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 VTMB: Camarilla Edition Game Trailer and Screenshots

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PostSubject: VTMB: Camarilla Edition Game Trailer and Screenshots   Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:13 am

Watch the Official Camarilla Edition Trailer
CE 1.2 Trailer
CE 1.0 Trailer

VTMB: Camarilla Edition Ver. 1.2 Screenshots Part 3

Thanksgiving is finally over and it's getting cold outside and I'm all bundled up cozy in my computer chair changing the face of bloodlines once again. I'm still unemployed and with the holiday season it appears it is going to stay that way until January which gives me another month to dedicate to this silly game. Either way as long as they don't cut my electricity I should be able to bring you even more fan filled goodies like the one I'm about to show you.

New Disciplines
This next round of screenshots is dedicated to the newly crafted and overhauled Dementation Discipline created specifically for CE 1.2. All but the first tier in the series have been completely changed and balanced. This was done in an effort to rid us of the "Berserk" bug found in the vanilla game where if you use it on a re-spawnable NPC (aka hooker) the NPC would spawn back still under the Berserk AI. The same thing happens when you use Dominate's Possession which is why Dominate was overhauled though I already covered screenies for that.

Dementation proved to be the most difficult of all of the discipline overhauls for no reason other than I just simply ran out of ideas. Discipline creation does not give much room for creativity so I had to be extremely careful not to duplicate the effects given from Dominate, which is basically what Troika did originally. Another thought was how could I make Dementation "Original". I kept seeing the loading screen talk about "Even other damned fear the Malkavians" and so I really took that to heart when creating Dementation. So without further adue let me introduce to you the new Dementation and you can see for yourself why even the other damned FEAR the Malkavians... Muhahaha!

Let's begin with Tier 1: Hysteria which has remained about as vanilla as you can get. I didn't really feel the need to change this discipline as it was already a fantastic one with wonderful animations. I did make very minor tweaks to the durations etc... for game balance reasons but all in all it's the same blood free discipline you remember in CE 1.1.

Here's where we stick our hands in the goodie bag to pull out Tier 2: Insight. This discipline is meant mostly to be used as a utilitarian power meaning it's not combat oriented but does help significantly in other ways. While using this power it will grant your character a temporary +2 to Research and +3 to Inspection for 2 minutes. This will really help Malkavian characters to save on XP by not having to spend it on these feats and can use them elsewhere.

Did I mention when this power is in use you will literally "hear" the voices inside your head whispering to you while you emit a feint purple glow. Also I plan to put random items like watches, rings, etc... in various maps so characters with high Inspection will benefit greater.

Tier 3: Babble is the next power in the set. Like Insight it is not an offensive power however it is a power meant to be used in combat. Babble allows the Malkavian the ability to derange a group of victims dumbbing their minds down to infant levels. The victim's will receive a -5 penalty to all combat feats, defense feats, and even soak feats for a duration up to 30 seconds (depending on the resistance of the victim, humans have no resistance).

In most cases when you hit the target you will do the maximum damage your weapon can and the audio is fantastic, when you fire off this power you hear children laughing, lol, it's so fun!

Where do I even begin with this next power. Tier 4: Shattered Minds is probably the funnest power I've ever created and possibly the funnest power in the game. It basically works as a Mass Hysteria with a twist, while the victims are in a hysterical state they cannot defend themselves whatsoever. As long as they are in hysterics if you or anyone else attacks them the attack does normal damage, however a huge damage bonus will also apply on that attack strong enough to most likely kill the victim outright in one hit.

When you hit the hysterical target a large explosion of dementation fragments go everywhere and they will take your damage.

This shot was taken a second after the first hit, notice the original damage stays along with a huge modifier bonus which was enough to kill this target in one hit. This power also works on supernaturals including the Sheriff. Though it's not quite as effective it is still a sweet power to use.

Tier 5: Lingering Malaise is the most powerful single ranged attack power in the game, even more so than "Still the Mortal Flesh" and "Cauldron of Blood". This single discipline is the reason why the Malkavians are to be feared. This screenshot was used on "Bishop Vick" in the crackhouse to show you how effective it is against supernaturals. It not only drives any victim (including supernaturals) completely insane trapping them in a battle raged against themselves but also does continuous damage until the victim is dead or comes out of it.

