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 Bordeaux's Giovanni and Sethites

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PostSubject: Bordeaux's Giovanni and Sethites   Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:35 pm

Wait, what ?
Yes you got it right, there are two independent Clans in Bordeaux. Between the Slave Trade (Bordeaux is a port, and even if slave trade was only about 5% of maritime trades, it's still important), the Drug ports and other traffics, both clans found good interests in the city. The Giovanni's current hold are the prostitution sector around the train station, yet since the docks have been totally renewed by Juppé, business sucks. This is why most Giovanni left the city in the mid 80's, but they embraced and left Catherina Giovanni behind.

The Sethites get a hold on most drug dealing and snuff businesses. They mostly stay on Bordeaux Rive Droite (the east part of the city ; on the other side of the Stone Bridge), the last developed part of Bordeaux, which is still quite poor and had very few interests, economically, socially or else.

The Giovanni and the Sethites are in constant conflict, due to their interests in the sex industry. Prince Gosuin overlooks most of the time the attacks they give each other, as long as the Masquerade is not broken, but it has happened that the Sheriff has had to go give them a correction for the city's sake. Rumors say that Gosuin is more inclined to favor the Sethite...
Neither clan has much influence in the city, as the Camarilla tries not to leave them any chance, and very few Kindred want to have any business with either clan. Princess Helene, Marquise Madeleine, Tarcisus and Gosuin did have to accept their presence, due to the Hospitality tradition, as everyone is Camarilla, whether they want it or not. Of course, any Faux-Pas would be a death sentence, yet they have not given an opportunity.

Giovanni, Catherina
Catherina was a ghoul present during all 1960's, but she was embraced during the 80's when the clan decided to leave the city. Catherina stayed to preserve the interests of the clan (which are mostly in the prostitution sector).
Catherina is a very social woman in her late 20's or early 30's, with nice italian-like forms. Her hair is very dark as well as her eyes. She dresses with very sexy woman suits, but also in fitting jeans. She talks with a very, very heavy latin-italian accent.
Unlike the Sethites, Catherina has a certain "status", of Neonate, in the Camarilla, as the Elyseum is a safe place to be. Catherina is also a member of the Immortal Women's Club, founded by Tania just after WWII.

Mephisto was a carny, and he is the sire of the two other Followers of Seth in town. They took residence in Bordeaux by the time Madeleine took power as Marquise (under Villon's orders). Patriarch of the clan, Mephisto has a good hold on everything linked to criminal import and export (immigration, prostitution, drugs from the African continent..).
Mephisto plays well with the image of his clan, he wears smoky brand glasses, serpent themed jewelry and kohl make-up. He usually wear pastel or greyish suits. His hair is quite long (shoulders) straight and black, tied up in a ponytail. He has green eyes, and has average height and weight.

First Childe of Mephisto, Emilio has a hold on the sex industry, everything before and after (getting girls, children, selling tapes..). Once you pay the price, everything about "human flesh" is to be asked to Emilio.
Emilio is a black-haired, black-eyed man in his early 20's, with obvious Spanish origins. He is quite short (about 1m70) but fit (muscle-speaking). He dresses in the most simple and compfortable clothing, without caring much about looking good.

Second Childe of Mephisto, Remi is the specialist on cocaine, crack and heroin. He is rarely seen as he spends most of his time tracking Catherina and her influences, rather than socializing.
Remi, also looking in his early 20's, has short curly brown hair, light brown eyes. He usually wears comfortable youth clothing, but unlike his blood brother Emilio, his clothing looks quite good and even matches.
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Bordeaux's Giovanni and Sethites
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