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 Discipline: Obeah

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PostSubject: Discipline: Obeah   Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:40 pm

Discipline: Obeah
First off I wanted everyone to know that I made another important change and this is final. Valeren will not be in "The Final Nights", instead I decided to go with my original idea of using Obeah. I did this in an attempt to preserve the "Healer" aspect of the character, not to be confused with the Warriors or Sabbat based Salubri Antitribu that typically use Valeren. Both disciplines are strangely similiar but one is on the defensive side and the other is more offensive. These disciplines are mostly defensive in nature. I hope everyone approves...

Obeah focuses on the ability to restore lost vitality and cleanse individuals of taints to both the body and the soul. Greater knowledge means advancing the path to Golconda. Use causes the third eye to open violating the Masquerade if used in safe areas.

Here is a screenshot of the character sheet

Tier 1: Sense Vitality - Tier 1 sets the stage for the entire discipline, when using Sense Vitality your vision will change so you can see in the dark, and you will be able to see the auras of everyone around you. Red to Yellowish auras reflect non-supernatural NPCs while blue to purpleish auras will reflect supernatural beings. You will also permeate neat little lightning effects which grow stronger as you advance in Obeah.

Tier 2: Warding the Beast - As you further near Golconda your character will gain even greater control of the Beast receiving a +2 to all frenzy checks. This ability stacks with the Salubri innate advantage of +2 to all frenzy checks, it will be rare for your character to frenzy while using this discipline which is huge in TFN. The lightning effects will also increase slightly.

Tier 3: Renewed Vigor - This is where Obeah really starts to pay off. Tier 3 grants you a deep blue healing aura that surrounds your character granting them constant healing. The extra healing is slightly slower than Bloodheal but not by much, and of course stacks with every other benefit from every other Tier. A wicked beam of light shoots down from heaven when activating this discipline and you can see the neat aura as well.

Tier 4: Anesthetic Touch - Stacked with all of the other bonuses from previous Tiers, Anesthetic Touch really tops the cake. This ability allows the Salubri to block pain effectively granting a +3 bonus to all soak feats. These are not automatic soaks like when using Fortitude, but instead grant bonuses similiar to wearing extremely armored clothing. When activating this discipline, lightning will shoot from the heavens over your character for a seriously awesome effect.

Tier 5: Wrath of Heaven - The finishing touch to an otherwise perfect discipline. Wrath of Heaven has achieved the pinnacle of the Obeah discipline and has reached Golconda and perfect harmony. While in spiritual perfection the Kindred may summon the fury of heaven that will increase all Unarmed and Melee combat feats by +3. The lightning effect while surround the players hands and blue shocks waves will hit the ground when activating this ability.

New Opening Scenes
I'm really excited to show this off, because my internet was down all weekend I wasn't able to work on the things I wanted too. Instead I thought I'd begin work on the beginning cut scenes of the game which was something I was saving for later, but hey there's no time like the present.

Many new features are present with the new opening scenes. First off, I took all of the PC models out of the audience because I didn't want Non-Camarilla members at the intial meeting. Why would a Setite show up for a Camarilla beheading right? Secondly I didn't want the PC models involved with the beheading either for the same reason, and since I'm using the Ventrue PC models for the Setites, those had to be replaced too. So I went ahead and grabbed humans in suits and made them Vampires, which will serve as Lacroix's new henchmen. In fact, I like the models and skins so well I'm thinking about putting these 2 guys into the game as possible enemies you will have to fight, maybe in the Ventrue tower, as mini-bosses. There are also now mixed in with the Primogen scene as well, and I will place them in all scenes appropriately. Oh ya, and many new unique NPCs are now at the meeting that weren't there before.

This dude looks serious about his job.

HAHA, the stake is completely missing his hand, oh well, thanks Troika! Smile

Lacroix's men are not to be trifled with.

You can see Mitnick sitting up in the stands, watching from a distance.

I found out Skelter was a Gangrel so naturally I gave him Gangrel style eyes. Oooohh spooky...

Beckett decided to join the party too, he wanted to watch the beheading of your sire.

Perfect shot of all 4 Ventrue a-holes. You may just need to fight them all, well not Lacroix of course, booo.

Another great shot of the new Ventrue thugs.

Who do we have here, is that Gary, and Imalia, and Beckett, all in the same shot? Sweet!
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PostSubject: Re: Discipline: Obeah   Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:38 am

It becomes obvious when you play, the first example you encounter would be Mercurio; you can heal him with Obeah in Dialogue rather than having to pick up morphine if you so desire.
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Discipline: Obeah
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