Here is a closeup of "Bishop Vick" struggling against this mental war, can you see the little skulls floating up around his body? I forgot to mention that this power is unique in that you can physically attack them while they are struggling and it will not knock them out of it, so while they take damage you can continue damaging them as well. Yes this is a very powerful power which is why it costs 2 blood to use and takes 45 seconds to recharge.

This screenie happened right as the Bishop starting coming out of it. Look at his health afterwards and I didn't even touch him. The sound, the graphics, the effect of this power really makes it something special to use, I'm very proud and excited to present this new Discipline set to everyone!

Ok Vamp freaks! Thats all I've got for now, stayed tuned because Beta Testing will begin in the next week or so for CE 1.2 and after that plan on an early December public release!

VTMB: Camarilla Edition Ver. 1.2 Screenshots Part 2

Looks like I'm back at it again! In preparation of the new CE 1.2 release I thought I would go ahead and release the second round of screenshots for all of you blood thirsty CE fans!! I have made significant progress over the past several weeks and as time nears to the final public release of CE 1.2 I'm shaking in my boots in anticipation. I simply can't hold these screenies back any longer so let me shutup now and give you the breakdown of some of the new stuff you will find in CE 1.2!!

New Disciplines
I know this is what you're all waiting for, lets face it, new disciplines are the steak of this dinner! I finalized and finished up the new Dominate 1.2 discipline set and words just simply can't describe how cool it is. New sound FX, new graphics, new trait effects, bla bla bla it's freaking cool. I showed you Tier 3 and 4 last time so now I'm going to show you Tier 5. Along with this I have also finalized the new Animalism 1.2, EVERY single power in the set is new. Some of the ideas or animations were taken from old content but most of it is completely new. Also a devote fan (you know who you are) came to me with a problem asking what the deal with Presence was. Turned out he spotted an age old problem dating back to vanilla 1.0. The mez feature in Presence NEVER worked...... until now!!! Prepare to meet Presence 1.2 where your enemies will bend and cowar at your very presence, MuHaHaHaHa!!

Blood Doll Pedestrians?
Yes you read that right! Some felt Seduction was a worthless Feat.... and I agreed. Ok well not worthless, but let's face it, it doesn't pack the same punch as the other social feats. Well thats about to change, with blood being of utmust importance in CE how else to award those sexy bitches with a 8+ Seduction. OH OH I know how!! By inserting Pedestrians Blood Dolls that you can feed on freely right there on the street. No more hittin the clubs for a tasty snack, not when your THAT HOT, you won't need to go far for a meal anymore! In fact I doubt even Hookers can resist someone as sexy as YOU!! *hint hint

The Embrace
How many times have you watched the opening scene after a fresh install? Oh your asking me? Well probably over 1000!!! And why is Prince Lacroix hiring Brujah to put down a fellow Ventrue breaking his laws? It just never made sense to me. Well now, if you choose any clan (other than Ventrue) you will be staked by 2 Ventrue in the apartment and they will accompany Lacroix on stage. If you ARE Ventrue, then I'm sure Lacroix's got a Nossie and a Gangrel who are willing to help out. Oh, and if your lucky you may even spot Gary the Nosferatu in the crowd, hehe.

The Times are a Changin'
The Main Menu and the song that accompanies are just getting old, their so...... 2004 aren't they? Well we gave it a make-over, nothing big but just enough to say "Hey, you're playing Camarilla Edition for goodness sakes!"

Let's begin where we left off, Tier 5 Dominate "Still the Mortal Flesh". Stopping all bodily functions while Death rises above the ground to take his victims. The Eerie piano and the screams really makes this power rich!

On to Animalism. Tier 1 Animalism "Animal Succulence", in short it grants you the power to gain more vitae from the blood of animals; specifically 3 blood from rats. "Did anyone see Splinter down here?" HAHA

Tier 2 Animalism "Song of Serenity", this power grants you the gift of animal speech allowing you to sing a soothing song to reduce frenzy in Animals and Kine alike, bringing them into a state of calmness. (Your player literally howls while a harp plays in the background, it's fantastic!)

Tier 3 Animalism "Beckoning", this power allows you to call to your favored animal, in this case it will be ravens which will come to your aid and visciously attack your enemies making them bleed and suffer. (Watch as the ravens peck out their eyes and make them bleed everywhere, FUN!)

