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 Getting and using the names of particles

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Getting and using the names of particles Empty
PostSubject: Getting and using the names of particles   Getting and using the names of particles EmptyTue Apr 23, 2013 6:23 am

Hey all.

A few months ago I've discovered an apparently useful console command: 'particle'. This console command needs to passing an integer number as parameter and it will generate a cool visual effect on the player character, but I have a problem about this. As I saw, using of the particle datas in the game stored on Vampire\vdata\system folder in 'disciplinetgt_nnn.txt' files, but in all cases, instead of integer numbers using of these particles need a specific particle name. I found some really cool particle effects with the particle command, but I don't know how can I use them. There are a lot of particle definion files on Vampire\particles folder, so I presume, I should make a similar particle definition file like one of those. Do I think it correctly? And if I need to do this, how can I get a name of my selected particles (as I need to give a name for the particle)?

Can anyone help me? I'm interested in any other "alternative solutions" as well about the using of particles.
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Getting and using the names of particles
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