here is a screenshot of the character sheet

Tier 1: Silence of Death - The most basic of the Quietus discipline and your first steps into a world of stealth. Silence of Death allows you to silent the area immediately around you granting you a +2 to sneaking. The graphic effect of dull red and black make this a neat discipline to use.

Tier 2: Quicken the Blood - Arguably the most helpful utility discipline in all of VtM. Quicken the Blood will cause a mortal to bleed from the skin and passout allowing the Kindred to feed freely. While the victim is passed out, the Vampire will gain extra blood from the victim.

Tier 3: Taste of Death - The only ranged attack in the set, Taste of Death allows the Kindred to spit acidic blood at a victim. The blood will begin to corrode the armor or clothing of the victim for the next 15 seconds granting a -3 penalty to defense, and all soaks feats while also doing minor damage. Awesome Power!

Tier 4: Baal's Caress - The ultimate assassin power, Baal's Caress allows the Vampire to coat any of his melee weapons with poison granting them extra damage. This ability does cost blood to use but the Kindred will be able to smite his foes down with ease while the poison is in effect.

Tier 5: Leech - Theft of Vitae step aside, here comes the grand daddy of all blood stealing disciplines. This ability allows the Assamite to draw blood through the skin of his victims. This effects everyone near the Vampire and is an obvious violation of the Masquerade. Their is no limit as to how many you may draw from at a time as long as they are near you, and you will receive 3 blood points per victim. This ability is great when you're swarmed with enemies and low on blood.

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Discipline: Quietus
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