Tier 4 Animalism "Pestilence", now this power works similiar to the old one, except I fixed the bug where some enemies would turn to a skeleton, disappear but not die, then their invisible body would attack you. Another vanilla glitch I guess. Either way it was rebalanced for CE and an awesome bug/people screaming sound FX was introduced.

"No Picture to Show, it looks the same as vanilla"

Tier 5 Animalism "Free the Beast Within", Here is the grand daddy of Animalism. Your character will finally conquer the beast within himself. This power allows you to go in and out of frenzy at will. While your character is in a "Controlled Frenzy", you are free to control them still receiving all the benefits of a normal frenzy. WOW Thats powerful!! (...and the orange lightning FX are fantastic)

Here is a shot of the new Presence. It's amazing just how powerful this Discipline is when the Mez is working right. Watch them cower before me!! HAHAHAHAHA

"Me so Horny, me love you LONG time!" Ok maybe not but with a high Seduction you really can get some fast food. (Oh and some of the dialogue is hands down freakin halarious!)

Who called in the Cavalry? Ventrue stick together, and to show his support Lacroix recruits his own.

The new Main Menu with the new music really adds a fresh feel to Bloodlines. Pretty soon you're going to think you are playing Bloodlines 2.

MANY MANY more new features will be included in CE 1.2 including frenzy and UI bug fixes, NPCs in the Santa Monica arcade, and some game balance tweaks on unmentioned Disciplines (Blood Heal and Auspex), the list goes on and on and on.... stay tuned!

VTMB: Camarilla Edition Ver. 1.2 Screenshots Part 1

Ok CE Fans! The moment I've eagerly been waiting for.

Here are some examples of what I have been slaving over for the past several weeks. There is quite a mix of different things I've been working on for CE 1.2 and these are only a small portion of them. Alot of the stuff I've been working on aren't graphics based so I can't show you screenshots but here are some examples of what I have been working on that ARE graphics based.

Armor Icons
First off I am in the process of updating ALL of the icons for all of the new armor sets we've acquired. Most of the custom skins used in CE did not come with updated armor icons so I've taken it upon myself to whip up a batch of photoshop and create them all myself. Though this has proven to be an extremely daunting task, in the end the professional quality and feel of CE will be worth it.

Brujah Male Armor 3
I just wasn't feeling the "69 Eyes" for the armor 3 set so I went ahead and used the vanilla armor 3 with a slight touch of zer0morph for flavor.

Blood Buff
As some of you may have been reading I have manged to make Bloof Buff just like Blood Heal in that it will be a 5 tier upgradable power in CE 1.2. Below is a screenshot of the character sheet using the new Blood Buff.

Discipline Graphical FX
Several of the new disciplines (and old ones) such as the entire Domination series and Blood Healing/Buff are getting newly acquired graphical FX. I have been careful to include graphical FX that stay true to the overall feel of Bloodlines/CE without going overboard that gets in the way of gameplay. I want the FX to say "Hey! You obviously have so and so running but it isn't getting in the way of me having fun" (like the way Presence did before we changed it).

First let's start with the new Armor set icons

As you can see all of the icons have been updated to reflect the custom armor sets! Smile

Screenshot of the new updated Brujah Male Armor 3 set

A closer up picture of the same thing

A screenshot of the new Blood Buff discipline

The new graphical FX for Blood Healing (It's the soft red glow similiar to the new Presence)

Domination is sporting some new disciplines; This is level 3 Tyrant's Gaze (Notice everyone running away and the small eerie eye? HAHA cowards!)

This is the new level 4 Domination called Chain the Psyche (Sleepy time for everyone including other supernaturals! Very Happy)

MANY MANY more new features will be included in CE 1.2 including thunder/lightning FX in Santa Monica, new clan weaknesses, more histories, the list goes on and on and on.... stay tuned!

VTMB: Camarilla Edition Ver. 1.1 Screenshots

Screenshot of one of the new Histories

Screenshot of the new "Bloodheal" Discipline

VTMB: Camarilla Edition Ver. 1.0 Screenshots
Here are some screenshots of some of the random PC armor sets Tier 1-3, we'll save Tier 4 as a surprise!


Here are some close up pics!

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VTMB: Camarilla Edition Game Trailer and Screenshots
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