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 Library map for cqm 3.01

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Library map for cqm 3.01 Empty
PostSubject: Library map for cqm 3.01   Library map for cqm 3.01 EmptyTue Nov 12, 2013 6:45 pm

"CQM 3.01 library
This is modified files of CQM 3.01 to add the library level and quest into this mod.
Just put the vampire file into your vampire bloodlines directory and let it overwrite the necessary files.
Start a new game.

Compatibility Warning: This is built onto CQM with Camarilla edition 1.4, so if you have Arsenal mod, difficulty mods or any other who is not compatible with CQM/camarilla edition, i can't garantee this will work or that bugs won't appear.

Compagnon mod Lite include in CQM will work, except in the library itself, where i was too lazy to add the companions related entities into the map. Make sure you don't have followers before entering the library.
Achievements, poster, loading screens, musics and custom skin should work just fine.

This is a temporary update for CQM 3.01, while waiting that Burgermeister himself release a full update.

Thanks to Burgermeister, who made Clan Quest Mod, To Wesp, who made unofficial patch with the library quest and gave me hints on his files, To Malkav who made camarilla edition and helped me as well.

If you encounter any problem with this, you can find me at forum.


Download from GameFront:

or you can download it from PlanetVampire

- geek

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Library map for cqm 3.01
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