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 Malkavian Derangements?

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Malkavian Derangements? Empty
PostSubject: Malkavian Derangements?   Malkavian Derangements? EmptyFri Nov 22, 2013 9:58 pm

Alrighty, so this is a thread on Malkavian derangements.

I think I need to ask a question really quick. Would the derangement play double for insanity and a history? If the game concept of the insanity formed post-embrace would be formed by/a byproduct of the person's personality?

Otherwise, I have these.

Regression - Regressing to a childish state in stressful times. It's harder to supress the beast, making entering frenzy easier. But an active child's detachment allows for an increase in dodge, due to inability to stop fidgeting.

Masochism - The enjoyment receiving pain, physical and emotional. What I had imagined was that it makes Frenzy checks when getting hit much easier to resist. However, in delight of pain, your Blood Heal heals a lower percentage.

Compulsive Liar - Continual lying that's hard to break out of. Persuasion suffers while Manipulation is buffed.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder - Someone who has issues with their appearance, a single feature or their body in general. Appearance costs more due to imagined ugliness.

Depression - Long lasting sadness. Humanity costs more, due to dismal view of life. However, Investigation is increased due to desperately searching for a meaning.

Severe Schizophrenia (Default) - Imagined voices and hallucinations. Inability to converse correctly leads to a lowering in Persuasion while Perception of the Madness Network increases.

What do you all think? Please add in more ideas of your own if you wish.
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Malkavian Derangements?
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